Last one out, turn off the lights: Philly mass exodus after police defunded and chaos reigns

Note the caption at the top left of the photos. The red dots only represent about one-third of the actual number of homes for sale in each picture.

Of course the Marxist police commissioner, mayor, and DA think the answer is more so-called “gun control laws,” which violent criminals so often obey. Police aren’t allowed to police, so what difference does it make?

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw is asking the community to act with a sense of urgency and is challenging leaders to push for changes as homicide rates surge in Philadelphia.

Outlaw spoke at a crime scene Tuesday where she discussed several challenges she believes the community is facing with reducing violent crimes.

“This isn’t OK. The sooner we get our hands wrapped around this, and sooner that folks understand that we have to work together to get this done, the better off we’ll be,” Outlaw said.

The commissioner continues to echo the message of other city leaders who are pushing for stricter gun laws, but noted those changes are up to state lawmakers who can create new legislation.

“There has to be stricter gun laws here. We don’t have control over the gun laws. Folks are asking the right questions, but we got to start asking the right questions to the right people,” Outlaw said.

11 thoughts on “Last one out, turn off the lights: Philly mass exodus after police defunded and chaos reigns”

  1. Danielle Outlaw. Her name fits her policy, i.e., no police + unarmed citizen. Complete insanity. Hope Philly goes for Trump. If they don’t they deserve everything they get.

    Philly is the perfect setup for BLM latest demand that white folks give up their homes for their life.

  2. Ah, give me the country life, fresh air, clean water, septic system working, the garden producing, canning done for the year, garden storing onions and potatoes to harvest October, and the liquor cabinet full! Oh, and by the way, keep out, Smith and Wesson are staying in the spare room.

  3. To put this in perspective, the two areas pictured in the article each have about 150,000 people. The red dots represent housing units for sale. There are a lot of rental properties as well in these two areas. Rentals here are hurting not just for the obvious reason, but also because with all the virtual learning, university students are learning from home – wherever home may be. So roughly, 15-25% of the housing in these two sections of the city (the economic engine of Center City and its surrounding neighborhoods) is either for sale or for rent. Not good. Not good at all.

    1. Some of the dots are apartment buildings, with 25-30 vacancies represented with just one dot. And you’re right, I didn’t even think about “virtual learning” and the lost rentals from Temple, Penn, Drexel…

  4. This would be comical if it weren’t so tragic.

    The desired tyranny is easier to sustain when the population is disarmed. They will then tolerate more pain because they have no choice. Their most effective means of resistance has been taken away, at their request as it turns out.

    Remove the police so that the criminals can do as they wish, especially after they have been ginned up into a frenzy. Then when the inevitable mayhem and murder ensues (think omelet – therefore broken eggs), present “gun control” as the solution. A desperate, frightened, and weary people will be a lot more pliant after a couple of deaths on their block.

    Enter the gun control laws to “restore order” and “make everyone safe.”

    After the disarmament, the “police force” is miraculously re-funded in order to enforce the new tyranny under the guise of maintaining order.

    Seems to me some of the “leadership” in that area ought to be doing the Mussolini wind-chime dance from the lamp posts.

    Oh and female police commissioner: nice touch. I’m sure that made all the liberals who now will lose their shirts selling their homes feel real good about themselves when she was sworn in.

    The bad news for us in the south is that they’ll flee the hell holes they created from once beautiful, vibrant cities and bring the same exact ideas to pollute our neck of the woods, having learned nothing.

  5. I’m pleasantly surprised that non of this mayhem is going on in Detroit. I go into the city at least 4-5 times a week to the ICK parish. Right before the lock downs our Oratory was designated a Shrine….maybe our good and holy canons are bringing about Our Lady’s protection to the city. IDK…..but i pray it continues.

    1. kono–

      Everything worth stealing in Detroit has already been taken. I lived there all my life and saw the place collapse brick by brick. Detroit set the standard for burning, raping and pillaging + white flight.

      Democrats know how to turn every city into another Detroit.

  6. What state are we all going to move to if Harris/Biden are elected? I really want to know because it seems like it’s going to make more sense to at least live in proximity to people who also want to live reasonably sanely. I’m not sure that would be possible with them in office. Oh, I know, anywhere that is seen as a haven is going to be in the crosshairs, but at least for a while, we can try to hold it off.
    In a world where crime is exploding, and people believe the answer is less police, this is not a world you can reason with. I think Trump will win, but if he doesn’t, what then.

  7. My point is that from March – May we had access to daily “private” Mass, daily adoration for 12 hours, unlimited Confession hours and occasionally received Holy Eucharist. And the AoD was one of, if not the first to allow public Mass. I’m thankful I can safely go into the city and attend Mass and receive all the Sacraments.

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