WAR: Dear comrades of Chicago, rejecting the deathvaxx “is a rejection of the Church’s authentic moral teaching”

Excommunications for deathvaxx refusal will be forthcoming from the antichurch. Bring it.

I couldn’t help but notice that Cardinal Antichurch “forgot” to capitalize “Church” in that passage.

They always reveal themselves.

14 thoughts on “WAR: Dear comrades of Chicago, rejecting the deathvaxx “is a rejection of the Church’s authentic moral teaching””

  1. Evil is destroying things right now. Just everywhere. The goal is to get Christians to give up. Or apostasize.

    Trump and Ratzinger were the katechons. They failed. And here we are.

  2. I’ve been hearing some troubling things about sspx priests and one of their bishops getting jabbed. Unconfirmed but troubling if true.

    1. “I’ve been hearing some troubling things about SSPX priests and one of their bishops getting jabbed. Unconfirmed but troubling if true.”

      Question: When you heard this was it just “voices in your head” or do you have a credible source???

      Just wondering….and if you’ve read Father Robinsons letter written to one of his flock requesting an “exemption letter” why would you be surprised? After all, the District Superior said it was ok to get the “death vaxx.”

      I’m sure Jorge Bergoglio is smiling….

      1. jmarrenjr: I talked to my SSPX Priest at length about the moral licitness of vaccination as it may be a condition of my employment one day. I verbally disagreed with his position then, but understand it.

        It has been six months since we talked, but as I recall his reasons boiled down to this: “It is not gravely sinful to take the vaccine; it is a matter of prudence and personal choice; you may or may not; refusing to take it was not a hill he was personally willing to die on if it were made mandatory (as in ‘put his Parish at risk and the Sacraments to the Faithful’)”.

        I admit to being disappointed in his answer as the case can be made (I tried to make the case to him, unsuccessfully) that it is a matter of both faith and morals to refuse the vaccine – and that it very much *is* a worthy hill to die on.

        So … based on that conversation, I don’t personally doubt that there are SSPX Priests who have taken the gene mod-therapy. I count that as a disappointment; very unfortunate. It is a symptom of being without a *true* Shepherd. We need a Pope to lead us to heaven.

      2. I’m not going to give you my source, sorry. No, it’s not surprising as they have been given the green light by Menzingen, but it is very unfortunate nonetheless. But, this is what happens when you deny union with the true vicar of Christ at each and every Mass, and lie to God at every Mass by saying you are in union with the faith of Bergoglio.
        The purging by suicidal jabs of the already small number of validly ordained priests is quite troubling indeed.

  3. We are getting a practical lesson in True vs False “obedience”.

    Just because Cupich says by his authority as Cardinal Archbishop to jump off the cliff – must we?

    Just because Bergóglio says by his authority as Bishop of Rome we must stop assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and join the audience at a New Mass™️- must we?

    Best and most approachable article I’ve read on this topic – *absolutely essential reading* imo, by Padre Peregrino (Fr. David Nix).


    Illegal orders should trouble us not. Nope. Not taking the death jab from hell. You have zero authority, Cardinal Cupich, to jab me. You have zero authority to discipline me for acting contrary to your Covid beliefs. Zero.

  4. ‘Cardinal’ Cupich is DEEP CHURCH. His ‘religion’ is not only non Catholic but it is pro Satanic. Like Francis, he doesn’t have a Catholic bone in his body. I unfortunately am in his Diocese, but we very often frequent the true Mass in another Diocese where there are actual Catholics that practice actual Catholicism. If my family is ‘excommunicated’ for not taking the kill shot I consider it a blessing to be able to move seamlessly. As stated in the title of the article………..BRING IT!!!

  5. Recently, a priest in a nearby parish’s newsletter published a manifesto which could and should have been entitled ‘Five Steps to Covid-free Heaven’ i.e. continue to behave as if the church is a hospital ward/crime scene and treat all fellow parishioners as catalytic plague spreaders. At around the same time, another local priest writing about Francis’s Tradition In Custody advised pew-sitters ‘not to get too hung up on liturgical styles.’ I’m almost certain that if these two could be put in direct contact with Cardinal Cupich then a potent fusion of this trio’s extensive medical knowledge, exemplary pastoral care and heroic adherence to the moral law would swiftly lead to a lasting resolution of our current ills. Those smelly sheep who excel in swallowing whole everything that’s fed to them deserve nothing less.

      1. A Vatican insider told me that the original title was going to be ‘Owning The Rigids’ but then a junior curial official pointed out that heading would be an unsubtle break with the um, traditional naming of Motu Proprio’s

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