My Covid story: I’m alive and kicking. Blech.

You will have to donate 90 minutes of your time and go listen to the podcast if you really want the gory details. Interspersed with witty banter and expert commentary from Nurse Claire, of course. Thank you, Ann, for letting me tell my story.

None of what follows should be considered medical advice. I’m just relating what happened to me.

If you are a regular reader of this space, you are more than familiar with the FLCCC prevention protocol that I’ve been on for nearly a year now:

Note this is for prevention, not treatment. The treatment doses are much higher, as you will see. But I absolutely believe having been on the preventative protocol was essential to my weathering this, along with switching to the “early treatment” protocol as soon as I tested positive (Day 2). I have multiple underlying conditions/factors that put me at extreme risk for a severe outcome; I’ve known all along that if and when I did catch this thing, I better already be ahead of the game, playing with house money, or I was going to be in trouble. Another aspect of this is cardiovascular training: You want to be going into this with heart and lungs already ahead of the game – find an activity where you can get your heart rate elevated for at least thirty minutes a day. I’m both a practitioner and a hypocrite when it comes to this… if you want to hear my lifestyle choices excoriated, you’ll have to listen to the podcast.

Day One was a dry cough which I initially attributed to staying out too late the night before. But the next day I had a fever, got tested, and I was positive. Day 3 to Day 7 was a low fever, 101-101.5, flu-fatigue-like feeling, naps, lost taste and smell for a few days, but that’s about it. No respiratory symptoms at all, lungs and sinus totally clear. But turns out that it was down deep, doing its stealthy thing, like a bioweapon, and I had no idea. I was now following the early treatment protocol:

Note that the upper dose of IVM is 0.6mg/kg. For me, that meant half a tube of paste every day, taken all at once. I did that for almost two weeks before I backed it down.

Day 8 the fever broke, symptoms resolved, felt totally better. Taste is back = McDonald’s french fries with extra salt. Still testing positive, but man, this was way easy, and I feel great!

That lasted twelve hours, then my oxygen levels started to drop. What the hell. Yep… it was the cytokine storm. No shortness of breath or difficulty breathing at all. Zero symptoms. If you don’t have a pulse oximeter, stop reading this, go to Amazon and buy one. They cost $12. Of course I had been in contact with Nurse Claire throughout the ordeal, and she advised prone breathing exercises, forcing air deep into the lungs. We also decided to introduce prednisone right away to fight the cytokines… the majority of severe injury and death is due to this uncontrolled immune response… Covid – or at least the spike – tricks your own body into trying to kill you… does that sound something like an engineered bioweapon? Hmm.

By Day 10 it was turning into a losing battle. I believe a contributing factor is that I was prescribed albuterol by a webMD, which I had begun three days earlier. Albuterol is a bronchodilator, but guess what is a very well-known side-effect? That it can have the opposite effect in some people, and actually constrict the airways. I didn’t figure it out until I finally researched it, and of course I can’t prove I had an allergic reaction, but it sure is some coincidence. Also, I wasn’t taking enough prednisone, and my O2 levels dropped again… into the low 80s. Time to head for the ER.

Folks, do your research ahead of time. When suddenly it’s time for the ER, then it’s time for the ER; you don’t want to be caught having to google which local hospital is least likely to murder you. If you think you might need to be admitted, don’t even consider an Urgent Care, where you might not have any choice where they transfer you. Also try to steer clear of the large systems, many of which have decided to luxuriate in the fedgov covid cash. Many CEOs of these big chains have been quite public in stoking panic and spreading misinformation from the very beginning, holding press conferences and getting on TV. Do your research and decide today where you will go, if you need to go.

I happened to be lucky enough, or perhaps Providentially, where my carefully chosen hospital was a hundred meters from my front door. One of the only ones in AZ that hasn’t required staff to be “vaccinated.” They have a small ER that you can schedule online, but also three floors of inpatient, and a small ICU (God forbid). It is a hospital specializing in heart surgery, so they would NOT have an interest in filling up their beds with covid patients, or keeping them longer than necessary. They need their beds for high dollar surgeries.

