7 thoughts on “Must watch: Video from Australia shows father violently restrained as child ripped from his arms to be deathvaxxed”

  1. This is so hard to watch. It’s unconscionable what they’re doing. I’d fight like this for my children, too. Anyone of us would. I don’t understand these people at all. I don’t like to hate anyone but I sure do hate the evil they are doing.

    1. Johnno: thanks for the link. I’m not surprised at all. Typical lies from the regime. This is a PsyOp, and the regime is built on the brick and mortar of lies and lying liars – inverted reality is their stock and trade.

      The word of the police means nothing to me, any more. I used to support the police, back in the days when they represented enforcement of Constitution based Rule Of Law, equally applied to all in an unbiased way, sourced in the consent of the governed. They represented order and justice against chaos and injustice.

      No more.

      The police frequently, not always, frequently and increasingly represent the illegitimate totalitarian regime where law is sourced in the mind of the Dictator who imposes his (and her) will upon the Peoples according to his mood and whim. The police are now inverted: they represent chaos and injustice sourced in the will of a Dictator against the consent of the governed. In a phrase: Brownshirts. Although these days Black seems to be the preferred color of the totalitarians.

      So when they comment on a video in which a father’s little girl is pulled out of his arms by force by the police and the father’s response after losing contact with his little girl is to collapse, seemingly unconscious, surrounded by four thugs in uniform, and the little girl now separated by the embrace of her dad runs in terror from the uniformed state-jabbers we used to call “nurses” ….. it’s a Covid crime against humanity until proven otherwise. And the police telling us they weren’t doing what they obviously were doing does not count as proof. Liars.

      1. If I carefully parse what was specifically denied, I’d say they were preparing to assault the girl’s nasal area in order to do a PCR setup to declare her a covid infection nexus.

  2. wheres the video? I guess it was censored because they stupidly put it on twitter rather than Brighteon, Rumble or bitchute!

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