8 thoughts on “DC gulag: House Confinement for the Filthy Unvaxxed starts Saturday”

    1. The March fir Life is already dead….it left with the great Nellie Gray, God rest her soul.
      The millenials now in charge have been making questionable choices on all fronts, including speakers. I hear this year’s keynote is the ODIOUS mike pence……yep, li’l throwup in my mouth.

      1. “The millenials now in charge…” Like “Lila Rose Enterprises.” Did a little checking into the “face of the millenials” and discovered that Lila makes at least $134,000 in annual salary. I asked Lila about the royalties from her “best selling book.” Are the royalties channeled to her private bank account or to her organization…no response. Asked Lila to show up and pray with us outside of the planned parenthood abortion clinic in West Chester, PA. Lila needs to know how many will show up at the “venue”, Lila needs an honorarium, Lila needs plane tickets, Lila needs at least 2 hotel rooms and all meals paid….And then there’s Eric Scheidler. Last time I looked his salary comes in at around $175,000, his wife is on the payroll “raking in about $50,000 and then his son earns around $25,000. Not bad for a family business that engages in “pimping the babies.” I once believed the “prolife movement” was on life support awaiting resuscitation….I agree with your assessment: it’s dead…except for those stalwart souls who show up outside of the abortion chambers and pray/cousel in all kinds of weathers in the face of all kinds lf heckling and brutal tactics: and they don’t get paid a cent.

  1. These people are forcing us through various compulsory forms to inject an experimental substance against our will – known to have fatal and permanent injurious side effects; known to cause the equivalent of AIDS. They are in violation of all ten Nuremberg Code provisions – encoded to ensure, Never Again!
    Poor, innocent children – swept up into our adult mania and madness (Mass Psychosis). We keep falling. They keep PsyOpping. Many of us keep resisting. They keep coming.
    Where.Is.The.Church?! Where (at least) SSPX?! Dreadfully, conspicuously silent (with a few bright shining exceptions). Muriel Bowser means business. Jay Inslee (concentration camp warden of Washington State)means business. The Church either agrees (most) or takes no position (some). Meanwhile – the medical crimes against our explicit wills and permissions continue on, the known and predictable side effects beginning to expose.
    Crime against humanity def: “ A deliberate act, typically as part of a systematic campaign, that causes human suffering or death on a large scale”.

    1. BTW – those who commit such crimes never explicitly admit they are committing crimes – it is always for the good of the victims, or for the good of a larger purpose. They most likely believe in their darkened souls that they are doing good. Sociopaths are fully convinced of their own twisted inner logic – (see discussion on diabolical logic twisting in the comments of “pissed-off pureblood”, the thread below)

  2. If anyone is living in or in close proximity to Washington, DC: Get. The. Hell. Out. Now. We don’t know when events will suddenly happen that, after much devastation, will result in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. That said, it is naive to think that the world’s most freemasonic city will survive to the Triumph. It can’t. Freemasonry is straight from the bowels of hell and ALL monuments to freemasonry (which is pretty much the entire city of Washington) are a direct middle finger to God. Freemasonry will have to be wiped off the face of the earth in order for the Immaculate Heart to Triumph and that’s a good thing.

  3. A retrospective of vaccine injuries from 2021.
    How can SSPX call this *mandated* evil “not a theological issue – we need not take a position on it”?
    Look at these people suffer.
    Now look at VAERS numbers data: https://vaersanalysis.info/2022/01/07/vaers-summary-for-covid-19-vaccines-through-12-31-2021/
    This is a great evil and precisely what God called his Saints to “take a position on” … to defend the defenseless.

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