In case you don’t understand what’s at stake: There will be re-education camps

Bluecheckmarks are telling you right to your face. This isn’t satire or tongue in cheek. The really, really hate you, and they want you dead. The worst among them will run the camps. Keep telling yourself they won’t come for you.

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  1. We all have to accept it as just how they operate, but I still have problems with how they live in a fake reality that is exactly opposite the Real, and therefore also the True, Beautiful, and Good. It is upside-down world, or as a wise man calls it Satanic Inversion.

  2. Earlier today I was awakened to how much evil has come over this nation. I’m in line at the coffee shop and along comes a woman and her husband with their grand baby in the carriage. The baby let out a little cry and the man said to me, “this would make a great ad for planned parenthood.” Shocked I said “what” and he repeated. Needless to say I told him that was not funny. I was then berated by his wife that planned parenthood did so much good for women and as a man I had no right to blah, blah, blah. I know I must but I’m finding it really hard to pray right now for these two wicked fools. How anyone who surely saw sonograms of their children or grandchildren can defend the abortion industry is beyond me. It’s evil and yes, these two people would, I now have no doubt, gleefully cheer at me being led off to a public execution for the crime of denouncing their sacred sacrament of abortion.

  3. I’ve been suggesting such a commission for the abortion holocaust for years.

    If as the Pro-Lifers believe – Abortion is murder, and PP facilities are government run approved mass murder facilities…

    Then obviously we are dealing with factual unadulterated genocide – a crime against humanity.

    Therefore something on the level of the Nuremberg trails are required and every politician, ‘doktor’, judge and large financier, must be hauled before a court – the worst amongst them sentenced to a public hanging by a world criminal court.

    I’m all for some pardoning of those who turn themselves in and profess a change of heart before a cut-off date.

    That’s the only thing that makes sense. But many are opposed to this because it’s very mean and frightens those whom we ought to convert.

    Well, these are the folks you’re dealing with. I stand by my idea, and the fact that someday the Immaculate Heart will triumph – therefore the winner is inevitable. Some imagine it’ll be a happy clappy world where everyone and everything is awesome. I believe that while the tide will have changed, that world will be a deadly serious one that then has finally opened its eyes to the truth and will observe the maxim ‘Do Unto Others…’ in which case, these guys are providing clear evidence of their intentions, and I see no reason why we shouldn’t return the favour. In fact, for the sake of justice, we may have to return the favour and hold them to their own standard.

    1. All capital crimes which are in the province of the state, like abortion and every other form of murder, need to be recognized by the law as crimes deserving of death and at least in theory having the maximum penalty be applicable. People don’t want to hear it, but ANYONE who has procured or committed an abortion should in justice face capital murder charges.

      I think that even in America we could convene tribunals under the existing law without running into ex post facto issues with the simple recognition by our government that unborn children are now and have always been human and deserve the full protection of the law.

  4. The left has never “educated” anyone, ever. They are incapable of it even if you gave them a step by step guide. They hate genuinely educated people because their program is so evil and laughably idiotic that it could only be embraced by the stupid and corrupt. Whenever they take over the “intellectuals” are usually some of the first ones to fill the graves.

    The left is already in control of the first shot at “education” viz the elementary and secondary school systems along with universities. Throw in the honorable mention assist available through control of a corrupt media apparatus. Not enough though. The ones that manage to come through all that with some semblance of sanity still intact will need a second dose via the gulag, or the “Civic Responsibility Program” or whatever euphemism they come up with.

    This is an old re-run. The only way it ends differently is by stopping them. And while the political facet of the conflict is important, it’s downstream from the real arena: the spiritual, which is necessarily headed up by the Church and only her. And at the present time she happens to be infested; a crippled and even complicit katechon, if you will.

    The Good Lord gave us what we need to head it all off early, nip it in the bud, as it were. But the Church decided to pass. Peace on God’s terms? Naah. We don’t need no stinking consecration. We can build the peace all on our own. And now here we are: a world awash in filth and innocent blood. No matter. Gotta break a few eggs, right? What a perfect time for the fraud running around in a white cassock to further defile the Church by using her to promote sodomy.

  5. There are already re-education camps in major corporations, in public schools, in the implied or stated approval of thinking contrary to Catholic teaching in Catholic parishes. And now Pope Francis himself is on the re-education bandwagon.

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