BREAKING: Archbishop Viganò calls for “official investigation” to “shed light on the abdication of Benedict XVI” and the Fraud Conclave of 2013

From the blog of Aldo Maria Valli, via Google Translate:

Recently a memorandum was shot among the members of the Sacred College, signed with the pseudonym Demos, which lists the disasters caused at every level (doctrinal, pastoral, managerial, economic, legislative) by the pontificate of Bergoglio. “Better late than never”, commented some, while others said: “It is useless to close the barn when the oxen have already escaped”. What do you think of that memorandum? Do you think it was the work of a cardinal? Is it the symptom of a belated awareness?

The memorandum lists the horrors of the Bergoglian “pontificate”, and this certainly is already progress compared to magnifying it. But the horrors and errors of the Argentine and his court did not appear out of nowhere, as if in the previous pontificates everything was perfect and wonderful. The crisis begins with Vatican II: deploring the symptoms of an illness without understanding its causes is a useless and harmful operation. If the College of Cardinals is not persuaded that it is necessary to return to what the Church believed, taught and celebrated until Pius XII, any opposition to the current regime will be doomed to certain failure.

Within the College of Cardinals, in your opinion, is there a credible, authentically Catholic figure on which the cardinals, in the event of a conclave, could make the votes converge for a total change of register compared to the current pontificate?

Certain Popes, let us not forget, are granted ; others are inflicted . But before discussing the next conclave, it is necessary to shed light on the abdication of Benedict XVI and on the question of the frauds of the 2013 Conclave, which sooner or later will have to give rise to an official investigation. If there were to be proofs of irregularity, the conclave would be null, the election of Bergoglio null, just as all his appointments, acts of government and magisterium would be null. A reset that would providentially bring us back to the status quo ante, with a College of Cardinals composed only of cardinals appointed up to Benedict XVI, ousting all those created since 2013, notoriously ultra-progressive. Certainly the current situation, with all the rumors about Ratzinger’s resignation and Bergoglio’s election, does not help the ecclesial body and creates confusion and disorientation in the faithful.

Here too, Catholics can implore the divine Majesty to spare further humiliations to His Church, by granting her a good Pope. If there is a cardinal who really wants “a change of register”, that he comes forward, and that – for the sake of love of God – stop referring to Vatican II and think about the sanctification of the clergy and the faithful.

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    1. My wife is entering the Dominicans as a Third Order Novice today. We were just discussing the miraculous fruit which this Saint bore for God’s Kingdom among the Jews and Muslims of his day – which were allegedly as similar depraved as our modern days.
      How did he bear such fruit? One can speculate, but certainly it comes down to faith, faithfulness, sanctity, grace, willingness to act boldly in the name of God who is as real and imminent as the person he is speaking to.
      Btw, fwiw, Demos = “the common people of an Ancient Greek state”.

      1. Congratulations indeed!
        St. Vincent is MAGNIFICENT…one of the greatest miracle working Saints in the Church’s history, and I love one of his honorific titles…”Angel of the Apocalypse”. He warned in very graphic terms about what was coming…pretty sure he saw our day. If you ever get the chance, and if NY ever comes out of it’s current rendition of a Batman-villain infested Gotham, take a tour of St. Vincent Ferrer’s Church there…it is multiple times more beautiful that St. Pat’s.

    2. Take 7 years of prayers, fast, sacrifices, and do many penances… Finally, God gave grace to someone to speak up and demand the truth. Archbishop Vigano needs our support. Even though, he made a mistake about Trump. Trump is a big fat liar and a Cabal (Jewish Cabal/Zionist) just like the rest of the elites and politicians. He spews out of his mouth both ways if you watch him like a hawk. He tells you what you like to hear, but behind your backs, he does the opposite, all benefits to the Jews and Israel on our expenses. He knew about COVID-19, he pushes for the jabs… He is one of them in every way including pedophilia. I don’t think Archbishop Vigano knows that about Trump because he lies so well, that even the elected will be deceived. Pray that God opens the churchmen’s eyes and hearts to take back the church and have a true HOLY CATHOLIC POPE WHO WILL DO THE CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA CORRECTLY BEFORE THIS PLANET EART BECOME GREATEST GRAVEYARD.

  1. “If the College of Cardinals is not persuaded that it is necessary to return to what the Church believed, taught and celebrated until Pius XII, any opposition to the current regime will be doomed to certain failure.”
    This statement from “Demos” is the most important of them all. It is essentially Catholic. It is the light of “Galadriel” (Queen of the Middle-Earth elves); Eärendil – the star-glass which contained the light of Eärendil’s star, the Silmaril. It – Sacred Tradition, unchanging, divine in its nature, pure truth – is the essential guiding star that leads us through confusing, deceitful, violent days of spiritual oppression.
    *ALL that came before is as true today as it was ever true in past ages*.
    We can turn to it and rely on it as a sure guide to heaven. We can compare anything new to it and instantly see if it is good or evil, light or dark, of God or of His enemy – and it matters not what anyone in power or authority says about it: it is objectively true for anyone in any station in life; it is knowable; it belongs to God, not to any man – even a Pope. Return to it, and eternal life is certain.

  2. In this fog of war, I don’t understand Archbishop Vigano. What do you make of him? The “Trump is katechon*” thing was hard to process alongside his other statements, which seem truthful and prescient. Was it an honest mistake or is he part of a psy-op? Is this another Limited Hangout? I have no way of knowing this. But until then, may God allow the cracks in the facade of this antipapacy to grow and spread, because the truth will set us free.
    * ok, I don’t know how to spell “kat-a-kon.” Somebody help a sista out! It could be worse- I could be publicly pronouncing it em-er-IT-is.

