It wasn’t a mistake. Don’t let them fake apologize for what they did on purpose… and Trump won’t even do that.

8 thoughts on “It wasn’t a mistake. Don’t let them fake apologize for what they did on purpose… and Trump won’t even do that.”

  1. Please, these evil people are pretending to be idiots. If they are idiots, they are unqualified to make public policy. If they let emotions get the best of them, they are unqualified to make public policy. It is very likely they knew the policy was evil beforehand and knew the normies would forgive them for something they are not actually sorry for. The alternate would be to accept that the authorities of this world worship Lucifer or are sociopaths.

  2. It was a mistake, in the same way a murderer claims it was a mistake – when interviewed in the debrief chamber by detectives.
    This was not a mistake. This was malice and it was premeditated. They have to pay. Their crimes were against humanity, not just individuals. Punishments are necessary for all the normal reasons we have punishments for grave crimes – but these must be judged on humanity’s scale of justice, not mere penal justice: crimes against humanity.
    They must not get away with this on a grand scale – for the same reason murderers and rapists and thieves must not. get away with it on an individual scale. Civic order depends on restorative justice. It won’t happen immediately, but it must happen in due time.

  3. The evidence is overwhelming, and most thinking people understood it intuitively, it was all intentional, and for all the good reasons Bob Moran details here and more. We who are older realize full well this was never how government operated, never. Younger people, say, under 40, may have a hard time comprehending the level of difference between Old America and New Amerika, but the difference is staggering. And note Biden just hired a Covid-head who is full steam ahead with what they really want, digital passports and one imagines, digital currency. If they get that, it’s over, boys. They know it, we need to know it and respond accordingly.

  4. You don’t create a nefarious injection with as yet undiscovered long term side effects and force people to take it on pain of arrest and loss of employment “by mistake.” Not a mistake. All carefully planned. The part that confuses me is that so many STILL wear masks even when restrictions are removed. Why??

  5. And yet, the voluntary slavery to covidism continues. Earlier today in my building’s parking deck, I saw an older couple driving out – both the Mr. & the Mrs. had on their face burqas. I’m sure it’ll surprise no one that they were driving a Prius.

    1. I was at the Cathedral in Pittsburgh today. Thankfully no masks. But it’s adjacent to the Pitt campus, where 70-80% of the students are walking outside with masks on.

      1. Reason number infinity why parents should home school their kids and encourage them to learn a trade.

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