11 thoughts on “143 pages of faces and names of those who died post deathvaxx”

  1. These people made a terrible mistake, and did not rely on the prudence and the wisdom available from God as a gift, that was needed to avoid their demise. Grandma and I downloaded and will keep for reference to put the face on the statistics that the ghouls in government fail to give us! We need to pray for their souls today and everyday. This is a very sad compilation of humanity that was and has failed.
    Saint Joseph, please pray for us.

  2. This is direct linkage between the gene therapy substance and trauma. Cause —> Effect; within hours, or days. Healthy, no underlying conditions going in. Trauma, neurological injury, death going out.

    Unlike a virus, which all humans pick up, process, struggle with, conquer or sometimes (rarely and tragically) die, a part of normal life… this is a foreign genetic substance that, allegations of malign intentional, criminal intent aside, has demonstrably and proudly no normal industry side effect safeguards or even full scientific understanding, – or, just as importantly – *liability exposure to the producers and pushers*. And it directly causes not just the sampling of tragic, needless deaths listed here but much greater and unprecedented injury and neurological disabilities (plural) not listed here.

    It’s really bad. But the PsyOp complex doesn’t talk about it. So there is no public scandal. Thanks for hi-lighting this.

  3. A well known Wisconsin priest posted this: Understand this and think long and hard before YOU become a Guinea Pig:
    1. If the Injection actually worked, there would be no need for any masking of any kind.
    2. If the Injection actually worked, you would not get Covid-19, but people do.
    3. If the Injection actually worked, the Godless powers would not have to mislead nor threaten you to take it.
    4. If the Injection actually worked, no one who actually took it would have any cause for fearing anyone who did not. They would be “safe” even if you coughed in their face. Therefore, their use of peer pressure to force you into Godless conformity is damnable.
    5. If the Injection actually worked, there would be no need for the Godless media giants to “cancel” and shut down any opposing views and any contrary SCIENTIFIC STUDIES.
    6. They are LYING to your FACE about “following the science.” The ONLY “sciiiiiience” they will allow is their own “science” which conveniently supports their whole agenda.

  4. I wonder if there is any connection between these “vaccines” which may change our DNA and some of the bizarre chimera (human/monkey) experiments going on (now more than in the past I think). I don’t mean biologically connected — I mean morally or spiritually connected — as part of an overall defacing of creation. Seems weird but just a thought.

  5. This is absolutely insane. In a real clinical trial (which these shots didn’t undergo) this many adverse events would have stopped it cold.

    When I was learning about clinical research, one of the important points is the difference between adverse events and adverse reactions. The former is anything bad that happens without respect to causality, the latter is a proven link between drug and bad think. Adverse Events–which don’t require causal linkages, mind–are the standard by which trials are halted.

    Yet Big Business, Big Government and Big Tech have overridden these stops.

    As I’ve said time and again, all these billionaires’ fortunes won’t buy them a square inch of insulation in hell.

  6. God rest and have mercy on their poor souls. Seeing the faces of victims makes it very real. Yet we see to the powers that be these are all “acceptable” deaths, and there seems no number at which they would become “unacceptable”. No no, they are busy punishing anyone who questions the Holy Vax, and suppressing negative reports. Why on God’s earth is FACEBOOK, involving itself in “posts” on a user’s personal information?? Why are people still on Facebook??? People, you allow pencil-neck leftist geeks to decide what is truth and what is not and filter it before you read it?? What has happened to all of our moral and intellectual understanding? No one should be using social media like Facebook. No pictures of your grandkids or showing everyone your new vacation photos is worth it.

  7. Thank you, Mark.

    God bless, protect and prosper you and whomever compiled and wrote and revised that document!

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