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  1. There are a lot of different opinions about what is happening in Ukraine.
    Two thinks I know:
    1: Putin is a serious man; a man who knows Russian history and cares about Russian sovereignty and power.
    2: Biden is a corrupt and unserious man; a senile man; a puppet President illegally installed, most likely controlled by bureaucratic Deep State actors and the human stain known as Barack Hussein Obama. Biden cares nothing for America, only for his own wealth, comfort, pleasures.
    This is a unique, in my opinion compelling, perspective on what is happening in Ukraine. Putin is not dumb. I am withholding judgement on why he is doing what he is doing … but my suspicions lie with this thread.
    If this is true, it puts a different light on this potentially cataclysmic conflict. And if the world’s leaders, including most in the West, have committed the crimes against humanity I think they have committed; if their plans are what I think they are (crystallized in the despicable personae of Bill Gates) … coming judgement transcends human into the realm of Divine.
    These events are related, not disconnected. The crimes we have committed (Civil and Catholic; State and Church) are too massive to go unpunished (from a Divine perspective). It is coming to a head. We are living actors of 1914 all over again.

    1. Aqua, I am not on Twitter but if you are able to contact with this Clandestine person, please encourage him/her to get this news onto Bitchute, Rumble or somewhere else as a back-up. I can forsee the woke robots at Twitter deleting content like this.

      1. JAD: I am not on Twitter. I am on Gab … and Truth when they get to my place in the activate line (~ 150,000 as Aqua1). I have a small number of Gabs I follow. This info was linked within one of the Gabber’s comments.
        My experience with these types of commentators is that they are far and away more savvy, aware, and learned than me – amazing troves of info. I am well confident all needed backups are already being used where needed.
        I do not trust my government. Something very, very bad has happened to it. That is a general, and growing, consensus among the writers I follow (as evidenced by your own suspicions), and obviously now the public in general, as well.

  2. I just saw – they suspended his account. It’s gone – just as you suspected.
    I hate them, I hate these government/business fascists because I hate liars and the father of lies and liars; violent men of blood.
    Anyway …
    For those wondering what it was about: the hypothesis is that there were US military Bio-weapon labs throughout the corrupt Oligarchic Ukraine. Why were they there? Research, of course. They were, It is posited, doing bio-weapons research on the border of Russia. Overlay the Russian attacks on US bio-weapon lab locations and you see a direct correlation.
    Russia’s Premier Putin spoke of “de-nazification” of Ukraine; fascism within the Biden Crime Family’s client State in his initial statement justifying his attack. *IF* there is in fact a US bio-weapons network in Ukraine during this Covid fascist (def: government/big business alliance) tyranny movement then that is what makes this of interest to me. The fact the account was almost immediately suspended confirms my suspicions.

    1. There is a mixture of fact and speculation in this article. I don’t take it all at face value. One thing it does is confirm by US Embassy in Ukraine spokesperson that US DOD is involved in research in 15 bio-weapons labs and their locations. And it asks the legitimate question – why?
      Linked article written in 2020
      Bio-weapon research with Ukrainian Oligarchs began in 2005 (President warmonger GWB).
      Btw, participation in bio-weapons research is illegal according to binding, long-standing international treaties.
      Lawlessness – a sure sign the barbarians are inside the walls.

  3. For a little perspective, from one of the greatest public commentators out there right now – Jesse Kelly, Marine, who has seen all this before up close and personal, recent immigrant to the great State of Texas.
    He’s no Christian, true, but as a practical patriotic American and especially one with immense amounts of common sense, and most especially one who knows and pronounces how bad things can actually be in our nation if we ever *lose* an actual war … to a nation that mostly thinks such a thing as total American defeat and eclipse is impossible … his opinions, and humor, are tonic to my soul.

    1. The humor of this was obvious to me. Wifey saw it and didn’t share in my laughs – “it makes no sense”.
      So …
      Sure – Ukraine is under attack, Russia is on the move, Putin has threatened to use weapons “never seen in combat before” and destruction beyond comprehension, Biden is about to do the ultimate Biden to America … but there’s always Applebees to look forward to at the end of a hard day, among friends in Texas.
      Sure, it’s bad, but we’re ready and at relative peace. He’s my kind of people.

    2. In passing, while not a Catholic, Kelly does seem to believe in some Prot version of Christianity. He at any rate had his sons baptized some time n the past 3or 4 years, & if I recall right, said t’was among the most moving moments of his life.

  4. Until this story this morning, I had no idea the US DOD even had a presence in Ukraine, much less a bio-weapons lab, much less 15 of them, much less going back to the neo-con GWB era Administration.
    Whether or not Putin was targeting these labs as part of a target list of his military threats and objectives – multiple military grade bio-weapons labs at or near the Russian border – it is still a significant addition to the revelations surrounding the long-tern research and planning it appears went into the creation of the engineered Covid virus and the subsequent emergency based mandate-lockdown-shut down-passport-death jab response that went with it.
    This article goes into some detail about the public record of the labs within Ukraine. Evidently – they were well known, and controversial, in their little corner of the world.
    BTW – the largest of all *public* foreign nation contributions to the Clinton Foundation? Ukraine: $10,000,000. Rotten.

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