Every Ecclesia Dei priest AND every FiDP SSPX priest needs to read this

As discussed on the podcast, prepping is about doing prudent things before they are really needed, and how this applies to all facets of life. That way, you’re not left scrambling when SHTF, whether its finding the right hospital, or obtaining/retaining the state of grace, or saving your vocation, or gathering the Remnant Church in eclipse. Not scrambling, because you planned for all the contingencies ahead of time, right?

She’s dropping those truth bombs again…

Hey Catholics! YOU READY TO FACE REALITY AND LISTEN YET? Pope Benedict never validly resigned, and Antipope Bergoglio is moving fast to trick the world into totally abolishing the VALID offering of the Mass in any Rite from the earth. STOP HITTING YOURSELF.

Did you honestly think that satan’s endgame with regards to installing an Antipope or Antipopes was to just grind sideways? From the DAY Pope Ratzinger did what he said he would likely do – attempt to flee for fear of the wolves – the OBVIOUS end of all of this is and ever was the TOTAL ELIMINATION OF THE MASS AND THE CHURCH MILITANT from the earth by satan and his minions: Freemasons, Communists and sodomites. But I repeat myself.

This is OBVIOUSLY THE PLAN and has been for going on nine years now. COME ON.

Any priests who flee Ecclesia Dei communities AND TRY TO GO TO THE SSPX will be fake “excommunicated” – fake, because remember, Jorge Bergoglio has as much authority to excommunicate anyone from the Catholic Church as Kim Kardashian has. Bergoglio IN SE is nothing more than DECEPTION. He is, it could be said, “a man of deception”. The SSPX is being played every bit as hard as the Ecclesia Dei is – remember, the SSPX is “FiP” and commemorates “Francisco” at the Te Igitur, too. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Every ounce of “power” that Antipope Bergoglio possesses is COMPLETELY GIVEN to him BY YOU. Every bit of groveling, boot licking and capitulation BY YOU is his power. NOTHING MORE.

I’m reminded of childhood bullies grabbing another child’s arm and hitting them in the face with their own hand, taunting, “Why you hitting yourself? Why you hitting yourself?”

That’s EXACTLY what satan and Antipope Bergoglio are doing TO YOU…

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26 thoughts on “Every Ecclesia Dei priest AND every FiDP SSPX priest needs to read this”

  1. In my opinion, and I say this as an insider having followed and read about the progression (downslide) of the SSPX as it has gotten softer and softer and closer to a formal deal with apostate Rome – they will do whatever it takes to avoid being labeled “excommunicated”. Anyone else wondering why they haven’t consecrated new bishops? What about their insistence that Francis is definitely pope? Bp. Fellay has been working on his sweet deal with modernist Rome for a long time and he’s too close to not take the bait now. Remember, this is the man who stated that the novus ordo missae is okay, just not as good as the Roman Rite. He also said that most of V2 can be read in light of tradition, just not 100% of it, okay? The downward spiral started soon after Archbishop Lefebvre’s death and has accelerated since 2012. They no longer talk about the “conciliar church” but insist that the Modernist, heretical nonsense coming out of Rome under Bergoglio is definitely coming from the Catholic Church and the biggest enemy and destroyer of the Faith has got to be the vicar of Christ because “universal acceptance”, of course! We can now clearly see what eight years of living a lie by naming Francis in the Te Igitur of the Canon of the Mass has done for their moral compass in that they can’t (or won’t) speak out freely against the new world order and it’s population control agenda via the poison inoculations. I believe this reveals that perhaps the deal has already been struck between Bp. Fellay and Francis, and it has just not been announced publicly.
    For anyone looking to move over to the SSPX, do so with eyes wide open. Many Society priests are trustworthy and understand what’s really going on, but some seem to be in denial or are compromised by their prominent positions or fidelity to the organization. The hardcore true sons of the Archbishop are getting fewer as time goes on but you can still find them. Many have left or been banished to far off locations. Also, there are some former Novus Ordo priests in the mix that have not been conditionally ordained, so you need to be aware of that possibility. Simply asking who ordained them can clear up any uncertainty. Of course, if Rome “gives” the SSPX bishops that were consecrated in the new rite (doubtfully valid) then that will muddy the waters even more. The end game of the enemy is to destroy the sacraments and in order to do that the valid ordinations and episcopal consecrations must be destroyed. The Society is down to 3 bishops, all of whom have health issues. Quo vadis, SSPX?

