14 thoughts on “Video: Pfizer CEO wants deathvaxx truthers in prison for murder… are there any more questions about where this is headed?”

  1. There are people spreading a lot of misinformation — him, for example. And they are criminals — crimes against humanity.

  2. “My children… the Revolution is a fact. It will not, it cannot be undone. It will devour all that is good in France; and our efforts at best can be but feeble against a power that strengthens every day. I am ready to die for God and my king; but I will not command men who are not worthy of being martyrs. Go back for this night to your cottages; reflect that an act of yours may set them on fire, and ruin your families; and weigh well what I have said to you. Tomorrow morning come back again. If God inspires you with courage to die, then I will go with you.”
    Lieutenant D’Elbee to the Vendean army, 1793

    1. Thank you for sharing, a truly excellent quote. Myself I was remembering Tolkien.
      “Thy hope is but ignorance. Go then and labour in healing! Go forth and fight! Vanity. For a little space you may triumph on the field, for a day. But against the Power that now arises there is no victory.”

      1. Ah,but there is to be the victory, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She will win the battle and crush the power that now arises. She has assured us of that. Trust in your Mother.

      2. @Cynthia Oh, yes. I firmly believe that there will be victory. I just believe that the victory will be of God’s justice rather than mercy.
        “A great chasm opened in the sea… and the waters flowed down into it, and the noise and smoke of the cataracts went up to heaven, and the world was shaken. And all the fleets of the Númenóreans were drawn down into the abyss, and they were drowned and swallowed up for ever… In an hour unlooked for by Men this doom befell, on the nine and thirtieth day since the passing of the fleets. Then suddenly fire burst from the Meneltarma, and there came a mighty wind and a tumult of the earth, and the sky reeled, and the hills slid, and Númenor went down into the sea, with all its children and its wives and its maidens and its ladies proud; and all its gardens and its halls and its towers, its tombs and its riches, and its jewels and its webs and its things painted and carven, and its lore: they vanished for ever.”

      3. I agree that the world as we know it will change dramatically , many lives and souls lost amidst widespread destruction and desolation. The Blessed Virgin has come on multiple occasions in the past 200 years, LaSalette, Lourdes, Fatima, Akita. She warned us and told us what we needed to do to lessen the chastisements, but we didn’t listen. Jesus Christ coming to earth and dying for our salvation was God’s mercy and I even believe that the times we are living in is a time of mercy for those who are not blinded and see the truth. Justice must needs come upon us to pay for the offenses against God by mankind.

  3. I predict sometime by mid-late 2023 is when we’re going to see parents shooting the executives of these companies.
    Their kids will get the shot(s) this year, 2021 through 2022. A lot of them will have bad reactions through 2022. By 2023 the parents will get the news that legally nothing can be done for the horrible reactions their children have had. They’ll be told that it isn’t the shot that’s responsible, and they’ll be told that by taking the shot they agreed to not hold the company that made the shot liable. They’ll then be escorted out the door, probably a few of them will be escorted out by police as they scream.
    By mid-2023, a parent, or two or more, will snap when reality hits. “You’ve taken my child’s future from them, so now I’m going to take your kids from you.” Another will say, “Hey, they took my kid’s future too, let’s meet up and talk…” And another will chime in, “I just buried my kid last week after getting the shot, where’s the party at?”
    And things will get very ugly.
    I don’t want to see that happen, but the current legal-environment will make such things almost a certainty. If you make legal options impossible, you make illegal options inevitable.

      1. When people ask why I believe this is the end, I tell them it’s the level of mass psychosis/mass hypnosis/mass formation I see on a daily, even hourly, basis. It get worse every day, and now it’s gone exponential since this poison was approved for children. There is no way back from this. It can only end in ruins.
        Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

  4. Trust the science! Lol We just witnessed millions of healthy people line up at their local supermarket to have a stranger inject an unknown substance into their bloodstream because, you know, science!

