Happy suppressed Octave Day of the Epiphany… did you do your house blessing yet?

It’s one of those Octaves that was suppressed, because, you know, reasons. But we also celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord today.

The household prayer is traditionally done with a priest and the whole family taking part, but you can do it on your own, in a pinch. Just remember, it’s not you doing the blessing (if you’re a layman), it’s you calling down the blessing from God. God does the blessing.

What you will need is blessed Epiphany water, blessed chalk, and incense. If you don’t have a thurible, you can get a “starter” one on Amazon for under $15. Nice ones are around $100.

Mine is a little banged up, but I can still swing it.

image0 (3)

For incense, I highly recommend Holy Rood Guild, Cantica flavored (although their Laudate is also quite good). It’s not cheap, but it will last you a long time. Don’t make the mistake of using too much; it only takes a little to make a lot of smoke. https://www.holyroodguild.com/Incense_Cantica.html

Charcoal on amazon HERE.

Sorry for literally cutting, pasting, and taping the blessing, but here it is:

8 thoughts on “Happy suppressed Octave Day of the Epiphany… did you do your house blessing yet?”

  1. Don’t buy anything (ANYTHING) on Amazon (!)…there really and truly are alternatives….pay a little more, wait a few more days.
    Seriously, we have got to STOP buying from, linking to, and in any way feeding the satanic beasts, and amazon is one of the MAIN ones. Every dollar we spend with them goes to someway ramming a nail in Christ’s Body. Stop with Amazon, cut the cable cord, get off social media, get your kid out of govt schools, etc, etc, etc. I don’t mean to be nagging or pontificating, but his is really important, and until (and unless) we start doing it, all the talk is just hot air.

    1. Love this post and Christine’s comment. We’ve got to break this Amazon habit, as well as Google. It’s tough.
      I don’t know where one gets “Epiphany water”. Is that holy water?
      Stay salty, friends.

  2. Having my house blessed today by an FSSP priest and I can’t wait! We are gonna need it this year. God bless

  3. You know, next year maybe I will offer to pay for chalk, printouts of the prayer, etc. at our church. These are the beautiful traditions we have, and so few of us get to enjoy them. In our TLM, this was not mentioned. I bet most everybody there would have wanted to participate. Next year. Thank you Mark, for sharing it.

  4. At my parish where we have a weekly TLM, people are catching on to the knowledge of Epiphany water and there was probably over 50 jugs for Father to bless in the Old Rite which takes about 45 minutes. It was awesome!

  5. Went to novusordo last week. Manger was gone. Felt so empty and lonely. Ordinary. The enemy wants everything fast – liturgy, food, checkouts, seasons.
    Definitely avoiding Amazon. Saw vid where some of the warehouse workers walk up to 20 miles a day.

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