    1. Quo Vadis, SSPX?
      Well said, Catherine!
      I have personal experience to back up everything you say here. And so, I say it with you … Quo Vadis, SSPX? We are at a fork in the road. Arbp LeFebvre gave you your patrimony. What say you now?

      1. Yes, and to be excommunicated from the freemasonic, conciliar, dark church of Rome is my wish! I desire to be Catholic and do not want anything to do with the false church that is eclipsing the One True Church. I pray that the schism is swift and severe, so that the line is clearly drawn for all to see. Too many would-be- traditionalists have been clinging for dear life to the novus ordo church (through Ecclesia Dei communities), mistakenly believing that it is the true Church. Our Lady has warned us that all will seem lost, but that will be when her triumph is near at hand.

    2. Amen, Catherine. Thanks for the clear and concise summary of what’s going on.
      It’s horribly confusing considering we were miserable attendees of the NO up til before the scamdemic.
      I thank God he brought us to the Truth. Sadly, on Sunday mornings, more than likely we would still be sitting in the pews of the local NO parish, grumbling and grinding our teeth through the mass.
      Thank you Almighty God for opening our eyes. Lord knows we are not worthy. It truly is a grace. Praise be Jesus Christ now and forever.

  2. If you accept Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis: you must accept a “church” that begins in 1962.
    If you cling firmly to the Sacred Deposit of Faith, once delivered, never changing, Nu Church is but an odd aberration – it troubles you not … except for the souls being lost to hell by it.
    The Pope matters – his identity is no small thing. What does it mean to be Catholic? We are all Arbp LeFebvre, now. On pains of “excommunication” – choose wisely what belief you hold and profess.

    1. I looked up this Arthur Roche that Ann mentioned is now Prefect if the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Roche#/media/File%3ABishop_Arthur_Roche_2008.jpg
      Take a look at the color he is wearing. Even teenaged girls of the 1980s would have been ashamed. Any man who would wear that color is bad news. My guess is he is going to invalidate the Eucharist and the sacraments with a new translation. They tested the waters with the new heretical translation of the Our Father in Italy.

      1. Well, I would like to have more evidence than just the suspicions of Ann. And she mentions that Francis (I don’t call him “Pope”: I am hardly a defender) intends to invalidate the Mass “in any rite.” Where does Ann get this stuff, aside from her suspicions?

      2. In the book of Daniel we are told that in the end times the daily sacrifice will be replaced with the abomination of desolation. It seems to be referring to the sacrifice of the mass. Jorge has changed the Lord’s Prayer with nary a peep. He will probably change the words of consecration for ecumenism’s sake.

  3. Catherine, thank you for the SSPX info. I’m concerned though by your statement “Too many would-be- traditionalists have been clinging for dear life to the novus ordo church (through Ecclesia Dei communities), mistakenly believing that it is the true Church.’….are you outright claiming the SSPX is the true Church? And if so, are the Sacraments in the NO, including the Ecclesia Dei communities invalid?

    1. I contend that all new rite sacraments are doubtfully valid. Therefore, the ecclesia dei ordinations are doubtful because they were done by bishops who were consecrated in the new rite. I hold that the SSPX has continued the apostolic succession through the courageous decision of Archbishop Lefebvre to consecrate four bishops. Therefore, they are continuing Tradition, having passed on what was given to them. The Church cannot be sequestered into one group or organization, but only to those who follow Tradition and offer the sacraments as they were always given prior to Vatican II.

      1. Catherine, I detest Vatican II, but if all new rite sacraments are invalid, how do you square that the Church is indefectible? If you are a 1958 Sede, how can the Church not be Visible?

      2. “…..all new rite Sacraments are doubtfully valid”. Surely this cannot be correct for baptism. I thought anyone could baptise one who is in grave danger as long as the intention is the same as the Church:s.

  4. The main issue is that they’ve persuaded themselves that even questioning his legitimacy will lead them to hell. So even when he craps all over Jesus they call him the Vicar of Christ. It doesn’t matter there were antipopes in the past, or two men in white in Rome.
    If they loved Jesus more than feared hell it would have led them to question this man,

  5. How does, “This is OBVIOUSLY THE PLAN and has been for going on nine years now,” hold any credibility? Maybe if a New Order reads this, I can see them going- woe, yeah 9 years now, we’ve got a serious problem here. Maybe they’re the target audience but the comments I see here are from SSPX. Every Catholic knows very well this has been going on far longer than 9 years. I want a Pope too but I’m not going to make believe this started 9 years ago so that I can pretend we have one. It is important to honestly appraise a problem if you actually want to solve it.

