The Freemasonic heretic who continues to enjoy disobedient loyalty from his “definitely pope” adherents… this contradiction cannot stand

The manifold heresies of Antipope Bergoglio are a proofset of his not being the Vicar of Christ, not the cause of it.

The reason that Bergoglio the Heretic is not the pope has nothing to do with his heresy. His heresy is simply a visible sign, really a gift, so that all with eyes to see can plainly observe that this man does not enjoy any of the supernatural protection afforded by the Petrine Promises, and he never did. This is because Pope Benedict’s resignation was invalid in several points of Canon Law, and so Benedict remains the Vicar of Christ, and has been since April 2005.

Bergoglio the Heretic leading the faithful into error and toward Perdition on matters of faith and morals is something IMPOSSIBLE for a true Vicar of Christ. And no, it’s not just about proclamations carrying the full weight of Papal Infallibility. Christ promised Peter, and thus his successors, that his faith would not fail, and that whatever he bound and loosed on earth would be bound and loosed in Heaven. Peter is the decider, and he can’t be wrong on matters of faith and morals. This is also an amazing gift, yet it could not have been any other way. If you don’t have a decider, you have chaos.

The true Vicar of Christ is the Standard of Unity to the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. The Standard of Unity cannot also be the vector of schism. A true Vicar of Christ cannot schism the Church from himself. Which is a really good reason we ought to cling to the true Vicar at all costs, to remain in the Barque.

So the folks who maintain that Bergoglio is definitely the one true Vicar of Christ, yet spend all day resisting him, taunting him, saying and writing the most awful disobedient things about him… those folks have a real problem on their hands. Worse still are those who recognize the danger to souls Bergoglio represents, yet remain silent, or think there is nothing they can do. Many of them cannot be bothered to investigate what the hell is going on here, even those whose job it is to do so.

There is a certain podcast dropping tomorrow, 11 February, Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. It’s also the eighth anniversary of Pope Benedict not renouncing the Vicarship of Christ. These topics are covered at length therein. Be sure to tune in, I will mirror it here.

On resisting the teachings and even mere opinions of the true Vicar of Christ, here are a few notable true Vicars of Christ to explain it better than I can:

“As regards opinion, whatever the Roman Pontiffs have hitherto taught, or shall hereafter teach, must be held with a firm grasp of mind, and, so often as occasion requires, must be openly professed.”

—Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei, n. 41, 1885

“The Church is the pillar and foundation of truth — all of which truth is taught by the Holy Spirit. Should the church be able to order, yield to, or permit those things which tend toward the destruction of souls and the disgrace and detriment of the sacrament instituted by Christ?”

—Pope Gregory XVI, Quo Graviora, n. 10, 1833

“It is not to be thought that what is set down in Encyclical Letters does not demand assent in itself, because in this the Popes do not exercise the supreme power of their magisterium. For, these matters are taught by the ordinary magisterium, regarding which the following is pertinent: ‘He who heareth you, heareth Me’ (Luke 10:16); and usually what is set forth and inculcated in the Encyclical Letters already pertains to Catholic doctrine. But if the Supreme Pontiffs in their acts, after due consideration, express an opinion on a hitherto controversial matter, it is clear to all that this matter, according to the mind and the will of the same Pontiffs, cannot any longer be considered a question of free discussion among the theologians.”

—Pope Pius XII Humani Generis 1950

“…we are bound to believe and what we are obliged to do, are laid down, as we have stated, by the Church using her divine right, and in the Church by the supreme Pontiff. Wherefore it belongs to the Pope to judge authoritatively what things the sacred oracles contain, as well as what doctrines are in harmony, and what in disagreement, with them; and also, for the same reason, to show forth what things are to be accepted as right, and what to be rejected as worthless; what it is necessary to do and what to avoid doing, in order to attain eternal salvation. For,otherwise, there would be no sure interpreter of the commands of God, nor would there be any safe guide showing man the way he should live.”
—Pope Leo XIII, Sapientiae Christianae, n. 24, 1890

“All who defend the faith should aim to implant deeply in your faithful people the virtues of piety, veneration, and respect for this supreme See of Peter. Let the faithful recall the fact that Peter, Prince of Apostles is alive here and rules in his successors, and that his office does not fail even in an unworthy heir. Let them recall that Christ the Lord placed the impregnable foundation of his Church on this See of Peter [Mt 16:18] and gave to Peter himself the keys of the kingdom of Heaven [Mt 16:19]. Christ then prayed that his faith would not fail, and commanded Peter to strengthen his brothers in the faith [Lk 22:32]. Consequently the successor of Peter, the Roman Pontiff, holds a primacy over the whole world and is the true Vicar of Christ, head of the whole Church and father and teacher of all Christians.

“Indeed one simple way to keep men professing Catholic truth is to maintain their communion with and obedience to the Roman Pontiff. For it is impossible for a man ever to reject any portion of the Catholic faith without abandoning the authority of the Roman Church. In this authority, the unalterable teaching office of this faith lives on. It was set up by the divine Redeemer and, consequently, the tradition from the Apostles has always been preserved. So it has been a common characteristic both of the ancient heretics and of the more recent Protestants — whose disunity in all their other tenets is so great — to attack the authority of the Apostolic See. But never at any time were they able by any artifice or exertion to make this See tolerate even a single one of their errors.”
Pope Pius IX Nostis et Nobiscum, 8 December 1849, nn. 16-17

19 thoughts on “The Freemasonic heretic who continues to enjoy disobedient loyalty from his “definitely pope” adherents… this contradiction cannot stand”

  1. The problem I have is why Benedict would fake-resign in the first place. The only thing I can say is that he was afraid. But wow, what hell he unleashed.

