“Waiting for Sidney”

In Beckett’s play, “Waiting for Godot,” Godot never shows up. Let’s hope the ending is different this time. Pray for Sidney Powell and everyone else involved in this fight. The odds are long, no matter what the truth proves to be. Pray!

The excerpt below is from a piece by Roger Kimball at American Greatness:

…Powell promises that her team will begin making evidence of their claims available as early as this week. Her team has suits teed-up in all the swing states and hundreds of affidavits to back them up. Of course, an affidavit is just a sworn statement. It might or might not be true. To verify would, I believe, require further evidence. Does Powell have that evidence? She says she does. For now, though, we are all caught in a postmodern version of a Beckett play, Waiting for Sidney. Will she arrive? 

Many big claims have been made, and not only by Sidney Powell.  Another  lawyer, the celebrated Lin Wood, has joined the fight. Like Powell, he believes that Trump won in “a landslide,” by “millions of votes” that, were the ballots accurately counted, would deliver Trump the popular vote as well as some 400 electoral votes. A resident of Georgia, he has just filed suit there.

One commentator who knows Powell weighed in on the state of play, noting that he believes Powell. He believes her and her fellow attorneys partly because of the abundant circumstantial evidence of voter fraud, partly because if she and her colleagues are wrong, or are deceiving us, the penalties would be severe. 

“If these charges are false,” he noted, “their careers are finished.”

Read the rest: https://amgreatness.com/2020/11/21/waiting-for-sidney/

2 thoughts on ““Waiting for Sidney””

  1. These good warriors REALLY need some serious prayer backup….please give it to them. The great Lin Wood has made some serious statements recently about what (we all here have known for a looong time) is behind all of this. These guys are LITERALLY facing down and battling hell. Pray for them…..MANY times daily.

  2. Affidavits are testimony, and therefore are evidence (depending upon the nature of the proceeding and particular laws of the jurisdiction, may or may not be admissible). You can always require further evidence, but given how a lot of these election shenanigans played out they were designed to make direct observation impossible. I imagine the verifying evidence to be audit trails in the computerized results (a time:date stamp showing a change made to a storage media, but perhaps not showing what the change was) or statistical evidence (of which there is an ocean full) showing laughably improbable outcomes/patterns, etc.

    But whatever the outcome, the damage has been done to the electoral process and the foundations of our system of government. Can’t “build back better” until the old rotten structure is removed. Ironic that Biden doesn’t realize he is part of the rotten structure about to be removed.

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