Ontario government considers forcing hospitals to rehire unvaxxed staff amidst shortages

You can’t make it up. Oh, Canada.

After firing hundreds of health-care workers across the province who refused to comply with mandatory vaccination policies, Ontario hospitals may soon be forced to re-hire those who were terminated.

Hospitals and other public sector employers could be forced to re-hire unvaccinated workers under a policy that has been considered by the provincial government as it confronts desperate staff shortages throughout the health-care system, the Ottawa Sun reports.

Anthony Dale, head of the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) said that the OHA was made aware last week that the Ontario government was considering policy changes “that would make it mandatory for public sector employers, including hospitals, to re-hire employees that have been terminated for failing to comply with COVID-19 vaccination policies.”

This comes as the province has re-entered a state of lockdown…


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  1. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/american-airlines-pilot-speaks-out-against-vaccine-it-almost-killed-me/
    I used to do what this fellow does for a living. I quit my job because my employer told me what they told him: “get jabbed or get lost”. It is why this is such a personal topic for me. Not only because these evil people took something very personal away from me, not only because they are harming my fellow employees who I loved as the best part of my working life, not only because they took an incredibly fun and rewarding career and turned it into a flying gulag (“excuse me sir, the upper half of one nostril is showing … last warning”) but because they put my life, my fellows’ lives and all our customers’ lives at risk – in *precisely* the way the AA Captain specifies in this short little video.
    I wrote them a couple of lengthy letters before I left for good (fwiw) explaining to them how their position would likely cause existential problems for them (as in survival as a business) at some point in the future. What this pilot says in this video is part of what I told my employer.
    These vax events are quantifiably extreme in numbers and severity. They are sudden. And there is nothing that says that only one pilot can experience a “vaccine” emergency at a time. They’re both up there behind locked, secure doors, your pilots, both vaccinated – we’ve all seen how it can go, when the blood clot hits the heart, lungs or brain (major organs) it is game over in half a second. And nothing says that these events have to happen during cruise, either. This AA Captain mentions 100′, during low vis approach and landings, with aircraft parked on taxiways, close to the runway waiting to takeoff … at SFO and HNL (for instance, those aircraft are normally quite large and quite full. What happens when the stress induced event lodges a blood clot in the flying pilot’s brain during that critical phase? There is very, very little margin for error in some moments.
    The Company is mandating medical decisions against personal will which means the Company is assumining liability for whatever comes next in follow-on consequences from that compulsory medical procedure. I never heard back from them. I am extremely sad for what happened to my company, my fellows from work, my industry, my neighbors, all those who are suffering from the pricks who think they can dictate every granular detail of everything for everybody.
    I just feel bad for this poor guy. He didn’t want it. We all have our breaking point I suppose. We have to stick together – those of us who will never give in – as in practical, meaningful help as the screw continues to turn.

  2. https://rumble.com/vsa2ky-airline-pilot-latane-campbell-interview-a-pilots-view-of-covid-policies.html
    An extremely interesting interview, to go with my previous comments on this topic. This pilot does a really good job of representing the mainstream of all the pilots I’ve ever known in his approach to problem solving and doing the right thing. Oh, I do miss it.
    I find it very encouraging, to go along with your topic above, in that I am getting the sense the tide is turning and the good guys are getting the upper hand.

  3. Mark,
    I posted a couple of comments on this topic late last night … they both showed up – “pending approval”, then disappeared within a half hour, likely before you had a chance to see and approve them.
    Just curious if you have any idea what might have happened to them for my future reference.
    Thanks, Mark!

      1. Yeah. They both appeared. Then for no reason, after a short period of time, they both disappeared.
        Too bad, too. It had to do with another “front line” industry I’m very familiar with and a couple of really fascinating interviews from the inside that would have tied in nice.y to your topic of mandates and emp.over response.
        Oh well.

  4. Funny 🤓 … spam. The amount of words I inflict, I am not surprised spam filters activate in response.
    I just thought the interviews were fascinating, especially the longer one, and worthy of sharing.

  5. Another of the infinite collection of examples of how this *mania* is killing people, injuring people, putting innocent lives at risk in a vast array of unintended consequences which always follow mandates from the communist Collective.
    Beyond the injustice of this young man’s life now ruined by the vaccine holocaust – he is a fighter pilot, flying solo in a highly classified aircraft, and almost certainly armed with high yield munitions up to and including nuclear.
    This is insane. This is immoral. This is criminal acts against humanity.
    I was still in the military in 1991 when they told all of us going to Iraq that we had to take the Anthrax “vaccine”. I knew, even then, I was willing to be Court Martialed before I would let them jab me that, and those were the days when we implicitly trusted Doctors and medicine. Since then, I have heard numerous stories of my fellow pilots who were permanently injured, disabled, from taking that jab. Fortunately, I was able to separate and end my military career before the conflict happened. Ironic, in my little corner of the world, that my next career ended on exactly the same controversial issue, this time under a civilian employer: “get the jab or get lost”.
    I hope the topic is seen by anyone who can do something about it: we are jabbing single seat and dual seat aircraft in which the incapacitation of the pilot will potentially cause the death of thousands; in the case of a military pilot flying a nuclear tipped fighter or bomber aircraft – the risk is inconceivable.

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