The Overton Window continues to shift toward Benedict is Pope, the topic now openly opined on various platforms, and some people are super mad about it. All that and more on Barnhardt Podcast #167.

Barnhardt Podcast #167: Ah-murr-ETT-uss sours all around!!!

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In this episode Dr. Mazza joins Mark and Ann with special guest cameo appearance by Supernerd for a full debriefing of Dr. Mazza’s big “Benedict is Pope” debate appearance on I Dream of Jeannie with Sk8r Dude and Steve Bannon’s sloppy kid brother (Gordon and O’Reilly). Per usual, we laughed WAY too much discussing the Bergoglian Antipapacy, but hey, those ah-murr-ETT-uss cocktails go straight to your head.

Prayer to Activate Your Confirmation

(For private recitation.)

Almighty God my heavenly Father, You knew me before the creation of the cosmos and You wanted me to come into existence to bring You glory. Of all the possible universes You could have created, You created this one and You called me into it at exactly the time and place You chose for me so that I could fulfill my part in Your unfathomable plan. You willed that I have the honor to be baptized into the Church You designed and You maintain for our well-being. You willed that I receive the Body and Blood of Your Son and the indwelling of Your Spirit. You willed that I should also be confirmed so that our relationship be even deeper and that I might be an even better instrument of Your will. I now call upon that mighty Sacrament of Confirmation. Through it make me strong to bear whatever burdens I must endure in Your service. Make me wise to recognize accurately and then strong to resist, resolute, whatever is out of harmony with Your will as manifested especially in the beautiful Tradition You have guided in the authoritative, infallible and indefectible Church. Even if that disharmony should come from those whom you have endowed with the grace of Orders and seated even in the highest places of teaching, governing and sanctifying, make me steadfast. With confidence in Your plan for me I ask this for myself and for the brethren through the Holy Spirit’s Gifts and in the Name of Jesus Christ Your Son, who lives and reigns with You, ever one God, world without end. Amen.

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One thought on “The Overton Window continues to shift toward Benedict is Pope, the topic now openly opined on various platforms, and some people are super mad about it. All that and more on Barnhardt Podcast #167.”

  1. I love all you guys … Thanks for another excellent podcast !
    Earth-Shattering Evidence Blows The Lid Off What Pope Benedict XVI Actually Meant In His Declaratio presented by Dr. Edmund Mazza, Professor of Church History, on Ann Barnhardt Podcast #167 – 22 February 2022
    Source: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Principles of Catholic Theology: Building Stones for a Fundamental Theology, 1987

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