The Presentation of Our Lady

O God, You willed that the blessed ever-virgin Mary, the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, should be presented in the temple on this day. May we be worthy through her intercession to be presented in the temple of Your glory. 

Today is the feast whereby the Temple of God entered the temple of God in Jerusalem. Pius tradition holds that Mary was three years old at the time, and that she remained in the temple for probably ten years, until her betrothal to St. Joseph.

Upon entering the temple, at age three, she already possessed more holiness than the greatest saints at the end of their lives. Having been preserved from the stain of original sin by the redeeming act of her Son applied retroactively, Mary came into the world totally pure, and full of grace. Yet she only continued to grow in holiness, to a degree that her parents took this decision for her at such a tender age. So she worshiped in the temple and prepared herself to better serve God.

Pray for the graces necessary to better serve our Lord. Pray for your Mother to assist in your sanctification. Pray that you be deemed worthy to be presented in the temple of His Glory.

Happy feast!

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  1. Yes, thanks for this tid bit Mark. I woke early this morning with a heart-warming gladness thinking about the upcoming Immaculate Conception. Asking for prayers that I am able to make it to Mass Dec. 8.

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