My ER experience was a little rough; my first doctor was convinced I had clots, and he ran several tests including chest x-ray to confirm, but all were negative. Apparently they are seeing a TON of clots, because he still wasn’t convinced, so he ordered a lung CT which took six hours to schedule. No clots, but “post-covid pneumonia” confirmed, and my O2 levels continued in the 80s even being on 4L cannula for ten hours. I was being admitted.

In those ten hours in the ER, I was never on IV fluids, even though they dug my IV as soon as I got there. I ended up having to ask for water multiple times, as dehydration began to set in those last few hours. This definitely felt like neglect at the time. Was I being dried out, on purpose? Hydration might be the single most important thing in all of this. You need massive amounts of water and electrolytes… gallons per day, I am not exaggerating. Of course I always could have walked out, being on the first floor and just a few meters from the exit. But I needed acute treatment, didn’t want a $10K out of pocket AMA flight charge, and where was I supposed to go… I had already decided this place was my best chance.

Upon arrival in my hospital room, at midnight, it was all hands on deck, and I knew right away I was in good hands. Two nurses were already in the room, who spent the next 45 minutes tag teaming on full medical history, asking my explicit directives, explaining everything that was about to happen and getting my approval, saline IV immediately administered, along with an antibiotic and a massive dose of prednisone, with continued dosing every four hours. Even when these nurses found out I was unjabbed and on team pony paste, they were very respectful and super attentive. When the doctor offered remdesivir and monoclonal antibodies, and I refused, he respected my directives (or at least he obeyed them). Much more detail on the inpatient experience on the podcast, including a snorkel scare, smuggling contraband, OpSec surprises, and more. Long story short, between the prednisone and the supplemental O2, I was able to get my %SpO2 up to 97, and I was discharged at 10am. The last wrinkle was my insurance company couldn’t secure home oxygen delivery that day, so I ended up spending a second night. The hospital had already stopped treatment in the morning, when the doctor signed the discharge. So they gave me one more prednisone dose, kept me watered and fed, and I went home the next morning.

One more thing, and make of this what you will: No masks.

That’s right, even as a self-identified covid-positive inpatient, I never had to wear a mask. The nurses and staff walking the floor didn’t wear masks. Whenever the doctor needed to speak to me, he would crack open the door and talk to me, maskless, from the threshold. Whenever the nurses had to administer to me, there was a full PPE station outside every room, where they would don N95, full gown and full face shield. Upon exiting the room, they would immediately unveil the full kit into the “used” receptacle. Curious, I asked one of the nurses what was going on… did the entire staff understand the skinny? She responded with a knowing side-eye, and I could tell she was smiling behind her N95.

Home I went with two bottles of oxygen, and an oxygen concentrator delivered a few hours later. Script for a Z-pack and a nine-day declining dosage of prednisone, along with Symbicort (inhaled budesonide + bronchodilator). The concentrator is for at-home, the bottles are for leaving the house. I came down with a cold two days later, which added to the fun. On my fourth day home from the hospital, which was Day 15 overall, I was still testing positive. I was already out walking three miles a day at this point, although I had to monitor my O2 closely. On Day 17, I finally tested negative.

The doctor told me that clearing the lungs would take 2-3 weeks. It wasn’t a linear process, as I had good days and bad days. I also knew I wasn’t out of the woods, because of the risk of fibrosis: After the cytokine storm, your immune system switches gears, and tries to kill you a different way, by laying down acres of useless connective tissue in place of active lung tissue. This is where ongoing use of the inhaled steroid becomes vital. After the first week, I began to see lasting improvement, and at thirteen days (Day 25 overall) I didn’t need the supplemental oxygen any more. (See update below)

That was five days ago. I’ve still got two weeks left on my Symbicort inhaler, and I am going to use all of it. Also still taking expectorant-only Mucinex for any lingering blech, as well as the nasal lavage and Listerine twice daily, massive hydration, and continuing the protocol back down to the prevention doses. I got tested for antibodies, and they are off the chart.

I had many, many prayer warriors, and many Masses said for me, especially during the critical time. I am very grateful. I was also fully prepared for whichever way this might have gone. Which leads me to the final word regarding preparation. If you aren’t living in the state of grace, you really need to amend your life. There are ten days left in Advent; use them wisely. Go to Confession, and resolve to follow the will of God. Make a firm purpose of amendment to completely detach yourself from whatever is holding you back. If you trip up, get to Confession again and don’t waste any time. You should not ever remain with your soul in a state of mortal sin for more than a day, or even better, a few hours. Pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary while you are in mortal sin. She hears those prayers and she will endeavor to help you. This is really the only kind of prepping that matters. The eternal kind.

