6 thoughts on “Forget the First Commandment, forget the One True Triune Godhead, “Human Fraternity” is the final solution”

  1. A pleasure to speak by phone yesterday with my brother. He brought up how, without free market economies, we wouldn’t have phones to begin with. I quickly changed the subject. I wanted to chastise him for his impertinence but that would be contrary to tuttifrutti. After all, he is my brother. Well, we don’t have the same parents so not in that context. And not in the John 1:12 context either because, after all, “receiving Him” as a prerequisite of being sons of God and therefore brothers is interpreted too rigidly and is an impediment to ecumenism.

    We affirm our support for human fraternity, in the “we’re all the same species” context, as the solution to erase violence, discrimination, and hatred which are not really a part of our fallen nature as you’ve been told by pharasaical types, but is simply evidence of a lack of dialogue. “We are stardust. We are golden. And we’ve got to get OURSELVES

  2. Bishop Fulton Sheen warned us against the notion of human fraternity without the Fatherhood of God. It is so transparent that this pope is preaching a different Gospel than what have received.

  3. fat fingered the enter key before I finished. Sorry Mark.

    “And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden. How else can we get there? My brother and I sang that together. It reminds me of my time in Jesuit seminary and the new Pentecost. Of course I didn’t bring any of the Pentecost business up with the Imam. Again: tuttifrutti. And it’s perfectly reasonable for me to cite myself because, you know; “Pope.”

    Religion has nothing to do with violence, discrimination, and hatred in the name of religion. Yes, you read that right. If people would just put aside religion and focus on fraternity, all the aforementioned evils would disappear. On what should our fraternity be based? Our humanity and equal dignity as laid out in VII. I see us all holding hands on a big hill covered with grass, alternating asian, black, white, and whatever else you have, singing songs and drinking a Coke.

    OK that’s it I’m done. Feel free to delete Mark. His tweet that you posted is buffoonish. The guy is really an idiot and he’s not even close to Catholic. Bergoglio isn’t funny by any stretch given the gravity, but every now and again, knowing how it all turns out, I can’t help but get a big belly laugh out of the fact that THIS guy is satan’s move. Really? It’s like Biden in the secular realm. That’s all you got? Maybe elevating the buffoons and the mentally compromised to high power is part of his plan to demoralize and erode all faith in any institution, particularly the only institution that matters.

  4. Imagine Francis and his poofs—in which I include Uncle Teds Nephews (UTes for short) running the UCCCB—were running point galleon at Lepanto.

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