What does a dictatorship look like, and how does it differ from this?

A tyrant cares not about the Judiciary; he is above the courts. A tyrant cares not about the Legislative Branch; he makes his own laws.

If this isn’t tyrannical, what does tyranny look like?

Imagine if Trump had done this. The pearl clutching.

7 thoughts on “What does a dictatorship look like, and how does it differ from this?”

  1. The election was stolen….so there’s that aspect of all this.
    Jesus, have mercy on us.
    Mary Queen of Heaven and earth, pray for us.
    St. Joseph, pray for us.

  2. Not only was the election stolen, but I think Trump was part of it. He was controlled opposition. And still is. He didn’t care about losing, and all he does now is hold his rallies.
    We’ve been played. The last 21 years, everything from our government, has been a lie.

      1. I’ve slowly come to agree with this, also, chiefly because Trump refuses to distance himself from the “vixen” as Eccles calls it in the Books of Covidicus. I have to say he put on a good act, but it’s transparent now that it is, indeed, an act. Somebody, somewhere, said, “False hope is the worst kind, because it delays the action that should be taken until it’s too late.”

    1. Holding the most important press conference of the alleged “election challenge” at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, down by the river on the wrong side of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, at the same time Biden was being coronated by the MSM on every network, was a big screaming neon sign that that whole thing was one big fugazi. In case all of 2020 wasn’t enough of a clue.
      I want to warn people off of nominating him again in ’24, but deep down, I know it doesn’t matter. We’ve seen our last election in this country.

  3. If the White House is saying this with such confident arrogance, we should brace ourselves for high court rulings in their favor. Yes, to answer the headline: this is what a dictatorship look like. No, Trump isn’t going to save us.

    1. Correct, and we shouldn’t stop at merely bracing for impact — we have time to find ways of nullifying, or at least, mitigating, the effects of the courts’ likely rulings.

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