Epilogue: I had an acute high-stress event a few days after the podcast was recorded, with the normal adverse immune response. On top of the already existing inflammation, here comes some more, big cortisol party, plus a racing heartbeat. My O2 dipped, and I nursed it with supplemental. Now three days later, the stress event favorably resolved, some days better than others, and I continue to exercise. The fibrosis is also serious threat, and sometimes that doesn’t come until months afterward. We shall see.

That’s all, folks!

48 thoughts on “My Covid story: I’m alive and kicking. Blech.”

  1. This is horrible; I’m so glad to hear that you are better. I’m a little disappointed and scared that the prevention protocol didn’t work a little better. It’s good if it prevented death but it would be much better if it had prevented hospitalization and such a severe and alarming illness. God bless you and I’ll keep you in my prayers for a quick and full recovery.

    1. You’re thin, so you will survive. My wife and I are 64, in decent physical shape for our age, and have successfully recovered from Covid-19. Following the daily I-Mask prevention protocols is important. So is walking at a good clip for 30+ minutes per day to maintain minimal cardiovascular fitness (wear the proper shoes, walk on grass or dirt). I wear body armor w/carrier under my shirt in the spring, fall, and winter for extra weight. We didn’t feel the need to up our vitamin dosage. Hydration was very important. Brushing teeth and gargling with Listerine twice/thrice daily, especially before bedtime, is also important. Our oxygen levels never fell below 91 and only for a half-day. Most of the time we were at 94 and 95. Getting up and walking around in the house while breathing deeply every 2 hours is also important. When coughing, spit the phlegm into tissues or outside – don’t recycle! We knew we recovered from the worst part when our oxygen climbed back to 97+.

  2. Wow Mark…I had NO idea! God bless you and continue to heal you….we need all warrior hands on deck. Will be praying for you.

  3. Mark, I’m so glad you’re on the mend. What a terrible experience. I hope you feel stronger every day. How in the world did you keep posting through all of this? Many prayers for a speedy and full recovery.

  4. A few thoughts.
    First, the fact that on regaining taste you went straight for the McDonald’s fries – umm, that might give me an idea about at least one of your comorbidities. Any 6th commandment issue there? (self-harm) I mean, going for fries would be dead last, for me. But just sayin’ & no judgment intended – as I myself am quite the sinner.
    Next – why do you think the protocols, iver, etc. helped you? I believe they do (or for example, that iver works). But just to play Devil’s advocate: your story might also be taken as evidence that they don’t work. I mean, you struggled. I’m 57 and even so, I’m expecting the Coof to hit me lightly – with the help of the protocols plus God, being thin, having high blood vitamin D (>60), etc. Then again, I could be totally kidding myself. Trying to figure out all this stuff is hard, and that’s why I’m curious to understand why you interpret your difficult story as proof that the protocols work (rather than proof they don’t).
    Also – for-human iver pills – again, just sayin’ here – acquired by working with a doctor & pharmacy listed on the FLCCC pages, or perhaps a pharmacy abroad if the U.S. Post Office & FDA haven’t blocked that channel yet…
    Finally – glad you lived, and thanks for sharing your details & advice! God bless!

    1. Jeff, I haven’t had McDonald’s fries, nor hardly any other carbs, in nearly twenty years. So yeah, I did this terrible mortal sin of treating myself after I beat the Coof, or so I thought. And it would be the 5th Commandment, btw. As for the reason I think the protocol was key, I think I shared quite enough personal information, don’t you? Everyone is free to trust my judgment, or not. Good day.

    1. I guess your central question about the protocols is that I’m still alive, and I was never really that sick, although I did have a scare. This thing effects everyone differently, but I knew from the data that if I caught it, the odds were against me. So even though it didn’t prevent, the treatment protocol was key to getting me through, IMO. Nurse Claire agrees, fwiw.

