Hey, remember that existential health crisis when New Jersey had to ban dippy eggs?

Ah, yes. New Jersey in the early 90s. Smelled like teen spirit. I was still in my first job out of college, living in the shadow of the Meadowlands, about eight miles west of NYC.

There was this thing. Some people got sick from salmonella. Errybody’s gonna die, gotta take drastic action. Somebody save us!

So the People’s Ministry of Public Safety banned sunny-side-up eggs. Banned soft boiled eggs. Banned over-easy eggs. Banned Bearnaise sauce. Banned Hollandaise sauce. Banned Caesar salad.

Not the Babylon Bee, folks. This happened. Law took effect 1 January 1992. Was repealed once hysteria subsided.

You’ve never heard of this?

Well, go ahead and google “Dippy eggs banned in NJ”

Screenshot 2020-07-11 at 14.52.02

10 thoughts on “Hey, remember that existential health crisis when New Jersey had to ban dippy eggs?”

  1. yep….”dippy eggs” 🙂

    did you ever hear, “when yoonz’re done with your dippy eggs, go and red-up your room”?

  2. now THAT’s what I call bilingual! 🙂

    ‘Wer gowin duntun ta see em stilerss play ina cowd….jeet yet?’
    it’s actually tougher than Latin.

      1. Awwwww come on, It’s totally gum bands!
        Just like it’s totally pop and not soda.

        Now here’s the money question….have you ever had fried scrapple?….WITH ketchup?

  3. I’ve never heard the term dippy eggs but it makes sense. When we were kids our mother called them dunkin’ eggs because you dunked your toast in them. The first time my brother ordered for himself in a restaurant he asked the waitress for dunkin’ eggs. She had no idea what he meant and he had to explain it to her.

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