  5. 8/20/2009
    What you will read below are two dreams I had the night of August 20th, 2009. The first dream being the primary one, with the second dream giving the interpretation of the first.
    Dream #1
    I’m inside of a very large log-cabin, more like the size of the Mall of America or a large resort. The cabin is set in the center of a very large island, and is set back from the shore of what looks like a large lake (like Superior) or even the ocean. I assumed (in the dream) it was a lake because the island reminds me of being along the north shore of Minnesota – with large pine, maple and birch trees along with the large rocky beaches.
    The inside and outside of this cabin is filled with busy people coming and going, similar to any downtown during normal business hours. And there were shops, restaurants, furniture etc. It was a lot like a food-court in a large mall but with the decor of a log cabin.
    And everyone there lived there – this cabin/island was their home.
    I was there to meet with a couple who had a young son (maybe 4 yrs old) and my meeting with them had to do with them hiring me to photograph their family.
    I did not live in this cabin, nor on this island – instead, it was like I was a guest.
    As I was meeting with this couple and their son, giving them my sales
    presentation, I was struck by how large the man was that I was meeting with. He was at least 7ft tall (or taller), and very well built. Not fat, and not overly muscular, but strong. His wife and child were average size and seemed normal – but he was very large and intimidating.
    It was hard for me to give a proper sales presentation as the throngs of people hustled about, there were so many and the noise was so loud that the couple had a difficult time hearing me.
    All of a sudden I noticed storm clouds forming over the large lake, off to my left as I looked outside (what actual direction I am not aware). So I start shouting and warning everyone that a large storm is coming and that they should take shelter. The people and the couple all laughed and told me I am seeing things since all they see outside is sunshine and blue skies. Frustrated, I point to where the storm is coming from and how it will be there any minute. Again, I try to get people to take cover, nobody does and they all continue to make fun of me.
    Then the storm hit. It uprooted some trees, caused some damage to the island and the cabin, but nobody was hurt that I could see.
    Then I noticed that there were less people walking about the cabin, it began to grow more and more quiet as the numbers of “busy” people started to diminish.
    Then I looked outside again and saw two mountain lions chasing a large group of bunnies. The bunnies ran (hopped) like crazy to avoid the mountain lions, but stayed in a tight group. The mt. lions cornered the bunnies in some bushes and started to consume them, raising their heads from time to time showing the bits and pieces of baby rabbit hanging from their bloody mouths.
    Now there was only a few “busy” people remaining, including the family I met with and myself left in the cabin. This family and I were watching these mt. lions outside on a large deck/patio, when there appeared two large bears as big as grizzly bears, but they looked more like black bears except they had hind-ends like a wolverine.
    These bears started to slowly walk toward us, I grabbed the mother and her son and told her to “run inside, we need to get to the shelter!”. I then told the large man to come along but he refused, so I told him he had to yell and fight the bears and scare them off – which he tried to do.
    The mother, her son, and I ran inside. There was only a screen door so I shut it and locked it. As we tried to find shelter – which was hard to do because of the rest of the “busy” people were running around screaming – we saw the two bears attack the large man, who put up a fight but was ultimately consumed by the bears.
    I finally got the mother and her son to the safe place but watched in horror as the two bears and the two mt. lions broke through the screen door. They went on a rampage destroying everything in sight – the “busy” people, the furniture, the shops, the decor and one of the bears tore down a large American flag that was hanging like a tapestry on the wall. The two bears then began to rip the flag apart and consume it as well.
    I ran into the safe place where the mother and her son were and it all went black – like a movie when they fade to black. Then as it faded in again, the mother and her son and I were in a warehouse store (like Sam’s club or Ikea). There was an interior decorator with us who was trying to help this mom rebuild her life and her part of the cabin. This decorator took an American flag which was folded in a triangle off the shelf and said to the mother, “Here, you need this for your new space. It will bring you comfort.”
    The mother replied, “No – it won’t. I don’t want it or need it.” Then she turned and pulled a sign made of metal and wood (like you’d find at a craft sale) off of the shelf and said, “This is what I need.”
    The sign said “Hope” . I then woke up…
