Video: CDC Director admits “increased risk of SEVERE DISEASE amongst those vaccinated early” … which is exactly what ADE looks like

At the 16:54 mark.

3 thoughts on “Video: CDC Director admits “increased risk of SEVERE DISEASE amongst those vaccinated early” … which is exactly what ADE looks like”

  1. I’ve said it before, I’ll repeat it now, I knew when my wife (who had connections to China and Chinese through prior activity in its adoption community) told me about the Covid virus emerging in China in January 2020, and the warnings emanating from China to be afraid – very, very afraid – of what was coming our way and to take all due society breakdown precautions (my wife went into survival mode) that the true danger was not a stinkin’ virus but the psy-op obviously behind it. We had unusual disagreements over this topic, as she warned me to take due precautions with her and I warned her to not let the stinkin’ Chinese dictate our lives. I knew then, as now, the virus is a virus and they’ve been around forever. God’s solutions are greater than Chinese ingenuity to cause chaos and death.

    My advise to her has always been the same: live normally, don’t let the commies of China dictate anything. Do not give in to fear and change our lives because of this evil regime.

    Well, they have been quite successful at generating fear in Western civilization. By so doing they have exposed the rot at our heart that we suspected but never saw with certainty. We have essentially become a vassal state of the CCCP. It infuriated me when I saw it in my wife – not towards her but toward the vile communists who dared to infect my house with their propaganda and fear mongering. And it infuriates me now that we have surrendered, as a society, a civilization and become something CCCP chose for us – their slaves, essentially.

    Which leads me to this video … this pathetic, tear jerking video from Australia, a nation I used to admire. The police have surrounded a father holding his child, trying to protect her from the police and the nurses with them. The nurses stand their with their friggin’ shot just waiting for the chance to ram it into the poor kid’s arm. Dad doesn’t have a chance. The police have their way and Dad collapses, unconscious. And the child … oh, my! …. what have we done to our children?!

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