They are openly explaining there will be no election… are you listening? Understanding? Preparing?

Published at the Leftist rag The Atlantic yesterday:

In presidential elections, once is a fluke; twice is a pattern. I struggle to imagine how, beyond utter shock, millions of Democrats will process a Trump victory. A loss for Biden, after having been the clear favorite all summer, would provoke mass disillusion with electoral politics as a means of change—at a time when disillusion is already dangerously high. If Democrats can’t beat a candidate as unpopular as Trump during a devastating pandemic and a massive economic contraction, then are they even capable of winning presidential elections anymore? Democracy, after all, is supposed to self-correct after mistakes, particularly mistakes as egregious as electing Donald Trump—whose unfitness for the nation’s highest office makes itself apparent with almost every passing day.

Liberals had enough trouble accepting the results of the 2016 election. In some sense, they never really came to terms with it. The past four years have witnessed the continuous urge to explain away the inexplicable, to find solace in the fact that the voters betrayed them. How could so many of their fellow Americans side with a racist…

That was then. This time, it would be worse… Because Biden’s poll numbers this year have mostly been higher than Clinton’s were in 2016, a Trump victory will be even harder for the left to absorb.

If Trump manages to win, recent polling data indicate, he will likely do so despite losing the popular vote. That will fuel disillusion not just with the election outcome but with the electoral system. The popular-vote numbers will be used to argue that Trump won without winning—again…

Accepting the things that never should have happened is far more difficult. A certain kind of cognitive dissonance—the gap between what is and what should be—can fuel revolutionary sentiment, and not just in a fluffy, radical-chic kind of way. In such situations, acting outside the political process, including through nonpeaceful means, becomes more attractive, not necessarily out of hope but out of despair.

This distance between what a society should be and the tragedy of what it actually becomes is less of a problem in democracies, because democracies are supposed to be responsive to voters’ demands and grievances. But they aren’t always. The gap will grow larger under a Trump presidency than a Biden one, and this has implications for mass unrest and political violence across American cities. For democracy to work, the losers of elections need to believe that they can win the next time around. Otherwise their incentives to play the spoiler increase. A breakdown of democracy is always a possibility, but the country is more resilient than it may seem, and consolidated democracies seldom break down in any circumstance. That said, this is one of those propositions that is better left untested.

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8 thoughts on “They are openly explaining there will be no election… are you listening? Understanding? Preparing?”

  1. A few points. Biden is theirs merely by there being no one else anointed by the Marxists in charge, for whatever purpose he would serve temporarily. He’s not Democrats favorite. AOC would be their favorite perhaps.
    Is Trump unpopular? Or is it the media won’t acknowledge how popular he really is. What other president has had filled venues AFTER the election? Years after? If you listen past the yammering of the Democrats, Trump is actually very popular.
    I don’t understand why you are calling Trump a mistake. An egregious mistake? Really. You say here his “unfitness for the office makes itself more clear with every passing day”. But how so? I disagree.
    I don’t agree with everything going on, part of me wishes he would absolutely smash these Communists staging this coup, but then I realize I don’t have the bigger picture, he does. I see him as a no-nonsense guy who wouldn’t allow things to go this far unless he had to, perhaps to get through this election, I don’t know. Thus far he’s been on point in so many ways, as he just told the US Navy, Catholic chaplains will be on navy bases, discussion over. He’s done a thousand really good things for America, and no president has had to endure what he has. He tells us the truth as far as I can tell, he’s bold, a man of the people, he defends the unborn and Christianity. He stands between us and, I don’t even know what, but destruction, if these crazed Communists are an indication. He loves America. Right now, it all hinges on his election, and it better happen. This is as existential as it gets.
    So I don’t know if you meant this tongue in cheek, but I don’t think so. It sounded like you meant this.
    But why??
    “The gap will grow larger under a Trump presidency than a Biden one”? What gap, between America and Communism? Do you imagine if Biden wins these violent savages are going to go home and roll a joint and be happy? They are unhinged and out for blood. These people are demons. When you have people shooting officers then going to the hospital to block ambulances and chanting for them to die, you have crossed the threshold and there’s no going back to where we were. Is appeasement the strategy?? Does anyone imagine for a second we’re going to keep this mob of barbaric miscreants happy by putting Biden in our White House? That is incomprehensible to even imagine. We should not coddle Communism so we can try to make friends with it. Communism wants us all dead and sees it is closer to it’s goal. Fighting for our lives is all but inevitable. If anyone imagines Biden will help us with that, we may be too stupid to survive.
    If I have misunderstood you, I’m sorry. But I don’t think I have.