    1. No one here thinks the problem started nine years ago, including Ann. Vatican II is heresy, pure and simple. Even if parts of it can be reconciled with Tradition, it needs to be abandoned as a failed council.

  6. Eh… even if they invalidate the Mass, they are the same idiots that would just as soon require you to get an annual mrna shot and a test to attend one.
    For those wondering about the necessity of invalidating the Eucharist, aside from Satan’s main goal to diminish the graces that flow from it that hold back God’s chalice of wrath from being entirely poured out upon us, to the faithless NWO modernist utopians, the Eucharist stands in the way of ecumenism and inter-communion with heretics.
    My guess is that they will have concelebrations with one priest and one lay presider (preferably a woman), using two different formulas simultaneously, and having these co-exist – A Catholic Eucharist, and a wheat wafer. Much like having “two popes.” You will all be expected to adore them both equally when raised together on the altar. Your confusion is the result they desire.
    Catholics will then receive in one line, non-Catholics in the other. Eventually, they’ll just gradually do away with that separation in the future and just mix them together and have only one line-up as a Russian Roulette game aboit whuch one you might get… due to logistical reasons, anti-discriminatory purposes, and because the majority of lazy coasting Catholics will be observed getting into whatever line-up without caring what they get, so long as it’s faster, and because they are definitely the ones who don’t believe in all that crazy transubstantiation stuff anyway… In fact, they’ll proclaim that this also solves the priest shortage by having laypeople perform this wafer-ritual in any and all parishes lacking one. This will be praised as a grand genius solution to the priest-decline and an upgrade for lay participation by the world’s press! Especially after many priests and young seminarians die mysteriously of heart attacks *wink*wink* or are kicked out or refused ordination for not following public health guidance!
    The protestants and Anglicans will nod in approval that the Catholoc institution has finally made progress! The Russians and other Orthodox will want even less to do with us and point out to their flocks how this definitively proves that the Roman Church and its popery were always in error.
    If you are under the impression that this will be too crazy and people will resist, then you obviously haven’t learned anything about human nature throughout this 2+ year long covid seige.

  7. Everything is in God’s hands. We can debate and argue about the current state of the Catholic Church but one thing is certain-through God’s permitting and ordaining Will, we are being chastised. Louis XIV didn’t listen to Our Lord and Catholics have not listened to His Blessed Mother’s messages. We have allowed the usurpation of the Church as Our Lady of Good Success revealed would happen “through Masonic sects “ which didn’t even exist in the 1500s when She appeared in Quito, Ecuador. Our only hope is that through prayer and penance the chastisements will be shortened, Russia consecrated to the Immaculate heart of Mary and the Church restored. She has assured us that her Immaculate heart will triumph. The Gospels tell us that the gates of hell will not prevail. Trust in the Lord, pray as if your life depended upon it!

  8. Look at the photos online of Bergoglio with Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Can anyone find just one example where he looks at Our Lord without a scowl that says “I hate you?” I think that visual evidence along with too many other things here to list tell us that a disrespectful, invalidation of the consecration decree would be right up Bergoglio’s agenda. Stay confessed and be ready to go underground.

  9. Kono – you are correct, Baptism is the exception but as we know the form was toyed with after V2, so some new rite baptisms may have been invalid.
    Mark – I’m not a dogmatic sede, but hold the opinion that the new rite sacraments are doubtful. The Church is indefectable as it has continued to provide the True Mass and sacraments throughout every crisis She has faced. The True Church has been eclipsed since V2 by the anti-church, which so many mistakenly believe to be the visible Church. One only has to go down the list of the four marks to clearly see that the post-conciliar institution that was created by freemasons and communists is not the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.
    Question – if Bergoglio wants to destroy the Mass, why isn’t he going after the novus ordo? Answer – because it’s not the Holy Sacrifice.

    1. No, Baptism in the Novus ordo is celebrated with the same words and the same pouring of water as previously done. It is unquestionably valid, even if the Vatican II Church were to be considered a false religion.

  10. Tinyurl.com/traditionalmass Volume 1 of 2 is an enlightening book regarding The Mass of the Roman Rite: ITS ORIGINS AND DEVELOPMENT (Missarum Sollemnia). This is the replica of the 1951 translation explaining the traditional Eucharistic celebration through the ages by Joseph Jungmann

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