“Right now the virus is very much in control,” he said.

A thing and its opposite cannot both be true. Either new “cases” are crashing, or they’re not. Either the “vaccines” work, or they do not. Pick a side, you can’t play both. The WHO already admitted the PCR test and the “cases” it produces are totally bogus. But even using their own bogus numbers, which also include all the regular flu cases, it sure looks like it’s going away. But now WHO is saying it is “unrealistic” to think the “pandemic” might be under control by the end of 2021. Even if the whole planet gets “vaccinated?” How does that work?

GENEVA — A senior World Health Organization official said Monday it was “premature” and “unrealistic” to think the pandemic might be stopped by the end of the year… The world’s singular focus right now should be to keep transmission of COVID-19 as low as possible, said Dr. Michael Ryan, director of WHO’s emergencies program.

“If the vaccines begin to impact not only on death and not only on hospitalization, but have a significant impact on transmission dynamics and transmission risk, then I believe we will accelerate toward controlling this pandemic.”

But Ryan warned against complacency, saying that nothing was guaranteed in an evolving epidemic.

“Right now the virus is very much in control,” he said.


3 thoughts on ““Right now the virus is very much in control,” he said.”

  1. “Right now the virus is very much in control”….. Um, no. Right now the diabolical forces are very much in control of media/information.

  2. This will never end without a fight. How many variants are we up to now? Any guesses on how many weeks or months till the variant shows up that doesn’t respond to vaccines or disease attained immunity?

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