“There is only one pope” … Yep, we are aware … thanks for clearing that up

Louie Verrecchio wrote an excellent piece on the Benedict faux “interview” that broke yesterday. Here is the opening:

This morning, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published an article, which, according to its headline, is an “Interview with Ratzinger.”

In this day and age of rampant fakery, it has never been more obvious that “news” items are more often scripted and orchestrated than merely “reported.” The article under review here is no different, the key to its reading intimated in its penultimate paragraph:

As always when it comes to the Vatican, reality and symbolism are linked in an indissoluble way.

It is a curious, albeit rather common, occurrence; how often evildoers – in this case, the purveyors of propaganda – seem unable to resist the urge to tip their hand! It is almost as if they are bragging, congratulating themselves on their cleverness, with a wink and a nod directed toward their knowing confreres.

In any case, one can be grateful that writer Massimo Franco saw fit to let readers know, those with eyes to see anyway, that all is not what it seems.

The article begins:

There are not two popes. The Pope is only one…,” Joseph Ratzinger says in a faint voice, striving to articulate every word well. [Emphasis in original] 

In this opening sentence, the primary purpose of the article is revealed, the bolded text but a smokescreen, a matter of mere secondary concern at best. Evidently, the majority of media, Catholic and otherwise, has taken the bait...

One notes that the roughly 1,500-word article is overwhelmingly comprised of Franco’s observations, no doubt with the pre-approval of the Vatican Press Office. It contains scarcely more than 250 words attributed to the “interviewee.” Some interview, eh?

Would anyone be surprised to discover that there really was no interview at all?

Louie has a lot more to say; do go read the whole thing: https://akacatholic.com/ratzingers-imminent-death/

Marco Tosatti had his own punchline a few hours ago:

There Is Only One Pope…Andrea Cionci Asks: Which Is the Real One?

2 Marzo 2021 Pubblicato da Marco Tosatti 

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, a friend has sent us the English translation of Massimo Franco’s interview with Joseph Ratzinger, and the translation of the commentary that Andrea Cionci published in Libero. We offer them to you, as a contribution to the debate that is taking place on these issues. Happy reading.

“There Is Only One Pope” Ratzinger declares to Corriere.

But He Does Not Explain Which of the Two.

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