Phoenix cancels school until 2021

No one is sick. You can go to a bar or restaurant with 200 other people in the same room with no mask, and yes, everyone is doing it. The place we went last weekend had a thirty minute wait for a table. But there are politics to be had. So even though they have all their plexiglass and PPE deployed at the ready, Dr. Chad and his teachers don’t wanna go. Even though the state and county health departments have approved classroom learning, Dr. Chad has an agenda.

Dr. Chad should be held accountable for every suicide and drug overdose he causes.

Maricopa County cases
Maricopa County hospitalizations

3 thoughts on “Phoenix cancels school until 2021”

  1. If the schools are closed, how do I get my tax dollars back? My children are grown and I still pay taxes for school. And that’s fine because my grandchildren go to school. Although the education they get is poor. The other day my 13 year old granddaughter asked me what I thought of BLM. I asked her if they were learning about the Bureau of Land Management. Yes, I’m a smart aleck.
    But since schools are closed, I want my taxes back. Sounds reasonable.

  2. Oh. Dear. How terrible. The indoctrination camps are closed for another year. Whatever shall we do about this… travesty? Think of the Teachers! Won’t somebody think of the Teach- I mean Children!

    This is more than a bit of an own goal. Great news. Shut the schools down! Perhaps parents will, horror of horrors, have to take responsibility for their children’s education.

    No more sex ed classes for 8 year olds… how will we corrupt the minds of the innocent now?

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