UPDATED WITH SCREENSHOTS: Ask yourself: Why wouldn’t we be on the wrong side? Think about it.

UPDATE 2: Now the thread roll got nuked. Someone really does not want you to see this, so I will just paste the screen grabs here. https://i.redd.it/dr7d1q3iysj81.png?s=01

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Much more info in the thread if you click the tweet below. From the combox:

 Aqua says:


There are a lot of different opinions about what is happening in Ukraine.

Two things I know:

1: Putin is a serious man; a man who knows Russian history and cares about Russian sovereignty and power.

2: Biden is a corrupt and unserious man; a senile man; a puppet President illegally installed, most likely controlled by bureaucratic Deep State actors and the human stain known as Barack Hussein Obama. Biden cares nothing for America, only for his own wealth, comfort, pleasures.

This is a unique, in my opinion compelling, perspective on what is happening in Ukraine. Putin is not dumb. I am withholding judgement on why he is doing what he is doing … but my suspicions lie with this thread.


If this is true, it puts a different light on this potentially cataclysmic conflict. And if the world’s leaders, including most in the West, have committed the crimes against humanity I think they have committed; if their plans are what I think they are (crystallized in the despicable personae of Bill Gates) … coming judgement transcends human into the realm of Divine.

These events are related, not disconnected. The crimes we have committed (Civil and Catholic; State and Church) are too massive to go unpunished (from a Divine perspective). It is coming to a head. We are living actors of 1914 all over again.

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  1. I believe it was an Italian seer, I can’t remember the name now, who said the Third Secret of Fatima (that is, the missing part that begins, “In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved, etc..”) would be released during the course of a major war. I don’t wish for war, but it seems inevitable to me, at least. Hopefully, the whole world will not be floundering around in the darkness much longer.

  2. If Russia’s intent was to destroy virus labs why wouldn’t they say so? Wouldn’t it provide cover for them and boost their support?

  3. Richard Salbato, the Marion apparition investigator, had some interesting things to say about Lucia and the consecration of Russia, perspectives you almost never hear. Apparently he lived near the convent and spent time with Lucia, her family and the nuns there. I assume he’s disliked by the Medgagoogoo, Garabandal and Gruner crowds but anyway it’s worth a read:
    The next link is a transcript of a lecture he gave. About halfway down the page he talks about the consecration and what happened afterwards, interesting.
    I’m not all in on any theory but when people say we don’t have peace Lucia said “The story of Fatima is only half done, the second half will have to come from her prayers in heaven.” She also said it WOULD happen but be late and there’d be consequences for that. Imagine if Russia had been converted in the twenties. Also who’s going to do it now? The papacy is a train wreck.

  4. Apparently, the US Embassy in Ukraine just deleted all their bio-weapons research documents from their public web site.
    The links are all dead if you click on them.
    The good news – they are all archived (by the smart people). For instance …
    The speculation (fwiw) … “These labs are co-run by Fauci’s EcoHealth Alliance and rumor is Russia’s entire military operation right now is unofficially to either secure and/or destroy these labs and gather evidence.”
    I am just shocked at the scale, the magnitude of bio-weapons research – illegal and banned by Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (1972 treaty), but other treaties as well dating back to 1925 Geneva Convention treaty signed after WW I – this research done in the criminal gangster state of Ukraine.
    Take out speculation about Russia targeting these labs to destroy and/or gather evidence … what the heck are we doing over there in the first place, and doing this kind of illegal work?
    This is my source for this info (fwiw) …
    Like I said, part of all this (related to the attacks) is speculation, but it seems undeniable now that the US has had a global network of weaponized bio-research labs developing viral agents of war – and it seems the real estate is chosen for ease of avoiding detection, regulation and exposure.

  5. The unrolled-saved thread is rather On The Nose – if you’re Russia, wanting to spread propaganda.
    AT THE SAME TIME, the SCMP article from Oct 2021 – describing Russia & China’s joint statement, which says the U.S. has 200 extraterritorial bioweapons labs & the U.N. better do something – is very interesting.
    So, I’m withholding judgement – or holding the different possibilities in mind, as open questions.

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