New study shows 146K-187K vaxx deaths in U.S. Feb-Aug; VAERS under-reported by factor of 20: Risk of death from vaxx statistically outweighs any potential benefits in nearly all demographics

Abstract and Figures

“Accurate estimates of COVID vaccine-induced severe adverse event and death rates are critical for risk-benefit ratio analyses of vaccination and boosters against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in different age groups. However, existing surveillance studies are not designed to reliably estimate life-threatening event or vaccine-induced fatality rates (VFR). Here, regional variation in vaccination rates was used to predict all-cause mortality and non-COVID deaths in subsequent time periods using two independent, publicly available datasets from the US and Europe (month-and week-level resolutions, respectively). Vaccination correlated negatively with mortality 6-20 weeks post-injection, while vaccination predicted all-cause mortality 0-5 weeks post-injection in almost all age groups and with an age-related temporal pattern consistent with the US vaccine rollout. Results from fitted regression slopes (p<0.05 FDR corrected) suggest a US national average VFR of 0.04% and higher VFR with age (VFR=0.004% in ages 0-17 increasing to 0.06% in ages >75 years), and 146K to 187K vaccine-associated US deaths between February and August, 2021. Notably, adult vaccination increased ulterior mortality of unvaccinated young (<18, US; <15, Europe). Comparing our estimate with the CDC-reported VFR (0.002%) suggests VAERS deaths are underreported by a factor of 20, consistent with known VAERS under-ascertainment bias. Comparing our age-stratified VFRs with published age-stratified coronavirus infection fatality rates (IFR) suggests the risks of COVID vaccines and boosters outweigh the benefits in children, young adults and older adults with low occupational risk or previous coronavirus exposure. We discuss implications for public health policies related to boosters, school and workplace mandates, and the urgent need to identify, develop and disseminate diagnostics and treatments for life-altering vaccine injuries.”

Graphical representation of Table 1 European data results. Adverse effects in yellow, above horizontal line, protective effects in blue, below horizontal line.


4 thoughts on “New study shows 146K-187K vaxx deaths in U.S. Feb-Aug; VAERS under-reported by factor of 20: Risk of death from vaxx statistically outweighs any potential benefits in nearly all demographics”

  1. I’ve noticed people are becoming numb to these figures. People are just accepting this. That is what audacity brings. After we are shocked, we get deflated and accept it. Well, most people do.
    This cries out for divine judgment. All these people, including Trump, who unleashed this genocide, deserve the harshest punishment mortals can mete out.

  2. The war criminal oligarchs pushing this shot already have a pile of 300,000+ dead Iraqi dead bodies, and about 50 million aborted children, what’s a few hundred thousand more?

  3. Up here, news reports and politicians are borderline hysterical regarding omicron. I am hearing, albeit anecdotally, that people are experiencing more trouble than the mild symptoms described by the South African doctor who discovered the strain. 20 and 30 somethings, double-vaxxed, with trouble breathing and chest pain, in addition to other flu-like symptoms. Who knows what these shots are doing to people’s immune systems.

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