  5. Yessssss! Thank God you’re still here to put out your fabulous 12 Days of Christmas 🤓 music selections!!!!
    That’s not the only reason we love you, Mark! You do the hard thinking for us, then tell us lazybones what we need to know.
    Mark, I’m like your 53 year old immature younger sister who never grew up.
    God bless you, Mark! Praying He continues to bless you with good health..

  6. Helo me out…Ann B. Last year went on about this being ‘just a cold’. I shared all she said to everyone and it was settled at that. Now, I’m reviewing Ann B. Site it’s all about curing ‘it’s just a common cold’…
    What is going on????
    From being a ‘Common cold’ also, no Test can judge if one has Covid…only using false positives etc…
    Now with all yoi mentioned, it’s actually REAL and was maybe created in a lab in Wuhan ..
    Can you Mr. Docherty give me a response to the following,
    Are you stating Covid is more than a cold or Flu?
    Why Ann B. has contradicted herself from being just a cold to giving cures for Covid?
    Looking forward to some clarity..thank you!

    1. I can’t speak for Ann, but I don’t think I ever called it just a cold. I knew people who got very sick at the very beginning of all this. I think if you have certain vulnerabilities, you have more risk. But it hits really fit people too. As far as the tests, all I can tell you is that mine were negative all last year when I would take them before traveling. Then during my illness, they all came back positive. Maybe they come up positive for any sort or rona, I really don’t know.

      1. Last year, it was just a cold/flu. Something has changed dramatically in the last few months. For the first year and a half, I didn’t know or know of a single person who was hospitalized with this thing. Since August, I personally know more than twenty people who have been hospitalized, and know of another dozen (including Mark),
        This isn’t the same virus they were pumping into nursing homes to inflate the death rates in 2020.
        For the record, I’m on Day 7 of pretty much exactly what Mark described above.

        1. CJ, I agree. This thing (since August 2021) is different. People are much sicker. The treatment protocol had to be boosted way up by the Frontline Doctors, because the old doses weren’t working anymore. They call it Delta, but was something new released? Or is it vaxx induced escape variant that is stronger? This isn’t your grandpap’s covid.

  7. Mark had the coof and he SURVIVED. 99.97% or more people who get it, SURVIVE it.
    How come we weren’t all pressured to get jabbed to prevent AIDS or more recently, Ebola which are a helluva lot more fatal than the coof? No vaccines for those two (after 30-some years no vax for AIDS but we got a coof one miraculously developed and thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy in less than a year) ok so why weren’t we masked non-stop for our safety and those who had AIDS and Ebola?
    I know I’m preaching largely to the choir here but these common sense things need to be repeated to our friends and family who watch too much television.
    Mark: we’re happy you’ll be sticking around to tell the truth about this, the greatest organized crime against humanity since the killing fields of Cambodia.

  8. I’m really glad you’re ok. This blog, Anne’s, and a host of others has been a real blessing to those of us who tune in. You all will realize in Heaven how much good you’ve done during this whole debacle.
    Thank God you’re ok!!! Thanks for all you do. It’s because of all y’all’s efforts that we can rest assured that we aren’t crazy. 🙂

  9. Thank God that you are well, Mark! I say some prayers for you every day, who knew that they would be helping you get through this.
    To echo some of the other comments here, I too was upset to hear how hard it hit you, despite all of the preventive measures that you took. I know that you have some underling conditions, but it’s still worrying. My immediate family are all sick with COVID right now, and my 65 year old father with numerous health conditions is crediting Ivermectin with keeping him out of the hospital. He did wind up having to go to an urgent care to get looked at, but no hospital, thank God. Everyone else is slowly recovering, as well.
    Secondly, I too noticed how Ann switched rather quickly from calling it a cold to “Chinese Lung AIDS.” I know that hyperbole is part of her style, but still. I think that some people take her too literally at times, but maybe that’s just me.
    Anyway, God Bless!

