10 thoughts on “Parish priest explains it to the antichurch”

  1. I have noticed that those things that are true are referenced to the the Deposit of Faith and come with footnotes.
    Those things that are not true are referenced to the spirit of Vatican II and never come with footnotes.
    This letter has footnotes. It stands the test. Indisputable.

  2. I am always dumbfounded at how many people miss the obvious: the anti-church had its “coming out party” at Vatican 2. Conciliar ecclesiology is contrary to what the Catholic Church has always taught. The reason for the new rite of Mass was to match the new things the council taught with a law of prayer. Roche is correct: the Catholic Mass is contrary to Conciliar ecclesiology.

    1. I hope how you phrase that catches on: “… the Nu Rite …” as opposed to “… the Catholic Mass …”
      Ultimately, there should be no qualifier for “Catholic Mass” (Tridentine, Trad, Latin etc). There is Catholic, and there is Nu. One is of the Deposit of Faith, the other is of the spirit of Vatican II.
      Catholics have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – Catholic Mass. Period.

  3. Vatican 2 is like the mRNA/Covid vaccines. Experimental, failing, fraudulent, deadly. And like the mRNA shots, Vat 2 was being forced on the world as the new normal because if that happens the devil gets more control. But it’s all an illusion. The truth stands out, and will always be there. We just have to keep asserting it.

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