Zelensky on the Red Carpet as Ukrainian Azov Nazi Battalion executes false flag, calls it Russian genocide

Everything is fake and gay. You really can’t make this up. The charade is so obvious, yet here we are, edging closer to WWIII. Pray and go to Mass. Blessed Passiontide.

Zelensky makes surprise Grammys appearance and tells the audience via video link of Russian atrocities as evidence of genocide is revealed in Ukraine DAILYMAIL.COM

The Ukrainian president made a surprise appearance at the Grammys in Las Vegas, speaking via videolink to introduce John Legend, who sang a song for the war-ravaged country. He said he ‘had a dream’ that those living in the cities of Ukraine could be as free as the performers on the Grammys stage, and likened the invasion to a deadly silence threatening to extinguish the dreams and lives of the Ukrainian people, including children.

‘Our musicians wear body armor instead of tuxedos. They sing to the wounded in hospitals, even to those who can’t hear them,’ he said. ‘But the music will break through anyway.’

‘Fill the silence with your music. Fill it today to tell our story. Tell the truth about the war on your social networks, on TV, support us in any way you can any, but not silence. And then peace will come to all our cities,’ Zelensky said while wearing his now-trademark khaki t-shirt. 

Zelensky spoke amid growing outrage at the atrocities committed in his country.  By Sunday night the scale of the horror in Kyiv suburb Bucha was clear. Photos and video show civilians executed with their hands tied behind their backs.

Zelensky denounced what he called the effort to eliminate ‘the whole nation,’ and repeated: ‘This is genocide. We are citizens of Ukraine and we don’t want to be subdued. This is the reason we are being destroyed and exterminated. And this is happening in the Europe of the 21st century.’


10 thoughts on “Zelensky on the Red Carpet as Ukrainian Azov Nazi Battalion executes false flag, calls it Russian genocide”

  1. On a positive note (sorta) his audience already believes the BS the culture is spewing. On a very sad note….they’re prolly all jabbed multiple times.

  2. Zelensky is a mighty fine performer, a skilled liar. He knows exactly what his audience wants to hear, and he gives them buckets of it, every chance he gets. They eat it up to the last crumb.
    Who would have thought Alexis Bugnolo has taken up residence at this PsyOp shop?
    Bugnolo (aka “brother”) is raising an army of crusaders to fight for sodo-perv Zelensky. He calls his army Ordo Militaris Catholicus.
    If you want to give your life to Zelensky and pay $16,000 plus all supply expenses (arms and ammunition are on your dime – open credit card for life fire exercises); if you want to submit to “NATO qualified instructors” in a 16 week boot camp before being sent to the front lines as cannon fodder by your CIC Zelensky, against battle hardened Russian Commandos; if you’ve always dreamed of being a Knight Errant in a new Catholic army of crusaders (“you will be welcomed at our Commanderies world wide here after, and receive the status as Knights in our Order for life”) – now is your chance.
    I think Bugnolo has lost his mind. As far as I’m concerned this destroys all his prior credibility.
    What a strange world this has become.

    1. Aqua, he’s already lost 85 percent of his supporters. In millenial/zoomer lingo that’s called “posting your L’s.”
      That’s what you get by telling people to commit mortal sin by not attending Mass due confusion of the Pope. And not only that but saying going to Mass with the confusion IS MORTAL SIN.
      Barnhardt has NEVER EVER suggested people NOT attend Mass over this. In fact she has said go Mass MORE and be wary of people who tell you not to go.
      God will not be mocked

      1. Completely agree.
        I see him now in a completely different light, after reading this tripe. I am assuming he won’t get any volunteers for this stupid “crusade” … but my goodness! He is directly contributing to potential deaths if anyone does.

    2. Absolutely agree he’s directly contributing to the potential deaths of anyone FOOLISH enough to go. But here’s two things to that. 1. as we can see with the little support he has no one is going to run off into battle for this and 2. If people are listening to him, since he has told them NOT to go to Mass and therefore not have access to confession, he’s telling people to potentially run off into battle, while in mortal sin, to die. The “long game” of the scenario is truly diabolical.
      There was a recent quote he said that those God wishes to destroy he first turns mad. I think this aptly applies to him now.

    3. I think voluntary creating propaganda, even for a supposed good cause, is deceitful. Modern propaganda does not aim at persuading you through your God-given reason but appeals to your animal nature.

    4. yep….the whole Bugnolo thing just pained me. but masks are being ripped off, and true colors are being revealed. I hope he regains his sense before it’s spiritually too late.

  3. And in direct response to the point of your post …
    Yeah, false flag all right. Ukraine Nazis tied up and killed their own people, took pictures and blamed it on Russia.
    Proof of claim? Russia wants (demands) an independent UN investigation of the atrocity. UK (Security Council member) rejects and blocks it. Bring them in. Russia asked for it – independently let the nations take a look at what is going on in this war crime zone.
    UK vetos.
    You don’t think Ukraine and the OWG-aligned Western C19 governments could be that level of dishonest; that complicit in war crimes? Surely, we know better by now. They can be, they are.

  4. I’ve been sitting here doing my taxes, (mind wandering, of course), listening to this sacred music from Russia.
    I give very little credence to those who call this nation – in the midst of a revival from the atheist communism that infected it, into Russian Orthodoxy, rebuilding churches, rediscovering music like this – who call this nation evil.
    I compare what I see happening in Russia, to the moral rot we are seeing with clear eyes now, and struggling against for the first time and … until I see evidence to the contrary – I am impressed by them; by what they have done in the span of 30 years since the Soviet Union fell. I was not paying attention, until now.
    Anyway, the music is awesome.

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