Everything is stupid, and they want you to know they know you know

Wow, the Philly case numbers must have totally flatlined, just like Arizona!

Nope. “Cases” are spiking, and are now higher than they were at the peak of the first wave.

At least they are consistent with intentionally being wrong about everything all the time.

Also, no one wants the vaccine in Philly either:

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Philadelphians in need of a coronavirus vaccine are urged to stop by the Pennsylvania Convention Center this week.

The mass vaccination site has 4,000 extra doses that need to be used by Thursday.

“Come on out and get your vaccine. We’re doing dose one of Pfizer and you’ll set your second dose appointment here. We encourage all Philadelphians, or if you work in the City of Philadelphia, you’re also eligible to get the vaccine,” said Charlie Elison with FEMA.

13 thoughts on “Everything is stupid, and they want you to know they know you know”

  1. Hello Mark, I provided Jeffrey Prather with a few links to your posts and he followed up by posting your recent “deathvax updates” to his Patreon site.

    Jeffrey Prather, an “Arizonian” was the Fast and Furious whistleblower…

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  2. So Covid came, and knowng that it would pass as all flus/colds do, and be a big nothing, Big Pharma launched the “vaccine” not to cure it but to make sure we have it forever and spread it to others. In addition to becoming sterile, sick , and dead.

    This will never end. And I’m not participating. If I have to have a vaccine to go to my doctor, I won’t. If I have to have the vaccine to shop, I will farm. I’ll fight every step of the way.

    This is the new Holocaust.

    1. Here’s how I see it; if one has even an inkling that this thing is a suicide shot it’s a mortal sin to take it. Suicide is a self-sacrifice to Satan. I’m not offering myself up. If I’m carted off to a camp and forcibly injected so be it, but I’m leaving this earth with my soul intact.

    2. Yup, Cynthia, I figured it would spread through human contact, saliva, sweat, and blood (blood supply, mosquitos). Just everything.

      This evil cries out for divine justice.

  3. I think they’re setting the stage for the vaccine passport. Cases are going up in Philly (bull$%@# by the way) and yet they’re finally opening up capacity in restaurants? Well that makes a lot of sense and is a total 180 from how the city has been operating for the past year. Also today, the CDC issued new guidelines that fully vax’d people can take the face burqa off but non-vax’d people need to keep it on. So why are they putting out directives like this when someone who has no intention of getting the vax can just say “sure, I’ve been vax’d” when asked?

    Get ready for some type of voluntary i.d. where those who have been vax’d can show proof at restaurants, concerts, etc. that they’ve been fully vax’d when they are asked at admission. In they go and those of us without are told to put on the burqa and here’s your table in the alley, by the trash cans.

    Of course the honor system won’t fly with the Karens and the SJW mobs, so local municipalities will start passing ordinances giving businesses the right to refuse entry to those without the i.d. Then, it’ll expand to the state levels while simultaneously, national services like airlines will be lobbying Congress for the i.d. as a requirement for airline travel because of “safety” you know. As a side note, I saw yesterday an AP report where the European Union is going to open up tourism for Americans but they have to be “vaccinated”.

    Next thing you know the freemasonic cesspit in DC authors national legislation to mandate a vaccine passport. The democrats are all in lock-step and enough of the cuckold republicans are too. The senile anti-president follows his orders and signs it into law and the bought-and-paid-for supremacist court refuses to hear lawsuits and eventually upholds the law after finding something in the U.S. Constitution where the founding fathers predicted the vaccine passport and sanctioned it.

    Get your houses in order folks.

  4. @ James Andrew Dunn I saw somewhere, maybe Canon212, that Amy Coney-Barrett was just given a 2 million dollar book deal. What a great payoff to destroy the country.

    1. Like Bergoglio, I knew something was wrong with Amy Coney-Barrett when I first saw her. It was that stone cold, expressionless face. There’s something wrong with a person who has a face that expresses zero personality or emotion: it’s creepy. Another red flag is the hyphenated maiden and married name – sign of feminism that was started by Mrs. Bill Clinton. The ultimate red flag though was how she pretty easily sailed through the nomination process. It’s almost as if the whole thing was staged for a little drama but behind the scenes, Pelosi and Schumer had already been sold and knew who she was and how she would rule in their favor.

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