I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence that this happened the day after a blasphemous idolatrous apostate heretic antipope “consecrated” Russia to a demon while in a basilica where he previously “enthroned” said demon

He wants this war so baldly. So many biolabs and billions in payoffs to hide. False flag bio attack imminent.

And yes, Pachamama OWNS St. Peter’s Basilica right now. Legally owns it, according to Divine Law. Why? Because she was specifically invited in and enthroned there. Demons are capable of moving in and taking up residence in physical structures even without being invited. But when a bunch of bishops and Cardinals GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to obviously visibly enshrine her, carried into the place as if she were the Ark of the Covenant, there is no way to get rid of her short of formal exorcism and re-consecration.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Our Lady of Copacabana, Slayer of the Pachamama demon, pray for us.

16 thoughts on “I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence that this happened the day after a blasphemous idolatrous apostate heretic antipope “consecrated” Russia to a demon while in a basilica where he previously “enthroned” said demon”

  1. What, precisely, and exactly, does bergogolio have to do or say, before you come to the conclusion: “We don’t just have a problem, we have a serious problem.”?
    That is what I desperately want to ask my former pastor, who isn’t from India, and he speaks perfect English.
    bergoglio has proven every Jack Chick (I capitalize that nut’s name and not bergoglio because I have more respect for him) tract 100% true.
    bergoglio has proven ever hardcore Eastern Orthodox online “ortho-bros” arguments 100% true.
    What’s really the worst in my opinion is that I now can’t get across to either of those sides, Protestant heretics and Eastern schismatics, how much real danger they are in because The Church is in such a state.

    1. Amen P.O.P.
      My question to every FiP….how in the world do you “sell” Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus?
      Answer: you can’t

    2. Bergoglio embodies what bigots say about the Church because he WANTS to destroy it. JP2, an imperfect man, had to be lowered, crippled and in pain, to kneel before Christ. Bergoglio refuses, and not only that, has complete contempt for Christ when he elevates the host.
      I am not at all being unChristian when I say Bergoglio needs to die.

  2. If you thought the last 2 years were a blizzard of evil, you’ve not seen anything. The Church is almost now underground. What will climb out of the rubble (literally) will be a messianic figure , probably a secular Jew, who will bring a wonderful “peace” that he will stress can only be achieved by fraternty, community, globalism. The values will ape Christian values, except they will be focused on humanity and the self, not God. I do believe we will see 2 popes die this year, and a new “pope” take over. The visible Church will look to the earth (Pachamama), the self, and will basically be something like moral nihilism.

    1. Yes, the values and messages will all ape the true Faith, just as the Novus Ordo service apes (sort of) a Catholic Mass. All along, their strategy has been to pretend to be Catholic enough to trick people into falling into line. Utterly demonic.

  3. At this point, the debate over the papacy and the resulting anti-church is at an end. If you like Wicca and pagan earth magic, then the Novus Ordo New Church is just the place for you.
    Wicca’s moral code is so much simpler than Traditional Catholicism. “If it harms no one, then do what you will”.
    That pretty much sums it up in New Church. “Meh; whatever”.
    Flick of the wrist, stroke of the pen and the entire edifice of Sacred Tradition instantly collapses in the face of overwhelming ennui and disinterest. No Cardinals. No Bishops. Precious few Priests. “Wicca, eh? Ok – if that’s what the Pope says”.

    1. “Flick of the wrist, stroke of the pen and the entire edifice of Sacred Tradition instantly collapses…..”
      Interesting comment.

      1. Kono:
        “… in the face of overwhelming ennui and disinterest”.
        You have to include the whole sentence to understand the sentence.
        I am referring to a Church that doesn’t care. Two Popes? Ok. Emeritus Pope? Fine. Witchcraft ceremony in the Vatican Gardens complete with a Wiccan circle, bowing down to an idol and chants to the satanic god of mother earth? Interesting, but ok. Pope holding a Stang with our Crucified Lord subsumed into the wood with only his face visible? That’s new, hmm! Pachamama Wicca ritual bowl placed on St. Peter’s High Altar during Mass? Well that’s pretty! The Pope says “who am Imto judge”; sodomites allowed to Communion? “If it harms no one, then do what you will” (the entire Wicca Magisterium is contained in that quote).
        Call that what you want, but as far as I’m concerned the entire visible Church has left Sacred Tradition as if it weren’t even there – gone. That’s what I see.
        Obviously, to your point, Sacred Tradition remains as always, an objective and eternal thing as does Sacred Scripture which forms its essential core. But to those who, through “ennui and disinterest” claim the Church from the Papacy, through the “Cardinals, Bishops and almost every Priest” … it doesn’t actually exist at the practical level, does it? For those who are willing participants in this Church.
        “7 And will not God revenge his elect who cry to him day and night: and will he have patience in their regard?
        8 I say to you, that he will quickly revenge them. But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?” (Luke 18: 7,8)

      2. (btw): “flick of the worst, stroke of the pen” refers to the simple little one page false abdication of Ministerium that rendered Christ’s Papacy, cornerstone of the Church, different than His creation.
        Again, what He created remains, because it is His. What we have is different.

    2. The thing is, the only reason the Novus Ordo has legitimacy is because it was always considered a “form” or “option” of the TLM. It was never the rule, legally speaking. Once Bergoglio completely erases the TLM, then 2 things will happen. The NOvus Ordo will finally be pagan, and 2)No more communion. Or, worse, a communion to the devil.

    1. I fear “T” is correct on this. Not to mention the non-Catholics. The lies, evil, satanic immorality ….so many grave sins not only tolerated, not only promoted, but forced upon us by so many. And tragically, a great percentage of people have embraced intrinsic evils.

  4. Hey Mark. Could you check your spam for a comment I left at 9:19 on the 28?
    In the grand scheme it (my comment) doesn’t matter, but it gives context to my other comment below it.
    Thank you, sir!

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