Mayor Kate is a dirty liar and the media can’t get enough

On Friday morning, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego did multiple interviews where she claimed that the morgues at one of the city’s primary hospital systems were overflowing, leaving the hospitals to search for refrigerated trucks in which to stack all the overflowing bodies. Here she is with Chuck Todd, who lovingly asks her to double down on the claim.

Chuck: “You are out of morgue space?”

Kate: “The Abrazo Healthcare System has run out of morgue beds and the county is getting refrigerated trucks.”

Then she did a phone interview with the local ABC affiliate where she repeated the lie. The station ran with the story as the lead headline at for over 30 hours, into Saturday evening, even though Abrazo had issued a counterclaim/correction within one hour of the first interview. Stupidly, I did not capture a screenshot. But the story is still sort of available on their site, with the audio from the call removed, and the copy changed multiple times, and with some misinformation still HERE.

“Abrazo hospitals currently have adequate morgue space. The state has requested that hospitals implement their emergency plans. Part of activating our plan includes the ability to handle overflow morgue capacity if needed. Abrazo has taken a proactive approach by ordering refrigerated storage in the event it may be needed during a surge of COVID patients. At this point it is not needed.”

In case you didn’t catch it, the refrigerated trucks are part of the emergency plans…the state mandated emergency plans, which were put into effect last week. Abrazo is just marketing when they talk about being “proactive,” because all the hospitals were forced by law to contract for trucks.

Funny that.

I am grateful to The Federalist for picking up this story HERE.

7 thoughts on “Mayor Kate is a dirty liar and the media can’t get enough”

  1. Dirty liars are found everywhere among Democrats and their propagandists, the MSM. . It is how they operate. We should expect nothing less. Unfortunately, millions of normal Americans believe this garbage. Just check out the folks in face masks. American will never run out idiots. If fact, they are manufactured by our public education system.

  2. From: Wiki – “The Abrazo system comprises five acute care hospitals including one cardiovascular-specialty hospital.”

    So one private hospital system is allegedly out of “morgue” space. Usually, private hospitals do not have extensive morgue facilities, as those are normally handled by the county government hospitals. But maybe Arizona rolls differently? According to the blurb, Abrazo is a back-up for the county, and apparently the county is not full, so how can Abrazo be full?

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