2 thoughts on “Totally normal”

  1. We’re certainly begging for a chastisement but even at eye wall land fall cite for both of those as projected (cat 1 at best) amount to nothing more than a really windy rainy day. I live in the New Orleans area as I have all my life where hurricane season is part of the deal. Cat 1 is nothing. If you’re out on one of the barrier islands then storm surge might be an issue but otherwise… Of course once “hurricane status” is bestowed, the insurance companies get to jack up their deductibles. Amazing what lobbyists can do. Watch the storm headed to Texas amazingly get upgraded to hurricane before landfall.

    The only thing I would do if either one of these were headed straight to my town is get more gas for the generators because the electricity might go out for a while (one week at my house for hurricane Gustav), and get an extra case of beer.

    I haven’t looked at the local media but every time there’s a storm in the gulf or headed for the gulf they fall all over themselves trying to gin up hysteria. For them (and they’ve admitted this on camera), exaggerating the potential danger of a weather event is “keeping us safe.”

    Sounds familiar.

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