    End of Dream #1 ——————————————————————————————— ——————- ——————————————————————————————— ——————-
    I was shaken as I awoke from that dream. Headed to the bathroom and got a drink of water. As I laid back in bed I prayed that The Lord would help me to understand the dream and to give me comfort. I swiftly fell asleep after my prayer and dreamed the following.
    ——————————————————————————————— ——————-
    Dream #2 – The Interpretation
    *most of this dream has to do with me being lost while on the way to photograph an event. I will, for the sake of those who read this, cut to the interpretation part of the dream.*
    … After getting my friend Kris to cover the wedding I was late to, I ran into a local man who saw I was lost and frustrated. He offered to give me a hot meal at his diner and directions to where I needed to go, to which I was happy to accept.
    At his diner, he and his two daughters (who apparently worked there
    with him) sat at my table as I ate the food they prepared for me. The kind man, who I will refer to as ‘Sam’ (short for samaritan), looked at me deeply and asked if I was ‘okay’.
    I told him I was troubled by the dream I had the night before and, with his coaxing, I began to tell him the dream I just laid out above. Sam and his daughters listened intently to every word I said.
    When I finished telling Sam the dream he said to me, “Would you like to know what it means?” I shook my head, waiting to see what he had to say about it.
    Here is what he told me the dream meant:
    The large cabin and island represent the USA The people that live there are the citizens.
    Sam said I was not a citizen because I was of the population of heaven.
    That is why I was an invited guest and not a resident of the cabin and island.
    My sales presentation represented the Gospel message I was told to “sell” to people who weren’t “buying”.
    The large man represents the patriot movement.
    The storm represents the financial collapse of our nation. It will do some damage, but won’t destroy us by itself.
    The “busy” people are the scoffers of our present day.
    The mountain lions represent evil forces that wage war on the innocent, chasing them into a corner to devour them. This will be done with the flu vaccine and manufactured illnesses the evil forces will
    unleash on the people, forcing them into corners (ie. internment/ quarantine camps) and there they will destroy them. It will start with kids ( the bunnies) and eventually affect the entire population – this is why the numbers of “busy” people drop off noticeably in the dream.
    The bears represent a mix of military forces that will first attack the patriot movement and break/destroy any true patriotic opposition. Then the evil forces (lions) and the mix of military (bears) will break through our weakened defenses (screen door) and destroy all that remains of our way of life, and will attack and destroy our people and then ultimately they will destroy this once great nation (the flag that was ripped to shreds and consumed).
    The ‘safe place’ is the Word of God [Jesus is The Word].
    The large warehouse store represents the trappings of this world and more specifically , of our nation – the things we feel like we must have.
    The interior decorator represents the slick evil forces that will try and convince the remaining people to rebuild what was destroyed in a different way, disguised as the way things ‘used’ to be.
    The “Hope” sign represents the false hope the people have in the cares of this world.
    They don’t want freedom, they want the ‘hope’ of a trouble-free life, no matter the cost.
    Sam also said that the “Hope” sign is a double reference – that if people would heed the Gospel message, then they won’t need or want anything of this world. They will cling to the hope of His return.
    Sam went on to say more succinctly:
    “Our world, and our nation specifically, is under judgment. Nothing can
    stop the impending storm nor the destruction of our way of life. Only those who heed the Gospel message and the warning of those who see clearly will find the ‘safe place’ in the arms of Jesus Christ – the word of God. All of the scoffers and those that feel they can stop it with man’s strength or wisdom, like the large man in the dream, will find that these events will consume them violently.”
    End of Dream #2 ——————————————————————————————— ——————-
    These are the two dreams in their entirety.
    May those who read the dream and the interpretation seek refuge in the only ONE who can bring comfort and the peace that passes all understanding.
    We all must repent of our selfish and evil ways, and seek Jesus while there is still time. Rest in His words and promises for all will be fulfilled sooner than we think.
    In Jesus,
    < John Magnoski Jr.

  6. What he is doing is called projecting; he is the liar regarding the covid “vaxxine” that will wind up killing millions. He is angry about the millions of dollars he will miss out on for those who refuse the poison. Follow the money every time. Let us pray for the Triumph of the Immaculate of Mary with greater urgency.

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