NYC: Manhattan totally boarded up; Movers so busy, they are turning people away

The NYPD union voted to endorse Trump earlier this week. This has never happened before. I get the feeling the cops know, better then anyone, their city really is on the brink of total collapse, as in, point of no return. If you don’t know what it looks like in Manhattan right now, be sure to watch the video at the end:

“It felt like move-out day on a college campus,” said Bobby DelGreco, who recently vacated his apartment in Stuyvesant Town after nine years and is now living in a long-term Airbnb in Los Angeles. “All the doors were propped open, and there were moving trucks and furniture everywhere.”

Matt Jahn, who owns the Brooklyn-based Metropolis Moving, said he has been inundated with customer requests. It’s more demand than he can handle. “We are turning people away because we just don’t have the capacity,” he said. “Normally, in a given summer, we spend a bunch on advertising. But we cut it this year because we couldn’t afford it. And we have still had amazing demand.”

“Right in the beginning, we weren’t sure if we were allowed to work, and a lot of businesses were in limbo,” said Daniel Norber, the owner of Imperial Movers, based in the West Village. “Everyone was wondering if they should close shop.”

But later that month, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced that moving was considered an essential service. “Within 30 minutes of the announcement I got a flood of calls,” Mr. Jahn said. Business hasn’t slowed since, and movers expect the trend to continue through the fall.

“The first day we could move, we left,” said Jaime Welsh-Rajchel…

“Ghost Town”: Shocking Dystopian Video Of NYC Shows An Abandoned And Boarded Up 5th Avenue

ZeroHedge News
Tyler Durden
2020-08-15 16:50:00

De Blasio’s New York has finally hit an all-time low: the once bustling city is now on the verge of looking like a demilitarized zone. Between the pandemic and the riots in the city, iconic 5th Avenue now looks more like a dystopian nightmare in a recently shot video posted to Twitter.

The video follows a car driving down a deserted 5th Avenue, with almost all of the area’s high end stores boarded up and shut down. There are few people seen on what is usually a busy street. 

“Look at everything. Everything’s boarded up. Even the hotel. Boarded up,” the video’s narrator, who is obviously fed up with how the city looks, says.

He continues: “This is all Manhattan, boarded up. Have you ever seen Manhattan look like this? The media will not report this.”

“Everything boarded up. They don’t want to show this to you people because they’re afraid. Saks 5th Avenue – boarded up from end to end. They put up barbed wire. Everywhere you see boards, windows are gone. Look at New York City – what happened,” he says.

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3 thoughts on “NYC: Manhattan totally boarded up; Movers so busy, they are turning people away”

  1. all this and yet everyone just loves joey biden… we want communism… we want totalitarianism !!! we losers want all of it~ both barrels !!! we want we want we want !!!

  2. Wow!!!! Philly doesn’t seem so bad after watching this video. New York has been giving God the middle finger for pretty much all of my life. Bill DeBlasio and Andrew Cuomo have the power they have because the voters of that city put them there. God’s only going to put up with it for so long. New York’s blasphemies and the consequences it’s now facing should be a warning for every part of the US to take seriously. Now.

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