“America is nowhere near grasping the enormity of what has occurred.”

Tell me again about, “Born this way.”

13 thoughts on ““America is nowhere near grasping the enormity of what has occurred.””

  1. I am so glad I went to Confession yesterday evening.
    Transgender insanity is an excellent argument for Nuclear disarmament. A civilization that chooses to not understand simple biology and chromosomes, indoctrinates children into such insanity, does nothing to treat the severe mental issues that come along with such ideas (just look at the suicide rates) but instead chooses to feed people’s delusions, and also viciously attacks anyone who points out the obvious, should not have access to Nuclear weapons.

  2. Look at the bright side. Before too long, us regular straight people will be in the minority and then we will get the special treatment!

  3. As the Good Book says, millstone, neck, sea; some assembly required.
    I firmly believe that anyone supporting this grooming of children, or opposing measures to curtail it, qualifies for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
    What that means for the punishment due our nation… is utterly terrifying.

  4. Transgenderism is one of the biggest middle fingers that can be given to God. He made each and every one of us male or female, according to His will. Who are we to tell God, “no, you screwed up and gave me the wrong sex so I’m going to right your wrong”?
    At least those who choose to leave the Church for a false or schismatic one, or become atheist, can convert or revert Home to the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. A tranny on the other hand who goes all the way, has permanently mutilated themselves. They’ve taken their creation by God and tossed it into the shredder.
    Woe to all these monsters on earth who are indoctrinating innocent children with this satanic filth.

  5. Pig part of how we got here is this. A powerful cultivator for an ancient seed of corruption is highlighted in this video. I could not watch it anymore after the 80 year old guy talked about the “gender reassignment” surgery his doctor told him he needed “to be happy”. This video seems to demonstrate perfectly what the spirit of the world means when it says says, “follow the science.”

  6. I think it is all a show to try and make people belive that it is more common than it really is. Look at the latest from LifeSite with the mom loving up her transgender kid with the name, Grosshandler. Seriously Grosshandler – I don’t buy it. Reminds me of the teacher of George Floyd – Waynal Sexton. We are being played every which way. Keep your eye on the prize of heaven and stay close to the sacraments.

  7. As a father of four Gen Z girls, I’ll say two things about this poll:
    1) 20% is low. Very low. It’s likely double that.
    2) The overwhelming supermajority of them are female.
    I can count on one hand the number of friends my two teens haven’t lost to this, and still have a couple of fingers left over. Almost all of the friends they’ve made in the last five or so years have eventually “come out” (which ends the friendship). Pansexual, whatever the literal hell that is, seems to be the go-to at the moment. My oldest daughter’s former best guy friend did “transition” as soon as he got to college, but he was the only male vs more than a dozen females.
    It’s obviously not real, and most of them aren’t going to stick with these identities much longer than they stick with their Ukrainian flag avatars, but it’s still going to create a lost generation. They’re all going to be radicalized, and very, very few of them are going to settle down, have families, and grow the hell out of this.
    There’s no good reason to have any faith in the future of this country.

    1. ^^^^and THAT!!!! too^^^^
      and btw, ‘pansexual’ means they want to stick it in pretty much anything, or have anything stuck in themselves, of any species, ‘gender’ or animate status….and then call it ‘love’. It is the ultimate middle finger to God and His divine order. The fact that most of the population has lost its healthy shock and abject disgust reaction to it shows that we are faaaaar beyond what sodom ever aspired to be.
      Lost indeed.

    1. Stunning.
      I pity those who were created in the image of God, came from the mind of God, sustained in life by God with every best of their heart … yet have given themselves over to the enemy who degrades their innate glory and turns them into horror not just to others, but to themselves (they may not admit it, but they horrify themselves, especially).

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