    1. Fivethousandi:
      I missed that phrase when I read his statement.
      So I looked it up, because I found it interesting; a possible chink in the Viganó armor, as it were. What was his point?
      Legitimate, as it turns out, in that it is biblical in source with political applications.
      From The American Conservative:
      “In Christian theology, there’s a term from one of St. Paul’s letters, katechon. It means “one who withholds,” and is meant by St. Paul as an unspecified restraining force that holds back the advent of the Antichrist. The term has migrated into political usage, because it’s a politically useful term.”
      I presume that is in the original Greek in one of St. Paul’s Epistles.

    2. The fact that Trump was horrible in every way except for the fact he was a US nationalist and, since the US is/was the most powerful country in the world, he could’ve very well been the katechon.
      And despite Bergoglio opening the gates of hell by installing a demon at the Vatican, had Trump not been screwed out of the election, things definitely wouldn’t be moving as fast as they are now.
      I say this knowing that DJT is the man behind the C19 vax.
      But we deserve the leaders we get.

  3. Thank God someone of authority within the Church is finally stepping up!
    Regarding the “barn door” idiom: Too often, it would seem, that for some hope actuated turns to pessimism instead of joy. This is a good thing!! Those of us who have prayed should be both joyful and redouble our efforts that it continue…

  4. Thank God someone of authority within the Church is finally stepping up!
    Regarding the “barn door” idiom: Too often, it would seem, that for some hope actuated turns to pessimism instead of joy. This is a good thing!! Those of us who have prayed should be both joyful and redouble our efforts that it continue…

  5. Only those who have chosen to be marinated and basted with the Satanists’ propaganda think Trump is a uniquely dishonest, selfish, immoral public figure. “He tells lies,” they say. I ask for examples. The response is either some matter of opinion (He said the election was stolen. He denies global warming.) or something about which they are totally uninformed. (He colluded with Russia. No, I never heard of any “Mueller Report.”)
    I don’t find anything cringy in the notion that Trump has restrained many evils–and will restrain many more.

    1. I agree with you …
      This Katechon thing is new to me, so I have been reading up on it a bit
      – Wiki quote –
      The katechon (from Greek: τὸ κατέχον, “that which withholds”, or ὁ κατέχων, “the one who withholds”) is a biblical concept which has subsequently developed into a notion of political philosophy.
      The term is found in 2 Thessalonians 2:6–7 in an eschatological context: Christians must not behave as if the Day of the Lord would happen tomorrow, since the son of perdition (the Antichrist of 1 and 2 John) must be revealed before. St. Paul then adds that the revelation of the Antichrist is conditional upon the removal of “something/someone that restrains him” and prevents him being fully manifested. Verse 6 uses the neuter gender, τὸ κατέχον; and verse 7 the masculine, ὁ κατέχων.
      Since St. Paul does not explicitly mention the katechon’s identity, the passage’s interpretation has been subject to dialogue and debate amongst Christian scholars.
      ⁃ end Wiki quote –
      I’d have to see the context of Viganó’s quote, to see in which way he intended. In general, I have never seen any indication from Arbp Vigano to venerate any political leader. I find it hard to imagine that secular politics is his exclusive intent, secular leadership his exclusive solution in meditations on the apocalypse. He has always been a son of the Church. But the secular threat is very, very real and beyond anything we could have imagined just a few short years ago. We have left the realm of policy differences into something deep, dangerous and personal – religious even. Never before have we seen such a confluence between Church and State, secular and religious – and it corresponds to the collapse of the Catholic Church and the visible and spiritual presence of God among us.
      Arbp Viganó seems, in my eyes, to be among the very few that get this and is ready to risk all fir the sake of warning lost and suffering sheep. Any questionable comment, until proven otherwise I put into that context.
      One thing I know for certain … Something wicked this way comes.

    2. Like Putin before the invasion of Ukraine Trump used to hang out with the same people he claims to stand effect. Maybe they have truly changes, but it is possible that they are controlled opposition.
      For all his rhetoric about the NWO being bad, Putin is still allowing the vaccine agenda. For all the rhetoric against Clinton Trump or his family still hangs out with wealthy globalists,
      If he were a genuine threat to them they would have assassinated him already.

      1. I reserve the right to be wrong but I suspect that there was a falling out between Vladimir Putin and the globalists very recently. I believe that Putin takes his Orthodox faith very seriously and something happened to him spiritually along the way – perhaps an enlightenment, perhaps something direct from Above. Hey, God Himself turned Saint Paul around in one day so don’t discount what He may have done with Vladimir Putin.
        Putin now (rightfully) sees the U.S. to be the evil, freemasonic, morally bankrupt, LGBTWXYZ, satanic cesspit that it is, and… that this is an obstacle to the resurrection of Christianity in Russia. How? Social media, Hollywood, woke corporations with branches in Russia and the fake nation of “Ukraine.” Folks, at the General Judgement, I will not be surprised at all if we learn that the U.S. was behind the vulgar punk band P@$$& Riot which desecrated an Orthodox Church several years ago and was rightfully prosecuted by Putin. Life in Russia is not perfect, but, while Putin is re-building churches that the communists destroyed, we’re tripping over ourselves pandering to trannies and child molester enablers who want to be on the Supreme Court.
        We know how this all ultimately ends: Russia WILL BE consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (which did not happen last Friday). Before that happens, Russia will be used as an instrument of chastisement to cleanse the world of its sins. Who am I to stand in the way of God’s Will? I say let it all happen starting now.
        I, James Andrew Dunn stand unapologetically with Russia! May Our Lady of Vladimir wrap her mantle of protection over the Land of Rus, Vladimir Putin, and lead Rus to her Immaculate Heart.

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