Taylor Marshall is on the case… BiP Overton Window seismic shifting

Mentions of Non Veni, Miss B, and the Mazzaratti all in the first six minutes!

Dr. Marshall, please invite Dr. Mazza on the show!

15 thoughts on “Taylor Marshall is on the case… BiP Overton Window seismic shifting”

  1. I thought he might be moving in this direction. Tim Gordon is close to Pat Coffin, so he may be next.

  2. I haven’t watched TM in years but that was a great video. I, too, feel the earth beginning to move under our feet. It seems most faithful Catholics suspect that Bergoglio may be an anti-pope, but won’t stick their necks out until someone with credibility does first. Then, we will see the dominos fall in an instant.
    Recognize and Resist is cowardly and illogical. Unless you are literally giving Bergoglio the business at a private audience, you aren’t “resisting Peter to his face,” you’re engaging in calumny and disobedience to a valid authority— in fact, the highest authority!
    I’m glad TM touched on substantial error and the difference between office and ministry, and his sleeping analogy was smart. There’s doubt about the Pope’s intended use of “ministerium” but think about it for a minute, because we can know what someone means by how the act. If the Holy Father meant to renounce the entire papacy— munus, ministerium, everything— what would that look like? Celestine V comes to mind, right?
    Now what if he meant renouncing the duties of the office, while still remaining the Vicar of Christ in some way. That’s impossible. But think, what would that look like?
    Which one of those two scenarios looks like our current reality?
    I’m praying for this antipapacy to be exposed, and I’m grateful for you and Ann for showing me the evidence.

    1. Fivethousandi: Barnhardt today reposted an article she wrote from 2019 on the topic of Munus and Ministerium, from the point of view that the Papacy is a divine Office with mystical protections and that the practical, and likely intended, division of the Papacy from Office is truly an intent to disconnect the Papacy from its mystical core – its divine and royal essence. The division of the Papacy from Office is part of the enemy’s end game, which only works if the Papacy, in all its power, is compromised and rendered merely human, earthly.
      What she did with this article was show why Munus is far, far more than a mere legal word … it’s the whole game! And Catholics will likely stop being Catholics one day when they follow down that road a Church whose Pope is not Pope because he does not occupy the Office. The Church such a Pope leads cannot possibly be Catholic by definition. Those who defend such a Pope actively participate in their own spiritual destruction.
      A good reminder – this is about so much more than mere legalities of Canon Law.

      1. Thanks, Aqua, for pointing me to that post, and for your apt summary.
        Yes, the munus is the whole point. Maybe I’m off track, so please correct me, but doesn’t the papacy carry the same ontological reality as something like pi. If I set out to expand the definition of pi to include other numbers, like 3.0 or 3.5, I wouldn’t be actually changing the circumference to diameter ratio, I’d just be wrong. And when all my home projects start turning out lopsided, that would be a proof set of my error. Do witnesses to my mess declare on Twitter that humanity has misunderstood pi this whole time or that numbers must not be true at all? If we refuse to admit even the possibility that I’ve made a substantial error, sooner or later our only option is to jettison reality itself.

      2. Fivethousandi, I would put it slightly differently.
        A tire of the size A = pi x r2 is what the circle *IS* (Munus).
        A tire attached to a bike to move around town is what the tire *DOES* (Ministerium).
        You can plug in wrong numbers, yet you are still trying to define what the tire is, in various ways (Munus)
        But once you say riding down the hill is the tire … that is the mistake of calling Ministerium = Munus.

    2. “Recognize and Resist is cowardly and illogical. ”
      That’s what I’ve been saying since Michael Matt promoted this…..but then I started thinking; isn’t the SSPX the epitome of R&R?

  3. Wow, what a cute dog, a calvapoodle, who knew! Poodles get mixed with everything, hypoallergenic, cute, curly, smart as can be. I’m glad to see this being talked about. Doing an investigation into the abdication would be like Mt. Vesuvius if it ever accomplished anything. Taylor Marshall is 100% correct and it’s good he is seriously questioning this horrible papacy. Bergoglio is an apostate and a pagan worshiper. I’m sure he’s lots of other things. Yes indeed, I hope he has the articulate, intelligent, and very forthright Dr. Mazza on. Kudos to Ann Barnhardt, who was way ahead of the curve.
    Abp. Vigano is a consolation from God, while we are in the desert.

  4. Marshall had Mazza on in may or June of 2020. Dr Mazza has evolved his position a bit since then, but I remember it was pretty mind blowing when I first listened to it

  5. Sheesh…took him long enough. I stopped listening to him after he dropped the Obama-esque…..determining who is pope is above my pay grade…comment.

  6. If you would not let Francis teach you kids the faith then you’ve already logically come to the conclusion he’s a heretic. Granted that’s not a legal judgement but if you’re not in the hierarchy of the Church is is highly likely no one is asking for your legal judgement but your opinion.

  7. Guys, I think I know how they’ll change the words of consecration. They’ll call it a sign of unity, which most people won’t suspect is heretical because the Eucharist is also a substantial reality.

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