Please join me in the Prayer to the Guardian Angel of the United States

Folks, keep praying. You were intended to be born into this age. Never forget that.

6 thoughts on “Please join me in the Prayer to the Guardian Angel of the United States”

  1. Well this is troubling from the SSXP,

    …mRNA / Synthetic Vaccines
    The Pfizer / Biontech trial which yesterday showed 95% efficacy, and the Moderna vaccine which reported 94% efficacy, are developed using methods to create a synthetic molecule made in a lab. It is an mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccine, which is developed from the genetic code of the virus itself. Advances in biotechnology have allowed scientists to make it a stable mRNA molecule for a vaccine. This mRNA is delivered to the body’s cells, where our own cells turn it into a tiny portion of one of the virus’s proteins, our immune cells attack it, and allow the body to learn to defend against it – providing immunity.
    mRNA vaccines, since they are synthetic, are quicker to develop – hence the rapid roll-out of vaccines that normally would take much longer.”…

    And Br. Alexis Bugnolo, which is completely 180 degree.

    Yes please St. Michael, pray and help us see the truth. The trial ahead will be very severe.

    1. Keep running the beads, folks.

      The Most Holy Rosary “is the remedy against this evil. Pray, pray, and ask for nothing more. Leave everything else to the Mother of God.”

      “We must prepare ourselves to suffer great trials before long, such as will demand of us a disposition to give up even life, and a total dedication to Christ and for Christ … With your and my prayer it is possible to mitigate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avert it, because only thus can the Church be effectively renewed. How many times has the renewal of the Church sprung from blood! This time, too, it will not be otherwise. We must be strong and prepared, and trust in Christ and His Mother, and be very, very assiduous in praying the Rosary.”

      “It’s the character that’s the strongest that God gives the most challenges to. Now you can take that as a compliment.”

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