Bishop Tobin the Greater takes aim at Archbishop Vigano

Wouldn’t it be better to say, Thanks Be to God, we finally have a red-pilled bishop?

It took me YEARS of plodding through hermeneutic of continuityland until I understood what really happened. Of course the bishops all played along, when it appeared that then men at the top might actually be Catholic, with good intentions.

The time is now, fellas. Christ came not to bring peace, but the sword. It’s time for choosing.

7 thoughts on “Bishop Tobin the Greater takes aim at Archbishop Vigano”

  1. “Christ came not to bring peace, but the sword.”

    My own mother accused me of alienating the family due to my “right wing beliefs.” The spiritual battle has never felt more real than it does now.

    1. My own family does not understand, perhaps will not understand, that “nice” and “good” are not synonyms. What can we do?

      1. Perhaps establish there are “third rail” topics when chatting or discussing over any comm. If one party touches the third rail, the other will be justified in 1.) Cutting off communication or 2.) fighting it out.

        The other thing of course is pray. I pray daily for the intentions of my parents, but maybe what I need to add is for their conversion.

        And finally, another option is to willingly accept the role of villain without actually being one yourself. Think Batman in the end of Dark Knight.

        These months have been very trying, but I see it as an opportunity to live out every jot and tittle of the Sermon on the Mount.

  2. My wife and I with 5-6 kids at the time when Vatican II emerged from the swamps of hell in the Detroit Archdiocese (Cardinal Dearden). Almost immediately we knew it was bad. We had to remove our kids from the Catholic School due to heretical religious education, crazy dancing nuns, a pastor who would not listen and accused us of divisiveness, etc. There was not a single good thing about Vatican II from day one. Rather Vatican II was a charter designed by the devil to corrupt the Church. It worked all too well.

    Vatican II was a catastrophe for the Church. It must be abrogated in its entirety. Archbishop Vigano is right. He should be Pope.

  3. If Vatican II was harmful, why did it take +Vigano 55+years to say so?

    First . . . IF ?!?!? Is this Tobin still so blind, stupid or evil (or combination thereof) that he still clings to it?

    Second . . . better late than never – 55+ years and Vigano finally sees (or admits) it. What are you waiting for “Toe-the-line” Tobin?

  4. I used to think there was a “good” Tobin and a “bad” Tobin. Now, it looks like the only difference is girth.

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