“It’s not a prediction, but a reality. Trust Ivermectin. It works on ALL VARIANTS of Coronavirus.”

From a doctor on the ground in India, who needs to remain anonymous.

Ivermectin is saving India. You just won’t hear about it on the news.

10 thoughts on ““It’s not a prediction, but a reality. Trust Ivermectin. It works on ALL VARIANTS of Coronavirus.””

  1. What would be really interesting to know is how many of the 24,000 deaths in the ivermectin-allowed states received it in a timely fashion or at all. I will try to share this info with the covid believers….but unfortunately in my neck of the woods, they’ve mostly all received the jab. Hurts my heart.

  2. FYI….I posted this to FB and it was immediately taken down and I’m banned for 3 days. But Ann’s piece on Slovakia is still up.

  3. Canon212 has some great articles about Covid and the jab.
    The American media and Big Tech will not allow Ivermectin to be discussed. If tomorrow it was discovered 3 aspirins and a glass of beer eliminated all signs of Covid in everybody we’d never hear about it now. People must find their own sources of information. We must now be journalists, doctors, etc.

  4. The point of all this has never been the Covid. It has always been about the Great Reset; the Green New Deal; the Build Back Better; the New World Order; the One World Government.

    How do the powers end the most free, prosperous and just society the world has ever known to make way for the new society that grants them enhanced power, wealth and control? War is the traditional path of ending another’s society and replacing it with one’s own. But no one can compete militarily or economically with the United States. No once can ever beat us unless we commit mass suicide and end it all by our own choice.

    And why does anyone (including collectively) choose suicide? Fear. Hopelessness.

    I always believed Global Warming was a globalist scam to create existential panic and fear on a global scale to generate global existentially different solutions. Not local. Not small. Global revolution to save the planet.

    The problem was, no one really related to the theoretical science. Everything seemed fine, every day they woke up and conducted the day’s business. So the fear never connected individually or collectively.

    And so – the Covid scam was dreamed up to make the fear personal. Global. Personal. Existential. And so, all the resources the Globalists have were collectively joined to enhance the fear at a personal and also societal level. Covidism is the personalized version of Global Warmingism. And once we were made collectively afraid for our personal lives and personal way of life – “life is about to end unless we do exactly as we are told” – we can collectively be made to do just about anything the Globalist Communist enemy wants.

    That is what this is: Covid Scam is the biggest PsyOp the world has ever known. Get used to PsyOps – Communists excel at it. Life on the Animal Farm.

    1. The point being: Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin regimen – obvious low tech solutions detract from the psyop. That is why they are not just withheld but crushed by those who would normally dispense them – loss of license offenses for Doctors who actually might offer simple effective cures and save lives as one might expect.

      We all (those reading Mark’s blog) know there is no pandemic. The psyop *IS* the pandemic. Fear and uncertainty is the desired outcome.

  5. Thanks for the info. I appreciate getting any insight into the situation in India so that I can warn people there who unfortunately are forced to accept some horrible living situations, but unfortunately still believe the government.

  6. Swiss Policy Research website has a very good high level summary of proven treatments for COVID-19 / cold – both prophylactic (protective, preventive) and early stage.

    It provides references to the various organisations recommending particular treatments and to relevant medical papers.

    For those that cannot get access to ivermectin, effective alternatives are available.

    One of the most important prophylactic “treatments” is boosting one’s vitamin D, which plays a critical part in one’s immune system.

    There is a high correlation between serious COVID-19 / cold symptoms and vitamin D deficiency.

    Either get more sunlight on one’s skin – harder in winter in higher latitudes, which is why the cold and flu are experienced more in winter – or choose foods and drinks with added vitamin D – some milk for example – or take supplements. Or better – two or all three of the above.


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