Patrick Coffin absolutely nails it

“In this video, I summarize the reasons why I think the “Consecration of Ukraine and Russia” of March 25, 2022, is not only an ape of a Consecration but could have disastrous effects. God forbid.”


  • Only a valid Pope can do a valid Marian consecration. Pope Benedict XVI is the true Roman Pontiff because he did not resign the office, or “munus”, of the papacy. See the video below for more background on the evidence for this conclusion.)
  • How strange that Pope Benedict appears in photos, meetings with friends and cardinals, weighs in on the Church crisis, but is not permitted to be a few thousand yards away for such a momentous event for the universal Church? His Mater Ecclesiae residence is literally just over the hill in the Vatican Gardens.
  • It is NOT being done according to the original 1917 formula in the request of the Mother of God, nor in the 1929 request made again through the surviving seer of Fatima, Sister Lucia.
  • If this were a true Consecration involving “all the bishops of the world” with global implications for all of humanity, don’t you think the Vatican would have given it a little more advance notice than a week and a half beforehand?
  • Since the March 15 announcement, the initial “Franciscan wording” has been altered.
    Now it’s this long-winded blend of woke ideology, Freemasonic buzz words, and saccharine sentiments with some traditional sounding phrases thrown in to hook the naive.
  • If the March 25, 1984 Consecration by Pope John Paul II was “accepted by heaven,” why is it being done AGAIN by Francis 38 years later?
  • Could it be that Russia is still not converted?
  • There are three possible outcomes:1) Nothing will change, the Ukraine-Russia conflict will continue until it ends, hopefully with Ukraine accepting her neutral buffer state status.2) It will escalate fast and get much worse since we’re really dealing with the ape of a consecration. God forbid.3) Almighty God will permit a quick end to the conflict, and the world will applaud its worldly leader as a miracle worker and prophet of peace (but it won’t be because of the Consecration)
  • Over the last 100 years, Sovereign Pontiffs have not done the Fatima consecration correctly. One miss after another, from pope after pope. My, we Catholics love tradition!


  • Seven Pieces of Evidence That Francis Is An AntiPope VIDEO
  • Acosta interview on details of the evidence VIDEO
  • Text of the 1929 Fatima request, with timeline. Article from EWTN here.
  • Text of Francis’ March 25, 2022 version in this ARTICLE.

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15 thoughts on “Patrick Coffin absolutely nails it”

    1. I hope he comes around and realizes that there is a difference between legal truth and ontological truth. Lack of official legal judgement is not the same things as ontological truth. Judging a man to be a heretic personally is not the same as a legal judgement, and does not seem to usurp authority. In fact, the ipso facto removal makes no sense, because no one with canonical authority will legally declare loss of office unless they have already personally judged him to be a heretic. Also the fact that it is not legally declared does not effect his ontological loss of office.

  1. Taylor Marshall recently tried to explain that “earth/dirt of heaven” is a term used by Church Fathers to describe The Blessed Mother, Mary, the Mother of God.
    If there had been no pachamama fiasco, then maybe his arguments would hold some water. Some scholars in the Vatican wanted to insert an older, more traditional, title of the Blessed Mother for this event… But because that is the same titled used for pachamama, I fear that bergoglio has just “consecrated” humanity to a demon.

    1. Bp. Schneider is doing the same thing….. but he’s not indicating any doubt or accusations of “weaponized ambiguity” as Marshall is.

  2. The ’84 consecration was not accepted. Had it been, Russia would be Catholic. What I fear is that there will be a miraculous peace, brokered by a secular Jew who will be seen as a Messiah. I mean, it isn’t like Bergoglio hasn’t laid the groundwork.

    1. What’s freaky is President Zalenskyy of Ukraine has two parents of Jewish ancestry.
      Coincidence? Perhaps. But I never count out any potential candidates, nowadays.

      1. Well the things is, and I am not anti Jew at all, but Jews seem to be in high positions in international affairs and finance. VIctoria Nuland, the b— at the center of the 2014 debacle, is also a Ukrainian Jew. The “errors” of Russia were principally communism, which was an idea hatched from German protestant philosophy and two secular Jews: Marx and Lenin. Jews are brilliant people, but always always doing the wrong things for God.
        I do believe there will be a peacemaker coming out of this, in sync with Bergoglio’s antiChurch. And I think Bergoglio and B16 will pass away at the same time, or close.
        I hope for peace, REAL peace. From Jesus Christ.

  3. It doesn’t matter if some past saints said it. Present day Pachamama worshippers say it too. Based on empirical evidence that antipope Francis worships Pachamama and is close to other Pachamama worshippers (Sergio Bergman), we must believe that he desires to use it in that context, just as we must believe the pickpocket stands next to you not out of fraternal charity and accompaniment, but because he wants your wallet.

  4. Poor St Coleta listening to an antipope, renewing the Poor Clares and establishing new convents. If only she had known Patrick Coffin, then she would have known she was doing the work of satan!

    1. “It’s the character that’s the strongest that God gives the most challenges to. Now, you can take that as a compliment!” – Return to Me written by Bonnie Hunt & Don Lake, 2000 |
      It’s hard…I agree with you, Canadian Lady.

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