  10. A few thoughts on comments to the effect that Delta is something new & different, how Ann finally shifted from from calling covid a chest cold to calling it the Chinese Lung AIDS, etc.
    To this day, I still know nobody who has died of covid. And I’ve known only one person (ex-brother-in-law) who has the fatigue-y, debilitating “long covid”. But I spent yesterday with a high school friend who saw at least 2, maybe 3 (vague memory) covid deaths in her husband’s extended family, *in the first wave* of covid way back in 2020. Deaths of people who were middle-aged and otherwise healthy-seeming.
    I make several different points from the above. First, this would be why people call covid “capricious”. Second, yes there have been bioweapon-y, surprising, shocking covid deaths – going back to the first wave (long before Delta). Third, my high school friend and I occupy the same physical universe, yet we managed to have 100% opposite experiences within it. Regarding Ann, it could be that – just like me; not blaming Ann here – she never knew anyone who’d been affected seriously.
    As to why covid is capricious: Everyone has different sources of info whom they follow. Among mine, taking heavy damage from covid seems connected – like 95% of the time – to 3 things: being overweight, being vitamin D deficient, and having uncontrolled systemic problems (uncontrolled diabetes, blood pressure, heart, immune deficiency, etc.). Way back at the start of covid, one friend of mine (who is a current medical student and former Army intel officer) speculated that the CCP had concocted the bug to get rid of their own elderly, weak & obese people.
    As to vitamin D level: it seems a lot like weightlifting or knowing a martial art. Many people are deficient to the point where they don’t even know or care that they’re deficient; and indeed, acquiring it quickly will not help people quickly – in that sense, it seems “stupid” or “ineffective” to people; and yet, if you have acquired it carefully over time, it’s effective. So, start today! A bottle of 5000 UI pills is available at Grocery Outlet for under $5, and you can arrange private, low-involvement tests of your D level online for something like $30 or $50 (one provider is Marek Health).

    1. Thank you, Mark, for going into so much useful detail about your experience. I remain angry with Ann B. for trying to brush this off as “just a cold” or something similar. To call for prayers for Fr. Fragelli as “stricken” without mentioning that he was in a coma from serious COVID was just … over the top, to put it politely.
      I had COVID in last days of March-first week of April, 2020. It was a bioweapon then and it still is now. It was a very strange experience, unlike any flu or cold in the past. I didn’t even qualify for a test because did not have fever or cough (I run reverse fevers). I stayed at home and kept working, but slowly. I am 64 and have comorbidities but fortunately not weak lungs and have vitamin D level of 56-65 (up from 21 a few years ago).
      Two pertinent things: if you are taking vitamin D, TAKE IT WITH K-2. You can get it combined, in the correct proportion, in one pill. Solaray is one brand. You can look up why but may need to go outside Google after Dr. Mercola’s articles were scrubbed. If you have insurance, ASK for the test to be added to your regular blood tests because it won’t happen automatically. Make sure you get the actual number; don’t just let them tell you “normal.”
      Second, I do not believe it is suddenly worse after this August, except perhaps for those who have been vaccinated and any mutations spread by that. I work at home and am the opposite of a social butterfly, but since March 2020 I know people who (a) died from COVID; (b) have long COVID; (c) died from the vaccine, and (d) have vaccine side-effects. So please don’t say it was “just a cold” in 2020 and something different in 2021.

  11. Hello Mark. You have been have spared a more difficult scenario. Survival was needed, you were tested and succeeded. You will be fine and now and will I add you to my early morning perpetual St. Joseph Novena. The Good Worker will of course help in your spiritual journey to Heaven, he is tireless. I hope to be as brave as you if I get in that state.
    Enjoy the desert sun, Grandma and I miss that. Especially the beautiful sunsets, at the end of a glorious day.

  12. Thank you for sharing Mark. So very thankful to God you’re on the mend. Prayers per usual for you.
    Since you all mentioned opiate addiction on the podcast thought I’d share this gem. St. Mark Ju Tianxiang, a Chinese doctor addicted to opiates in 19th century China. A nice little sermon from Fr. Philip Wolfe.

  13. How often were you taking the pony paste? Just wondering why it didn’t work as a prophylactic (I am only half way thru the Barnhardt podcast if you mention it there). My wife and I do the injectable ivermectin (based on Ann’s body weight chart) twice a week now….sounds like we should maybe increase the dosage.
    Glad you pulled thru!

    1. Twice a week is the current recommendation, and I was inconsistent with that. I was more like once every five days? But once I got sick, I was pounding the max dose daily. The second half of the podcast really gets into the protocols.

