Not a parody: Philly cancels all events until March 2021

UPDATE 5:20pm Eastern… scroll to bottom for the most sinister news of all.

Reportage HERE and HERE.

Do they think a single hotel or restaurant will survive this? Do they care?

How many lost jobs never coming back, suicides, murders? Do they care?

This is a capital crime.

The following data can be accessed at

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UPDATE: Across the transom from a reader in Philly. Check out this quote from the city health director.  TIME TO WAKE UP. You will not be allowed out until we force vax you:

7 thoughts on “Not a parody: Philly cancels all events until March 2021”

  1. Thank you for posting the Philly data.

    What did Yuri Besmenov say? Until the kick in the behind comes, they will not believe their own eyes and ears. It seems to me like what is said of miracles, “For those who believe, no evidence is necessary; for those who don’t believe, no evidence will suffice.”

  2. Note in the 6abc link that “the prohibition does not apply to demonstrations.” Of course this prohibition doesn’t apply to demonstrations. That would be RAAACIST!!! So the antifa and blm domestic terrorists have a green light to burn down the city when Trump is re-elected.

    Jim Kenney, the mayor of Philadelphia, is THE definition of weakness and effeminacy. He, the entire city council, and the anti-cop district attorney have done irreversible damage to this once great city.

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