  2. “So the folks who maintain that Bergoglio is definitely the one true Vicar of Christ, yet spend all day resisting him, taunting him, saying and writing the most awful disobedient things about him… those folks have a real problem on their hands.”
    Bingo! (Mundabor, call your office….).
    It’s amazing….they’re completely comfortable with a manifest heretic in the office but their heads explode if suggest Francis may not be the pope. I really don’t get it….

    1. I noticed Mundabor calls people sedevacantists who claim that Benedict is still Pope, which doesn’t make any sense. Then when people in the comments make the arguments that Mark and Ann make, he belittles them with some snide remark instead of trying to counter their argument.

    2. I stopped reading Mundabor, 1P5, Crisis and the rest of that crew 2 years ago when the trajectory of their cognitive dissonance was clear to me. I suggest you do the same! Mundabor in particular is corrosive to holiness.

  3. I continually see the response that a Pope is only infallible with an ex-cathedra pronouncement. I’ve heard somewhere that there were probably only around 7 of these pronouncements in the history of the Church. I understand that this definition of infallibility was given at Vatican one, but it is just hard for me to comprehend that this is the only protection from error the Pope has.

  4. ….a visible sign, really a gift… Exactly right. I’ve yet to hear/read one response to how we, as Catholics, could argue for the conversion of others, especially prots, with a Bergoglio papacy.

  5. We are in this hellhole due to the very bad appointments made by JPII & Benedict himself, almost all being Freemasons, Sodomites, & NWO plants made by Bella Dodd who later admitted she had placed over 1K in our seminaries with the intention of infiltrating the CC & eventually taking it over. Although she repented her crime & reverted to her original Catholic faith, she was not requjired to name those men she had installed in Catholic seminaries in order to extract them as one would naturally assume that such would be neccessary for absolution. Maybe God willed it so that eventually the False prophet (Destroyer Jorge bergoglio alias Francis) would be brought upon an already shattered OHCA Church from VII & Benedict’s resignation in Latin was the catalyst. He did state he had a ‘mystical moment’ prior to his seeming abandonment.

    As VII did nothing to promote the continuance of Latin it became a subject that was no longer required to learn, although most European languages stemmed from it & all universitries required it to enter the sciences, medical profession, law etc. it was no lnger taught at school. Now most Catholics cannot comprehend that PBXVI’s resignation in Latin (different to translations) did not specifically mention ‘Munus’ which is necessary to comply with Canon Law & as a great scholar he must have known that this fact would render it invalid. Also there is the problem that the conclave was held too quickly which probably was purposely done to distract Cardinals from the necessity to investigate Benedict’s wording & point out to him the lack of the word Munus from his script. Then we had an illicit election which went ahead despite there being a valid pope still living, which ignored JPII’s Rules on papal elections that are plainly written out & certified for all time. This, of itself, would confirm that Francis is not a valid pope but a plant of the Sankt Gallen Group (Mafia) which was later confirmed by Cardinal Daneels & hinted at by other members after they were seen to succeed in their connivance. His behaviour also tells the world that he does not hold the Office of the Papacy but does all he can to destroy it.

    At tis stage I believe it is very necessary for those who vehemently oppose the notion that Francis is a legally elected pope according to the Canons applying to papal resignations & elections to get united in their efforts & make known to the world that PBXVI is still the valid Pope & Francis is the Destroyer (False Prophet). For this to happen it must be made available to all regular news outlets & not confined to Catholic websites. This situation affects all mankind whom Christ suffered & died for & thus the message must hit all parts of the world. Our supine clergy (particularly the Bishops) need to be revealed as they have shown complicity in their patent unwillingness to investigate this very grave matter & servile obedience to a false pope. Bishop Sheen said the Laity would have to do it so why waste any more precious time & hastily use every news outlet to get the message across, i.e. Francis is the False Prophet & must not be followed by anyone.

  6. If a true pope cannot lead us into error, how can Benedict be the true pope if he tells us Bergoglio the heretic is the true pope? To encourage us to embrace Bergoglio with all his malice is not something a true pope would do, is it?

  7. Do we have it from reliable sources the Benedict really said that Bergoglio is the pope? Did we hear Benedict say that? Or is that spin from the Vatican?

    The only thing that would square Benedict being the Supreme Pontiff and a true shepherd is if he did not really say Bergoglio is the pope.

    Have all past popes been true shepherds leading the flock aright? I can’t imagine any filled with the malice of Bergoglio.

      1. Mark,

        if you’re referencing Dr. Mazza’s hypothesis, then this doesn’t help the BiP argument. BXVI updated UDG in specific anticipation of the conclave to elect his successor. He did this in late February 2013 in Normas Nonnullas. It is clear in the amendments/revisions along with the non-modified portions of UDG that BXVI expected the next conclave to elect one who is the Vicar of Christ with full power to govern the Church, i.e., as Vicar of Christ. I take up this question specifically in my articles on Normas Nonnullas and the follow up article on Dr. Mazza’s failed hypothesis (see

        Steve O’Reilly

  8. It’s problematic on so many levels that the majority of Catholics don’t believe he’s the antipope or don’t WANT to believe it and that Benedict is our Pope. He had led so many souls astray that even among family members it’s challenging to discuss the truth of our faith . This is as big as it gets.
    It’s frustrating. Even bringing out the Baltimore Catechism, texts from doctors of the church, trying to spell out what the faith REALLY teaches is often met with confused faces or being overzealous. Because Bergolio has watered it down to feelings…

  9. Archbishop Vigano, we know you have false hope in bergoglio and you might be, might be close to calling out all of this. I pray that you get that courage from Our Lord and Saviour today.

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