Next up on Fear Factor: BLACK DEATH

A squirrel in Jefferson County, CO has tested positive for the bubonic plague.

The county issued a press release HERE.

I’ve spent my fair share of time in Colorado. My parents had a place up in Summit County, which is delightful in any season. It’s a lot more crowded now than it used to be, and much more commercialized. Not to mention, the traffic on I-70 is horrific. But it is absolutely beautiful, summer temps in the 70s, lows in the 50s, never any humidity, sky so blue it’s almost purple, mountains, lakes, wildlife abounds.

So please allow me to explain; the plague happens every year. It’s normal. Prairie dogs are naturally assumed to have it at all times, that’s why you shoot them, as one does. If a squirrel or a cat in a populated area is found to have it, you might see a trail shut down for a couple weeks, or a warning to keep your cats inside for the time being, make sure your pets have flee collars. I should also mention that there is no vaccine for the plague, even though it has been around for 500 years. Life goes on.

Everyone understands this, right? Or, if you never knew this, you realize it’s because you never saw a news story about it. Because there never were any news stories.

But not this year!

Nope. It is a national crisis, apparently.


Oh what the hell. Just type “squirrel plague” into your favorite search engine and enjoy all 36 million results.
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  1. Yes, I remember from my many years living in New Mexico, Colorado and Montana. Every year without fail, there’d be reports of the Plague in wildlife. Not a big deal. Nothing new.

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