Catholic Church loots US taxpayers BILLIONS while Marxist bishops enjoy staying closed

“We don’t care if you want the sacraments. We don’t want you all up in our grill, and we are getting paid to stay shut down anyway. Go watch Mass on your computer. We dispensed you, you filthy petri dish.”

I’m paraphrasing, of course.

Top headline on drudge, 9:18am 10 July 2020:

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 09.13.59

The reportage from AP goes on to state that it’s almost certain the payouts exceeded $3.5B, in reality.

Full article HERE. Note that FedGov did not release the names of any grantees who asked for less than $150K. There are surely oodles more of those. So even the $3.5B is an underestimate.

Because the Catholic Church surely qualifies as a “Small Business,” you know.

This is not going to go over well with the general population, folks. Not at all.


20 thoughts on “Catholic Church loots US taxpayers BILLIONS while Marxist bishops enjoy staying closed”

  1. And I’m sure none of this $1.4B will be siphoned off to Rome to pay for rent boys, cocaine, hush money or other antichurch activities.

  2. Why would any of this surprise us. Filthy lucre makes them go! Their cowardly antics during this virus thingy is pure demonic evil, with lukewarm people in the pews with facial diapers cheering them on. It is just a disgusting spectacle to behold. Both our parishes are diapered, x’s and o’s on the floors with arrows and cordoned pews. The local health officials breathing fire down their necks looking for any chance to shut the churches down. Bishops and the rest of the clergy will have a lot to answer for. As for grandma and I, no masks period anywhere, no capitulation on their cow paddies in our way. I download the Traditional High Mass for Sunday. We set up candles and a Cross prepare for private Mass in our home. We will not desecrate the Mass with their antics. We are at peace on our property in the country and live the Gospel from God that way. We hope God is not upset with us for this, and await our God for His judgement upon us all.

  3. Many of these loans were taken out by the good guys to pay the good guys. I’m grateful that our good pastor took out such a loan (at the behest of our bishop) to pay the already bare-bones staff; (secretary, handyman, organist,) in the face of a 60% decline in tithes. The spouses and children of those staff members are also grateful. There will be no leftovers for any feeding at the trough.
    The state benefits immeasurably from the good churches. Everything good can be misused, but the misuse of a thing does not make the thing bad. It will as everything does, provide more fodder for our marxist, secularist, globalist persecutors, but really, what’s 5B out of a couple of trillions?

    1. tara tremuit: Only a 60% decline in tithes? I would be shocked if that is true. It should approach 100%.

      Why would anyone tithe to a Church that so blithely cancels the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass … for even one Sunday, much less indefinitely; who withholds the Sacraments, eternal life and death to so many, from the Faithful?

      They seem quite happy in their empty Churches, bereft of duties. Yet they expect the collection baskets to remain filled? I don’t see God working filled-basket miracles on behalf of this group of Bishops who withhold and hide Him from His Church; shame those who seek Him still.

      They will balance their books by indebting themselves to secular, godless government. And God is far, far away from them all.

  4. Dear TT:

    The good guys who closed down the churches for the corona hoax? Denying Mass and even Confession (see ‘Card.’ J. Tobin, Newark archdiocese, successor to McCarrick, boy-rapist.)

    Or do you mean the good guys who are part of the clerical Homosexual Network Strangling the Church?

    Or the good guys forcing Holy Communion in the hand and the mask hoax?

    Everyone at the USCCB needs to be fired. And that goes double for the NY chancery, a beehive of sodomy. It in fact applies to tge entire network of bishops. They’ve proven who they are. And it ain’t Catholic men or bishops, much less Catholic shepherds.

    Bye bye Barron, bye bye.

    1. Brother B: I think the best way to heal the Priesthood would be to make sports and self defense courses mandatory in Seminary. Turn the Seminary into a kind of Boot Camp. Order the entire experience around spiritual, mental, intellectual and physical discipline and extreme exertions. In addition to the learned who teach the Magisterium, hire some bruisers to teach the physical arts. It needs to begin producing men, not effeminates.

      No more female Altar Servers – ever. These Servers should be elite positions reserved for the best and brightest of our young and budding men, some of whom will be called higher. No more feminine wannabes. Make the Priesthood a place to aspire to for our young men who really want to be their best.

      If we had a Priesthood that was male in nature, as God intended the Male, then there would not be fear among the Priests and Bishops about serving their people during this moment or any moment of need no matter how dire. The worse the threat, the more likely a man will rise to meet it. Women may or may not rise to meet such challenges, their God-given gifts lie naturally in other spheres, but effeminates never will.

      Someone told me a long time ago, that the best remedy for the Priesthood would be to give them a chainsaw and make them chop their own wood for heat. I never forgot that. I do believe it is true.

    2. At this point I support literally firing most of them. With large faggots of wood and much fire available for the large faggots among our bishops.

      The auto-da-fe is a time-tested Catholic tradition. And it would give these clerics the benefit of a public trial. How many bishops would NOT be convicted of heresy? Would even a majority of our bishops not be convicted of sodomy? Both are capital crimes.