  14. Glad you’re feeling better.
    I strongly recommend you get on a serious fitness and diet plan. Be 100% honest with yourself with that plan, and set some realistic goals for yourself for the new year especially.
    Walking 3 miles per day is a great start. Add some power-walking or light jogging in the mix. Record your workouts so you can see what you’ve done, and see how you can improve. “I walked 3 miles Monday, Wednesday and Friday last week, I’m going to do that and add in Thursday this week…” Things like that.
    Add some weightlifting to the mix, and work on increasing your muscle mass over time.
    If you’re really adventurous, and if you feel like you’re up for it, find a local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym or MMA gym in your area and sign up, it’s honestly one of the best forms of cardio out there, and after a short while it’ll send your confidence into orbit.
    Are you eating salads? If yes, eat more, if not then simply buy a pre-made salad pack at the grocery store, it has everything included and the dressing is in a little packet so you can’t overdo that source of “hidden calories.”
    How much fast food do you eat? Stop eating fast food.
    How much water do you drink in a day? Drink more water. Drink a large glass of water first thing in the morning. It is very common for a lot of people to mistake feeling thirsty for feeling hungry, so they eat food to deal with that incorrect conclusion, then they gain weight, and they still feel “hungry” when they really are thirsty, and can’t understand what’s wrong and the problem continues to get worse. “I’m eating all the time, but I’m still hungry…”
    With regards to opioid addiction, I think there is something truly demonic going on, both with the poor souls with those drugs, and those pushing it. Having had to deal with people who were addicted to those pain meds while working in a pharmacy, there is something “evil” inside of them after they use those things for too long. I think it’s no different than some Pre-Christian pagan shaman smoking mystery-plants, opioids open people up to the demonic.

    1. POPB, walking three miles is just what I’m doing while recovering. My normal routine is hiking the mountain 5-6 days a week, serious aerobic training. Weights at the gym 3-4 times a week. Diet is Atkins, as it has been for 20 years. But age has a huge negative on the metabolism, and that’s where I am now.

  15. Welcome to the club, amigo! I got the Coof the first part of November. 54, comorbidities, etc. Started taking Ivermectin at first sign of symptoms. Unlike you, it wiped me out energy-wise. Took 2 weeks of being sick, another week to get back to normal. After listening to you, I believe I seriously underdid it on the Ivermectin.
    But now we got natural immunity, my friend. Carpe Diem.

  16. Hello Mark,
    Thank you for sharing your story. I need to listen to the podcast as well. Glad to hear you turned the corner and on the mends. You made and excellent point about the hospital to choose IF absolutely needed. I live in Phoenix and have a local friend in Mayo as we speak being given O2 (not vented), Remdesivir and dexamethasone.🥴 I have forwarded the FLCCC protocols to his wife. Would you please share what hospital you chose in AZ and how you gathered the information to make that choice?

    1. I explain it a little on the podcast. Abrazo heart hospital, Thomas and the 51. Small footprint, specialty is heart surgery so they don’t want beds occupied with covid, especially a patient refusing the remdesiver and monoclonal. So they were willing to just pump me full of steroids and antibiotics and discharge me the next morning. I’m not giving them a full recommendation, but I’m glad I went there instead of Banner, Valleywise, Dignity, etc.

  17. Thank you for sharing your story and recommendations. I also heard you on Ann’s podcast. I do think either this virus is mutating into something that’s more infectious, or they are releasing something entirely different to cull more of the herd. It’s good that we have honest doctors who care about humanity and have created protocols. But at the end of the day, our best protection is to work to keep our immune system strong and to leave the rest to God. Fear and stress are killers. I’m on my own journey in learning to turn these over to Him. I pray that you are back to 100% soon.

  18. Hi Mark, sorry I just listened to the podcast so you may have already answered this question, but on the podcast you suggested people do their research as far as what hospital to go to if it came down to it. My question is, what are the questions we should be asking and to whom? Thanks for your time.

    1. It’s more about what you DON’T see. Which hospital systems have been stoking panic from the beginning? Which of their CEOs has been on the local news, press conferences galore, promoting covid culture? Avoid those. Look for a specialized small hospital that needs its beds for surgery patients.

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