10 thoughts on “I suspect the anti-gospel will now be proclaimed daily, sometimes twice daily”

  1. According to his last little nugget of wisdom, the economy of salvation is pretty simple, black and white, one might say: “rigid.” Either we are all saved or no one is.

    I’m trying to figure our the calculus here given that Bergoglian “truism.” If I not only carry my cross faithfully, but also carry yours, but you on the other hand don’t bother carrying mine or yours: do we both get saved because of my efforts, or do we both go to hell because of your negligence?

    Shouldn’t that serve to pit each of us against one another as enemies, rather than bring in the masonic “brotherhood” garbage he’s using Holy Mother Church to promote? Shouldn’t it logically put an end to any personal pursuit of holiness, given that it is demonstrably futile according to the gospel of Bergoglio?

    In other words, why should i bust my hump and spend every waking hour pursuing holiness, if I’m going to end up in hell anyway because of evil people who murder children, molest them, lie, cheat, steal…?

    Where are the bishops and cardinals calling out this foolishness and heaping upon it the mockery that it deserves, for the good of souls? I enjoy reading every syllable published by Archbishop Vigano. He’s a holy man, an intelligent man, and he has a spine. That’s a combo to which every man should aspire. Where are the rest of them?

  2. My church is already exhibiting signs of conflating different virtues that should be defined theologically with the secular interpretation of the words. This weeks post:

    “Charity isn’t justice. Charity accepts the status quo. When we do charity we give out of our affluence to help the poor; we don’t actually sacrifice our affluence to destroy the distinction between the rich and poor We mustn’t settle for charity when justice is required.” Mark Van Steenwyk

    The author of this Marxist hash is, I think, connected with Berrigan’s movement. If the church actually taught what the theological virtues are and how they must be practiced, it would flourish. Charity is so much more than giving out of affluence or even sacrificing. Justice is much, much more than simply throwing money at problems without addressing them properly which also includes a measure of discipline which few will acknowledge.

    It is Very discouraging to see what is clear and consistent teaching from the Catechism and various priests like Fr. John Hardin and others turned into sloppy sentimentality.

    1. MMB: Is there a FSSP, ICTK or SSPX church that is commutable from where you are? Or an Eastern-Rite Catholic Church? I would look into it and make the switch if you can. Diocesan nous ordo churches – especially ones under Bergoglio-worshipping bishops – will be under pressure to step up advocating his antichurch heresies. Leave them behind and don’t look back.

      1. There is no alternative mass where I am located. I will attend mass, but if this goes too far, I will have to speak out. It is not in my nature to stay silent.

      1. Deus Laudem Meam. “Set thou the sinner over him; may the devil stand at his right hand. When he is judged, may he go out condemned; may his prayer be turned to sin. May his days be few; his bishopric let another take. May his children be fatherless, his wife a widow. Let his children be carried about vagabonds, and beg; and let them be cast out of their dwellings.”

        Ps. 108. It was this psalm that I had heard not once in 25 years of Catholic liturgy and education, including seminary. It was this psalm that showed me just how badly VII emasculated the True Faith and destroyed not only our Liturgy but our whole patrimony.

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