Video: Communism, slavery, medical coercion, fear, pharmacology, abortion, Great Reset, Satanism

Scripture tells us (Heb 2:15) that people who live in fear of death live as slaves. Indeed.

Father David Nix with 26 minutes of tying it all together. Please share with people who just don’t get it.

7 thoughts on “Video: Communism, slavery, medical coercion, fear, pharmacology, abortion, Great Reset, Satanism”

  1. Great podcast. I listened to it yesterday and did share. A lot packed into 26 minutes. He identified the evil we are surrounded by, but at the same time led us to hope. Cant recommend this enough.

  2. Thank you. Father reminds me of the faithful Jesuits (I knew) of the 1940-50’s. The old school (orthodox) Jesuits could look at the world, the flesh and the devil and let you know where you were (in relationship to Christ) and how to get in communion with Christ (conversion, sacraments, prayer, penance). Thank God for His holy men and women who have the grace to strengthen our faith. Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini….

  3. Amazing talk. Motto of the followers of the evil one that Fr Dix mentioned, “dissolve and recoagulate,” is sadly prophetic -> destroy by coagulation (clots).

  4. This was one of Father Nix’s best videos out of a field of much excellent work. While I would love to share, many of the people I would share with have already received the Jab and I don’t want it to seem as if I was trying to provoke them. I feel very sad for people that were scared into taking the shot and now cannot undo what they have done.

  5. Very well done vid. Much wisdom in it. Especially loved “that which you sacrifice to is that which will kill you”. Heavy indeed. Thanks for posting Mark.

  6. While reading a book on anthropology I realized that Francis is either a materialist, doesn’t believe in the devil or actively serves him.
    Who exactly was he praying to at the Amazon synod? One who fears the devil would be afraid of idols, not praying or defend praying to idols. His actions contradicts his words. He either is a traitor or He is not Catholic.
    The reason many Catholics don’t see it is because they don’t really have a supernatural world view. In some societies they sacrificed to demons who influenced the weather. The modern person thinks it’s all nonsense and only God exists.

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