  5. Only a handful of retired English-speaking Bishops seem to be Catholic WORLDWIDE, not just in the US.

    It is relatively difficult to learn very much about the non English-speaking Bishops from English language Catholic media.

  6. 2 weeks ago my brother and his wife attended their first ‘re-introduced’ Mass since mid March; more ‘ushers’ than attendees, mandatory masks, hazard tape EVERYWHERE and marking off half the pews. The usherette says to him chirpily through her smiley mask, “welcome back to Mass!” At which point he says that he heard my dead mother’s voice clear as a bell over his thoughts, saying, “well, isn’t that nice….shame they set it up like a crime scene.”

    After laughing for 10 minutes, I started thinking to myself, ‘once again, even from the dead, mom nailed it.
    ….on so many levels.

  7. So even here amongst ourselves, we see how far the rot has gone, how far from the truth even the “conservatives” are.

    The priesthood is for men who want to “be their best,” is that it? Not for those called by God for a sacred purpose? Not for those who want whatever God wants, who let God determine what’s “best,” in the last analysis?

    I know we’ve all been marinated in Matthew Kelleyism all these years, but the truth is that “becoming a saint” and “becoming your best self” are two different things. The former is for Roman Catholics; the latter, for eugenicists. How are we ever going to achieve a victory, in this world or the next, without so much as grasping what we are fighting for, or against?

  8. Helen Weir: please explain why these two are mutually exclusive to you:

    1: Men who aspire to be their best.
    2: Becomng a Saint.

    1. Aqua: I would try, especially at the request of a commenter like yourself whose perspective I greatly admire, but it would take up more space in Mark’s comboxes than I am willing to monopolize. Perhaps you are correct in implying that there is a right way to understand the relationship between these two concepts, but what I am reflecting on is the fact that there is also a wrong way–a wrong way in evidence all around us. If you consider my allusion to the author Matthew Kelley, whose books have been given out at parishes as required reading (can you think of any other works, greatly outstripping his in theological merit, which have been treated that way?) and the connection between his main thesis (“becoming one’s best self”) and the defective contentions put forth in Amoris laetitia Chapter 8 (that “doing one’s best” is all God ever asks of us), maybe what I am getting at will become more evident to you. Keep up the great combox work, and God bless.

      1. I see what you are saying. And I think you saw “Matthew Kelly code word” which was not intended by me. At all.

        I don’t know much about Matthew Kelly. I believe he promotes an idea of Church expansion (a Protestant term) that is business-principles and human-psychology based. When he first came out about 10 years ago I found him to be a symptom of what is wrong in the current New Order Catholic dystopia. I avoided him and his ideas from the first.

        The main question from me, referenced to Brother B’s comment, is the Priesthood. The Priest is the manifestation of God on earth whose purpose is to guard and deliver the Magisterial Truths of heaven and the Sacraments to His people whom they shepherd to heaven just as Jesus desired when He instituted the Holy Roman Catholic Church. And these Priests should mirror in every way Jesus Christ, True God and True Man.

        So why do the Seminaries deliver effeminates (with bright, shining, encouraging, holy exceptions) to a Church that needs Men? Why are Vocations in collapse? Why are our best and brightest young men (there are exceptions, not seeing Seminary and the Priesthood as their highest and best calling? We (orthodox Catholics … I hate the word “Trad”) all know the answer to this question. Our Seminaries and the Priests they produce are (in general) perverted and producing a Priesthood that is effeminate, not manly in the Godly sense of that word, and which ran away and hid in the face of a danger that was not even a danger, which existed only in their own minds. When we needed Jesus Christ among the fearful and (alleged) sick and dying, they ran and closed up everything – withdrew Christ from a world that needed Him in all His power, bravery, strength, mercy.

        And so, I did not say, “becoming one’s best self”; rather “…our young men who really want to be their best”. And our “best” is becoming a Saint in the fullest extent possible according to our gifts and station in life. I saw a video of the martyred Nuns of Compiègne, who sang Veni Creator as they marched with a purpose to the gallows – none forsook their Lord. Fr. Capodanno could have stayed behind the lines and administered last rights after the fighting was over and the battlefield safe, but he went to the heaviest fighting and ministered to his men within a rain of bullets and mortars, losing his own life with them.

        We aspire to be Saints. We train our children to aim for their highest possible good with all their strength. We are told to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, body, strength. When our boys in Mass see their Priest on the High Altar and the other young men serving with him, their hearts should swell with pride and desire to be just like him; to be with the boys who are assisting him at Holy Mass before Almighty God. I will never be a Priest, but in my own station, I also wish to be a man fully committed heart, mind, body, soul to God and to be one my boys and girls respect, remember and pattern after.

        And that is what I mean by “our young men who really want to be their best”.

  9. Looks like I am on a hair trigger, where Amoris is concerned. Thanks for the great discussion, the understanding of where I was coming from, and the inspiring remarks. All you angels and saints, pray for us!

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