Vote now! wants to know who you think is the one true pope

This is not a “vote” in the sense of who you want to be pope. You don’t get a vote in choosing the pope, and neither do I. This is rather like being on a jury. You have examined the evidence brought before you, and you have to make a judgment based on said evidence. You are now being polled as a juror.

Let’s also not get caught up with formal vs informal terms. This is about who is the Vicar of Christ on Earth. There can be only one. As we’ve learned from Dr. Mazza, titles like Pope, Pontiff, and even Supreme Pontiff, are not synonymous with Vicar of Christ.

Who do you say is the Vicar of Christ?

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5 thoughts on “Vote now! wants to know who you think is the one true pope”

  1. Currently the vote for neither is in second place. Wondering how many of those votes are from true ’58 sedevacantists or the new 21st Century sedes.

  2. I was interviewed many years ago (~ 29) for an article in a publication for my profession. That was cool. One thing that stood out to me, however, was the liberties the journalist took with our conversation. I knew exactly what I said, and she not only changed things that I said but added things I didn’t say.

    It didn’t materially change the points I was making, but …. those were not my words, and it was about me. And at that time, many years before I remotely even thought about mistrusting the lying media, or heard and believed the term Fake News; in the days when I opened up the newspaper, turned on network news and believed it all without thinking – this was a minor shock.

    I think about that, now, because in this interview with Pope Benedict XVI, so old and his voice so weak he can barely he heard I wouldn’t be surprised if the only thing he *actually said* was “The Pope is only one”. And that everything else in the interview was dreamed up by the novelist, excuse me, “journalist”.

    I’ve seen it done. Firsthand.

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