12 thoughts on “Twice as nice: CDC updates mask guidance, two are better than one…”

  1. I refuse to wear a mask. I have since this started. In spite of trying to explain to them that I suffer from PTSD from being strangled and having my oxygen cut off, my family dr of 15yrs still refuses to let me in their office so I have to do “telehealth”. The only place I compromise is the dentist’s office because it’s not something you can do on the phone or in video. I still don’t wear a mask there. What I do wear is my long lace Mass mantilla and bring one side up over my mouth and pin it. Unfortunately, yes it does make me look like I’m wearing a burqa somewhat. I shake my head and laugh that they accept me doing this. It’s lace, it’s blocking nothing.

  2. At this point they’re not only seeing how far they can push and further demoralizing by forcing people to go along with bigger and bigger lies (a communist tactic), but as a bonus for them they’re having fun trolling us. They do get a sadistic pleasure out of it. If only someone would do an extensive series on the nuts and bolts of narcissism.

    1. Barnhardt has….many many multiple essays and an audio (maybe even a video) on it…..outstanding presentations and analysis…she utterly nails it.

    2. sorry…I’m having trouble in general telling reality from bizarro-world. Everytime I think something is from the Onion, it turns out to be a real ‘news’ report 🙁

  3. I have not worn a face muzzle. What I do have is a little piece of fabric but with pinking shears and with sewn on ear loops to get me past the guard at the grocery store. Thanks be to God we do not have to wear these useless, rather detrimental, things to Mass.

  4. Did they just admit masks don’t do much of anything at all? The whole mask culture is so strong, how can it go back? It defines good and evil. It has become the foundation of our social morals
    Supposedly, there was a study in Denmark testing mask effectiveness. If it had shown they work, we would have definitely heard about it. Meanwhile, we are desperately metaphorically putting up chain link fences to shut out mosquitoes. The sad part is, ultraviolet grids work, out doors works, sunlight is great. These are ignored because we are safe behind our masks.

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