Video: It takes five minutes of research to understand Zelensky’s Azov Nazis are behind the slaughter in Ukraine

These are Ukrainian Nazis killing innocent Ukrainian citizens. There is video testimony from the Ukrainian citizens, exonerating the Russians. The blind stupidity of “Russian atrocities” is so obvious. In the video below, start at about the four minute mark. There are additional videos at the link. -NVP

Independent Journalist Exposes Zelensky’s Murderous ‘Nazi’ Soldiers Hunting Civilians

By Amy Mek April 9, 2022

“Ukrainian Nazis shoot people and kill people. They kill civilians. Women, men, everybody.”

US Navy veteran and independent crowd-funded journalist Patrick Lancaster is in the southern Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, where the Russian army is gaining ground. Ukrainian Nazi group Azov Battalion has longed occupied Maripol. Azov is a significant part of the Ukrainian army. Lancaster interviewed residents near Azovstal, a large steel factory where the Ukrainian military is entrenched.  

A man told Lancaster that a sniper nearly hit him twice. Lancaster heard the bullets flying around his ears. He explained that it was not the Russians who almost killed him but a sniper from the Azov Battalion. “They are shooting at civilians,” stressed the man. “They don’t shoot soldiers, only civilians. They kill civilians and destroy buildings. These Banderites, or fascists, or Nazis or SS men, I don’t know what to call them.” 

Ukrainian Nazis Killing People

Another man told the reporter that the snipers were ‘Nazis.’ “Ukrainian Nazis shoot people and kill people. They kill civilians. Women, men, everybody.”

The Maripol resident said that they are releasing men from prison. They get a lot of money to kill people for no reason. Lancaster told the man that American and European media are claiming that Russia is destroying cities and killing people. “Russia doesn’t shoot people at all,” the man explained.

Ukrainian Tanks Destroy Homes

A crying woman told the journalist that she would have to go hungry and thirsty without the Russian aid. The woman, who thanked the Russians, said Ukrainian tanks had destroyed her flat, and they live in constant fear.

Lancaster interviewed many people who have fled Mariupol. In a village hosting refugees from the city, the war journalist spoke with Lena, who had left Mariupol in a hurry.

She told Lancaster that she lived in a small bomb shelter with 160 others for a month. “Without light, without water, and without food. We drank snow and rainwater.”

“Members of the Azov battalion constantly fired upon us,” Lena said. “They stood in our yards, shooting their guns and attracting attention.” 

“They knew that Russian soldiers would not shoot civilians. For that reason, they entered houses, kicked the people out, and started firing from the houses. They used us as shields,” said Lena.

“Every day, they destroyed blocks of houses. She told Lancaster they set fire to houses, shot at people, and killed people.” The Azov battalion shot at people going outside to make lifesaving fires. “When you go out to make a fire, someone shoots at your legs with a machine gun. And you run in. To warm up the water, you go out 50 times, hear the shooting, and run in again.”

Azov Battalion are Villains

People also died in the bomb shelters, Lena said. For example, an older woman who died in her shelter couldn’t be buried for two days because of the bombing. So the woman’s corpse lay dead among all the people living with her.

“They are villains, zombies. Their goal was to destroy the city. They destroyed the city,” she said of the Azov battalion…

4 thoughts on “Video: It takes five minutes of research to understand Zelensky’s Azov Nazis are behind the slaughter in Ukraine”

  1. The first battles of WWIII, soon to go all across Northern Europe and beyond if Catholic prophecy is to be believed, and it is.

  2. Thank you for your bravery in telling the truth. I don’t even need 5 minutes to do any research to know that the roots of all problems come from the Freemasons/Zionists/Globalists/Modernists/Satanists/Luciferians of the Jewish Kabbalah and Israel. Everything was planned and carried out by their satanic religion. Their mentality is all wicked and evil from generation to generation. They wrote it, lectured, spread it among themselves ever since 1730… through this very day. All Jews/Israel are guilty of the blood of innocents that they killed in wars, genocide, terrorists, vaccination, abortion, and immorality death culture that they promoted.
    This world and this country did not plunge into the pit of hell overnight. They slowly bit by bit cooked up the world and even the Catholic Church, they infiltrated and put in their counterfeit pseudo-popes, bishops, and priests. They infiltrated all governments, and all elites and politicians are playing their games in order to get their paychecks.
    Only God can save us now. When enough people wake up and realize what they have done it’s too late then. We need God’s intervention. Those devils disguise in human forms must be exposed and eradicated. No other way. God had said it and He will do it, for nobody can mock God.
    He will not be mocked by the Synagogue of Satan for long. Watch and Pray. Keep expose them. Telling the TRUTH is the first primordial for THE TRUTH IS GOD. IN GOD NOTHING CONTRADICTORY, NOTHING CONFUSE, NOTHING SINFUL. Everybody can repent, and convert back to the true God Jesus Christ, the Merciful God but He is a Just God too. Don’t forget that. The Jews/Israel believe in Satanic gods who allow them to kill others to satisfy their lust, greed, and perverted sodomy lifestyle.

    1. All Jew are guilty? I’d think most are led along by the cabal like ignorant sheep. Sort of like the sheep who think mandatory death jabs are a good thing because authorities say so.
      I am honestly convinced if they looked for the truth they’d realize Jesus is the Messiah but looking for the truth means thinking detached from social identity.

  3. Well, Mariupol has always been pro Russian and has majority Russian speakers. I don’t doubt for a minute Azov is behind this, since it benefits them to do this. But interviews are weak proof.

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