  2. I agree with Shadi Hamid: “A breakdown of democracy is always a possibility, but the country is more resilient than it may seem, and consolidated democracies seldom break down in any circumstance. That said, this is one of those propositions that is better left untested.” In other words, if the Democrats lose they should accept it.

    Anyway, all of this aside the real cause of our problems in the world and the Church is Vatican II. It needs to be abrogated in its entirety. Until that happens the current situation will grow worse because the devil has taken charge of the world and the Church. Listen to Archbishop Vigano as he outlines why this is so. He ends on an optimistic note that God will see that Trump is re-elected.

  3. There is no rational basis for the left to go ballistic over a Trump win. I know, the left and reason shall never cross paths, but I find it hard to believe TPTB on the left cannot see what I clearly see:

    1. If the left was serious about the 2020 election, they would not be running Biden. Biden is the “burn” candidate – if he loses, his career is pretty much over anyway, so no great loss to the party. If he wins (by hook and crook) so much the better.
    2. Trump is a one-off in the GOP, and there will never be another candidate like him allowed near the upper echelons of power for the foreseeable future, if ever.
    3. Even as President, Trump has had a difficult time accomplishing anything from his 2016 agenda, and the left has been pretty successful at stymieing just about anything he tries (when he is not halfheartedly just going through the motions). Nothing I can see that will diminish the left’s ability to continue doing so.
    4. By 2024, demographic changes in the voting populace will make it virtually impossible for a true conservative to even run for the White House, much less win.
    5. When (not if) they get control over all levers of power, it is not much fun ruling over a burnt out husk of a country. It is much more valuable intact.

    But, like I said, the left is not known for being rational.

  4. @c matt: This is not about 2020 on the surface. The Left has been known to play the long-game. The stage is set for their total coup. They have used systems to their advantage, creating a veritable monopoly on information and opinion (I just saw a book that claimed the “Right” dominated the elite…which is funny, considering 90% of books on that shelf were leftist). A Trump will makes the soldiers, Antifa and BLM angry, and encourages more revolutionary actions, getting the people more and more willing to accept Democrat rule in 2024.

    Plus, the Dems have been already saying Biden won’t concede on Nov 3, citing election interference and fraud on Trump’s part. The virus has given Dems a golden opportunity for either fear mongering to keep people away or justifying mail-in voting (which they will obviously use to their advantage).

    Remember: in revolution, the issue is never the issue.

    Biden was chosen as a vessel for either ,la or Michael Obama, both of whom are despicable in their desire for power.

  5. Based in Hong Kong, and not a US person, I attended a University of Chicago public lecture: “The Most Historic U.S. Election in a Generation”, given by Professor William G. Howell Chair, Department of Political Science, Sidney Stein Professor, Harris School of Public Policy, Director, Center for Effective Government, University of Chicago.

    I wanted to learn more about the intricacies of US elections and this one in particular.

    Details of the lecture and Q&A here:

    I do not recall the name of the interviewer who posed questions afterwards – some from the Zoom chat, including a couple of mine, but most the interviewer’s own.

    One of the questions posed – which most certainly had NOT come up on the Zoom chat, was what will happen if President Trump loses the election, but refuses to leave the White House and hand over power. The interviewer and interviewee spoke as if this were a highly likely event, but based it on absolutely no information.

    This seemed a ridiculous question, based on no evidence whatsoever, and no rumour I have heard in Hong Kong at any rate of President Trump making such a threat. I pointed out in the closing minute that it was some Democrats that had refused to recognise his presidency in 2016.

    All part of the narrative the Democrats are sowing and spreading, it seems.

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