Capitol Police Chief admits riot was pre-planned with “high level of coordination”

Yeah, no kidding. In fact the high level of coordination included the Capitol Police themselves. It was all a set-up, and it is all on video. Remember how they so kindly held the doors open?

Remember how DC Mayor Bowser ordered Federal law enforcement to stand down the day before?

Remember how, that very same day, the FBI had issued warning of an impending “war” at the Capitol, based on intel they had gathered?

Remember how the first defenses were breached TWENTY MINUTES before the end of Trump’s speech, and how the speech took place at a distance of 1.6 miles away from the Capitol, a thirty minute walk?

But muh impeachment for inciting a false flag insurrection that was staged and started before the speech.

In a detailed letter addressed to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund said the department “did not fail” on Jan. 6, arguing that Capitol Police did everything it could with the intelligence available beforehand, but still did not expect a group of “thousands of well-coordinated, well-equipped violent criminals” to attack law enforcement at the Capitol building.

Sund, who resigned after the insurrection, revealed that a number of those in the crowd, “were wearing radio earpieces indicating a high level of coordination,” and many also carried, “weapons, chemical munitions, protective equipment, explosives and climbing gear.”


The letter addressed to Pelosi on Feb. 1 claimed that the first 150 members of the National Guard were not sworn in on Capitol grounds on Jan. 6 until about four and half hours after Sund’s request for their support was approved by the Capitol Police Board. 

“What occurred on January 6th cannot be considered under any circumstances a protest, rally of civil disobedience. This was a well-planned, coordinated insurrection at the United States Capitol,” Sund wrote. “The USCP does not have the manpower, the training of the capabilities to handle an armed insurrection involving thousands of individuals bent on violence and destruction at all costs. Nevertheless, because of their bravery and professionalism in the face of this attack, USCP did not fail.”

4 thoughts on “Capitol Police Chief admits riot was pre-planned with “high level of coordination””

  1. Two capitol police “committed suicide” after the big event, Grts. Maybe they weren’t in the know.
    Stopping people from watching MSM is only solution. Maybe pray for massive power outage.

  2. Why did he resign.
    When the truth comes out about who organized, aided, and abetted this attack, will the media allow that truth to be told? Or will they continue to censor the facts. We deserve the truth. We will not ever get it from the media. America needs a new source of information, because the old way is nothing but propaganda.

  3. So glad to have found this site. This is such an important conversation. I have MS, and so my brain can get a little passionate/obsessive about things that don’t make sense. And the video and pics from the Senate riot just weren’t making sense.

    Been scouring the still photos, videos frame by frame, published articles by photojournalists and video journalists and there is tons of evidence it was completely staged. Clocks you see, open doors, officers escorting people in, the same officers walking backwards towards the stairs and allowing a group unto freely pass, while putting on the show of stopping rioters after chasing Officer Goodman up the stairs.

    Just one example: you see photographers in places they said they weren’t, case in point, Ms. Schaff of the NYT: she wrote a horrific tale, how she heard rioters downstairs, the senate went into lockdown, began running around between house and senate, had been accosted by 3 Trump supporters all in black who asked who she worked for (NYT), stole her badge, smashed one camera and broke the lens of the other (so she now only had her iPhone), screamed but no one came to rescue her and she thought she was going to die, she hides but eventually gets found by Capitol Police who drew guns on her until other brave photojournalists came to her rescue, and they were all taken to a location to hide.

    EXCEPT, she gets a photo of Jacob Chansley in the Senate lobby/room, and he is listed as coming in with the first group, as recording by Igor Bobic for Huffington Post.

    EXCEPT, she is also clearly in the video by Mr. Bobic who got that AMAZING footage of a lone officer being chased up the stairs, when the first rioters entered at 2:14p. She’s waiting in the room that Bobic / Officer Goodman led them to. Along with a bunch of other photographers. Amazing how Bobic knew which corners and stairs and turns to make, walking backwards, above Goodman. (I’m embarrassed to say this fraud is a graduate of my alma mater in San Diego.)

    EXCEPT, she’s also in Ron Haviv’s video that’s embedded in his New Republic article. She’s sneaking around the outside of the Senate lobby, trying to avoid being photographed by any other photojournalist there. But shes there. And she has her camera. And her badge.

    And you know it’s her, because she wears the exact same thing every time she goes to the Capitol. A March 2020 Photo shows her getting her temp checked. At the Capitol Bldg. With her very short pixie haircut, black 3/4 length shirt, and black vest. And a distinct camera pouch.

    The more I look, the more there is. Talk about the REAL Big Lie. I sure hope it all gets exposed. Which we had a DOJ who would do something about it. What an enormous conspiracy.

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